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Chapter 11: Turn back suddenly, and discover that your destined person is there, by the waning lantern lights.

In the eyes of divination masters, determining the future is like seeing the outside world through a foggy window, full of different kinds of mysteries.

But according to a ‘very famous’ divination master, depending on different choices that people make, different futures will be created. But no matter which choice it was, it couldn’t be by chance.

Because in this world, there is no such thing as chance. There was only the inevitable.

Even if a meeting between two people seems to be a coincidence, it is actually an inevitable matter. One by one, the things that inevitably happen push the wheel of history forward, developing into all kinds of inevitable futures!

The main point of all that has been said is to simply convey one message, that is, divination masters’ divinations are never wrong. Even if there is a mistake, that is only because the divination master’s divination had revealed an inevitable future from a parallel world. Meanwhile, you are merely following another inevitable development into another future.

Therefore, it’s not the divination master who is wrong but rather, the world!

The above was what a street divination master who had divined countless times yet never divined correctly a single time used to defend himself. You’ve probably guessed it. That’s right, this divination master is Nine Provinces (1) Group’s great Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master.

Although he wasn’t a very reliable divinator, but when viewed from another angle, his words still contained some truth.


Song Shuhang had never thought about going up to meet the black-haired and long-legged beauty. After all, the world was wide, how can there be so many coincidences?

Yet he never imagined that after he strolled one circle, he would meet that lady again.

He was just leaving the shop named Glorious Beef, carrying a large bag of specialties from Foodie Paradise in his hands that he prepared to gift to his roommates. When he took his first step out of the door, he saw the black-haired lady dragging the large suitcase in his direction.

This time Song Shuhang truly experienced the power of ‘long legs walks very fast’ first-hand. Despite the fact that she was still very far away when he spotted her, in a blink of an eye, the black-haired lady had already strode in front of him with a few steps.

Shuhang slightly tilted his body to open a path, making it convenient for her to pa.s.s while dragging the large suitcase.

“Thank you.” The black-haired beauty’s smile was gentle and bashful.

She then entered the small shop behind him.

Song Shuhang nodded faintly. It was about time for him to start making his way back to the dormitory.

When he had just taken 2 or 3 steps forward, the black-haired beauty had already agilely bought the items she wanted, and simultaneously asked the shopkeeper about a matter. Song Shuhang inadvertently intruded upon their conversation, and unintentionally heard her question.

When Song Shuhang heard the question the lady asked, it made the leg that he had raised freeze in mid-air……

“Boss, may I ask if you’ve heard of a temple named ‘Ghost Lamp Temple’ in the vicinity of Luo Xin Street?”

The shopkeeper pondered for a moment before he shook his head and said, “Ghost Lamp Temple? I’ve never heard of it. However, I’ve only moved in two years ago so I’m not very familiar with many places in the vicinity. Young lady, you could try going over to one of those old shops to ask around. The time they’ve spent in Luo Xin Street is much longer and they should know more.”

The shopkeeper was obviously a good person, and explained with great pa.s.sion; it could also be that in this generation full of scammers, the black-haired lady possessed a halo that had a +100 increase in favorable impressions attribute.

Ghost Lamp Temple, Luo Xin Street?

Naturally, Shuhang thought of the lady named Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather in the group.

Did I hear wrongly?

Thinking that way, Song Shuhang brought out the large cellphone from his pockets, and swiped his finger to unlock the screen. After that, he proficiently logged into the chatting software, and opened the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

After he had left, there were indeed more chat records from the group.

First was a message left by Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather more than two hours ago.

She said that she wasn’t able to acquire information regarding Ghost Lamp Temple, but she had already taken a taxi towards Luo Xin Street. She would then directly ask the locals there.

Subsequently, 20 minutes ago, Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather left another message, “I‘ve already arrived at Luo Xin Street without a hitch. It’s very crowded and lively here, completely different from what I imagined. This is a gourmet food street, and I saw many delicious looking things here.”

It could be seen that she was in a good mood. Firstly, she arrived “smoothly” at Luo Xin Street. Secondly, there was a lot of good food here.

