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Chapter 12: Senior Song, your phone is also out of battery

This black-haired lady looks approximately in her early twenties, but my 18th birthday just pa.s.sed not too long ago, all right? Could it be that I look that old? Causing her to a.s.sume I’m a mature uncle?

Furthermore…… dao name? He immediately thought of the group’s chuuni profile pages. Something like Yellow Mountain’s True Monarch, North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner, XX Cave Master, XX Palace Master and so on, he suddenly felt the pain in his liver intensify.

“Cough cough, you may call me Song Shuhang. Also…… Let’s not mention the dao name for now.” Song Shuhang replied, he doesn’t want others to think he has chuunibyou.

“Ah? Sorry senior. I forgot about that.” Soft Feather apologetically said. As a cultivator, it’s common sense to never mention dao names in public, she was just that happy and excited that she forgot.

“Cough, stop calling me senior.” Song Shuhang coughed twice. He felt like the winter cough that he had slowly recovered from previously was suddenly showing signs of becoming more severe.

“Ah.” Soft Feather gasped softly, and her heart sank. This senior seems to be the type that is hard to get along with? That’s to be expected, after all it isn’t possible that everyone in the group is as friendly as senior North River.

Plus, although this senior was obviously in Luo Xin Street he had not spoken up in the chat, was it possible that he was a cold and indifferent person and had no intentions of offering help? As she thought of this, she could not help but feel disappointed.

Just as Soft Feather was letting her thoughts run wild, Song Shuhang added, “Calling me Song Shuhang directly is fine.”

“Eh?” Soft Feather momentarily blanked. “That shouldn’t be the way, right?”

“Please just call me Song Shuhang. If you really don’t want to call me by my full name, then Shuhang, Xiaohang, Xiaosong are also fine as well, it’s up to you.” Song Shuhang resolutely replied.

If Soft Feather continued to call him senior every time she spoke, then he would feel very ashamed. Afterall, this was the real world!

“Song Shu…… Senior.” Halfway through calling his name, Soft Feather felt rather awkward and still added the word “Senior”.

But her heart had relaxed completely in this moment, and a happy smile was revealed on her face. It seemed like this senior was a good person, and not cold and indifferent.If it was like this, then perhaps senior would help her!

Song Shuhang raised his hand and rubbed his face vigorously. He had been completely defeated. “Fine, call me whatever you want.”

“Senior Song, did you come here to help me? Soft Feather joyfully replied.

“Let’s talk while we walk.” Song Shuhang lifted the large bag he was holding. The two of them plus that huge suitcase were blocking the way so it would be better if they found a quiet place to talk.

Soft Feather immediately quietly caught up to Shuhang.

“I saw the chatlogs in the group. The place you want to go is the Luo Xin Street of J City, isn’t it?” Song Shuhang said.

“En, J City’s Luo Xin Street. Please wait, Senior, could it be…” Soft Feather was naturally very smart. From Song Shuhang’s tone and att.i.tude, she could guess the actual situation. With a teary, disappointed face, she said, “Could it be that this is not Luo Xin Street?”

“This is indeed Luo Xin Street, however, this is Jiang Nan City’s Luo Xin Street, not the one in J City.” Song Shuhang sighed and replied.

“…” Soft Feather’s small face instantly turned beet red. This time, she truly was embarra.s.sed. After a long while, she asked in a small voice, “Then, Senior Song, do you know how to get to J City’s Luo Xin Street?”

“I have not been there before, but are you able to navigate the way?” Song Shuhang smiled warmly.

Soft Feather knocked on her own head a few times before she once again took up her phone and swiped a few times… However, after swiping just twice, the phone suddenly rang with the soothing sound of music before the screen went dark.

Soft Feather lifted her head and looked towards Song Shuhang. Those were a pair of large, watery eyes. “Senior Song, my phone ran out of battery.”

“…” Song Shuhang felt as though his liver ached with a vague pain. This black-haired beauty was a natural klutz?

But he still tossed his phone over. “Then use mine.”

“Thank you, senior.” Soft Feather happily received Shuhang’s phone, and swiped on it.

Suddenly, the phone also emitted a short and loud sonorous music, and the phone’s display turned dark.

Soft Feather lifted her head another time as she looked at Song Shuhang. Those watery eyes had already misted over. “Senior Song, your phone is also out of battery.”

f.u.c.k! Song Shuhang only just recalled that when he left the house, his phone was only at 6% battery. After he had left the dormitory for close to three hours and surfed the net just now, it just so happened that at this moment, the phone went flat.

Awkwardly taking back his phone, Shuhang asked, “Soft Feather, are you in a hurry to get to Ghost Lamp Temple?”

“Although I’m not in a hurry, the faster the better, problems might occur the more things are delayed.” Soft Feather’s voice was as gentle as before. If she takes too long, her father would return from Senior Mad Saber Three Waves’ house, and he will catch her and bring her home.

Indeed, this was also the reason why she had thrown off Mad Saber Three Waves in the group chat earlier.

If her daddy came home, then she couldn’t sneak out anymore.

“Then, how about you go to the dormitory with me? I’ll use my computer to check the route for you while you take that chance to charge your phone. However, my dormitory is a little more than twenty minutes away, is that fine?” Song Shuhang suggested.

Song Shuhang is a man who is as he looks, he has a good-natured looking face, and thus is a good old man in his bones.

So no matter what, he could never do something like tossing Soft Feather aside. The truth was, other than gays, there would be very few men who could mercilessly abandon such a beauty.

“Dormitory? Is that where senior is living in seclusion?” Soft Feather’s eyes glowed as she said, “A 20 minute journey is no problem at all!”

“Then, shall we?” Song Shuhang asked.

Soft Feather vigorously nodded, and pulled her large suitcase in pursuit of Shuhang’s back.

A truly marvelous target for kidnapping. Song Shuhang’s was somewhat worried in his heart since he kept feeling that two sticks of lollipops would be enough to abduct this girl.



There’s a proverb that says, when men and women pair up together, all labor isn’t tiring.

According to reason, when men and women do something together, they will have multiple times the energy. However…… After Song Shuhang walked for 5 minutes with Soft Feather, he felt short of breath, and much more tired.

He bitterly smiled as he looked at Soft Feather beside him, the words spoken by the handsome dude among the three at the public square surfaced in his mind: “That beauty’s legs are really long, and she walked very quickly. When she took one step, I had to take several to keep up. I was even jogging behind her yet I still couldn’t catch up.”

Long legs truly have a large advantage! Her single step was equivalent to two steps from him!

Soft Feather had already tried her best to lower her pace, yet Shuhang still needed to jog. How can this not be tiring?

“Senior, you seem to be panting?” Soft Feather looked towards Shuhang in confusion. This cannot be, right? We’ve only been walking for 5 minutes, how could this make a senior with great achievements in cultivation gasp for breath?

“Huu, let’s walk slowly, there’s no hurry.” Song Shuhang adjusted his breathing pattern.

“Oh.” Soft Feather pretended to understand yet didn’t seem to understand as she nodded, she felt that this ‘Senior’ was in a condition that didn’t seem right, as if his physical capabilities were very low.

But she was an intelligent lady, and respected others’ privacy. Since senior didn’t say, then she definitely wouldn’t be nosy, so as to not provoke hostility.

Therefore she took the initiative to match his pace, the strides of her long legs shrunk, until she maintained the same as Song Shuhang’s strides.

Song Shuhang finally felt a lot more relaxed.

The two of them had already left Luo Xin Street, and walked further and further away.

What was a great coincidence was that behind them, the three brothers who were grading various kinds of beautiful legs were carrying all kinds of large and small bags as they left Luo Xin Street.

“Ehh? One hundred! It’s one hundred again!” Fatty Ah Xu excitedly pointed towards Soft Feather’s back figure.

The handsome man immediately perked up. “Where? This time, I must catch up to her!”

“You’ve no hope.” Short Haired Guy lazily replied, “There’s already a man by her side”

The handsome man looked at Song Shuhang who was at the side of Soft Feather and instantly lost hope. “She’s already taken, G.o.d dammit!”

“Although the flower already has an owner, the hoe is merciless. As long as the hoe is wielded properly, there’s no wall that can’t be dug till it falls. Proceed bravely!” Ah Xu chuckled and said.

“I don’t have any interest in NTRing other people’s walls.” At this point, the handsome man unexpectedly displayed his bottom line.

But suddenly, the handsome man fixed his eyes onto Song Shuhang’s back. “Hey, Have you guys noticed that that guy seems a little familiar?”

“Yep, it’s normal that you find him familiar. Because when we were discussing the girl who scored one hundred points at the plaza earlier, he was sitting right beside us.” Short Haired Guy continued to speak lazily.

“…” Fatty Ah Xu.

“…” Handsome man.

He was sitting right beside us, he was sitting right beside us…… This sentence reverberated endlessly in the handsome man’s ears.

The handsome man resolutely knelt onto the ground, “Is this the fabled G.o.d of Strategies from the legends!?”