If she departed from Jiang Nan region’s airport that would be an estimated 2 hour car ride. After that was Luo Xin Street with a lot of good food. Song Shuhang ma.s.saged his face.

From Jiang Nan airport, even if she took a racing car, it wouldn’t be possible to reach J City in two hours, would it?

Based on the duration of the taxi ride and Soft Feather’s description of her destination, there was about 80 to 90% chance she went to the wrong place. She basically never even arrived at J City’s Luo Xin Street, and instead had made her way to the Foodie Paradise close to Jiang Nan University.

But if it truly wasn’t a coincidence, then that super long-legged black-haired beauty, could she be Soft Feather?

Once he thought about how such a modern and fas.h.i.+onable beauty could be a Xianxia chuunibyou, Song Shuhang felt an inexplicable feeling of pain in his heart.

However…… it still wasn’t enough to confirm that black-haired beauty was Soft Feather just based on these.

Because, by including the possibility that some special activities going on at the Ghost Lamp Temple in the Luo Xin Street for J City causing many people to rush there, then there would definitely be some of them who went to the wrong place just like the group’s Soft Feather.

Such a probability was very small, but that didn’t mean it was impossible.

Song Shuhang’s finger continued to swipe on the cellphone’s display, however there wasn’t any new information from the chat group. Even North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner wasn’t online, perhaps he went to help look for Ghost Lamp Temple?

Shuhang was continue touching the display when suddenly, Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather sent a voice message.

Song Shuhang subconsciously opened it up.


Soft Feather exhaustedly dragged her suitcase out of the store with disappointment. This was already her 12th store. The suggestion by the shopkeeper earlier was great, but she had already asked both old and new shops yet there wasn’t a single one who knew of the Ghost Lamp Temple.

Sighing, she drew out her cellphone, and nimbly tapped on her phone, opened the chatting software, and opened the Nine Provinces (1) Group chat window.

There was no news from senior North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner, who she pinned her hopes on.

Because it was not convenient to type with one hand, she made use of the voice message function, with a gentle voice she said, “Senior North River, have you received and information regarding Ghost Lamp Temple? I have gone around asking many shops in Luo Xin Street, yet there wasn’t a single person who possesses any information regarding Ghost Lamp Temple. Please reply once you hear this.”

Releasing her thumb, the voice message was sent.

She kept her phone. Before receiving news from North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner, she must continue asking around Luo Xin Street’s shops regarding Ghost Lamp Temple, she mustn’t give up!

At the shop’s entrance, Soft Feather saw that the youngster who gave way to her was still standing by the side of the road, tapping and swiping on his phone, it was unclear what he was doing.

Soft Feather did not mind, and continued walking.

Right at this time…… The youngster’s cellphone sent out a voice that was incomparably familiar to Soft Feather.

“Senior North River, have you received and information regarding Ghost Lamp Temple? I have gone around asking many shops in Luo Xin Street, yet there wasn’t a single person who possesses any information regarding Ghost Lamp Temple. Please reply once you hear this.”

This…… Isn’t this my voice?

Furthermore, it’s the voice message that I had just sent!

Soft Feather first blankly stared, then felt an indescribable happiness bubbling in her heart; this man who looked like a youngster in front of her was actually a senior from Nine Provinces (1) Group!

The lost and dejected Soft Feather immediately felt like someone who caught a rope while being swept by the currents!

With three steps, she stepped over to the side of the ‘senior’ who looked like a youngster!


Song Shuhang had just tapped on the voice message sent by Soft Feather, her gentle voice was truly pleasant to the ear. Suddenly, he felt someone approaching him from behind.

What followed was a fragrant wind entering his nose, there was a faint scent of flowers, yet it was also similar to the body fragrance of ladies.

Shuhang turned around, and saw the long-legged black-haired lady standing behind him with a happy face, and her gaze was fixed onto his cellphone.

“Nine Provinces (1) Group?” The black-haired lady’s gentle voice was full of happiness as if she was ‘meeting an old friend in a foreign place’.

At that moment, Song Shuhang didn’t have the slightest idea of what kind of expression he should have facing this lady.

There was no longer a need for her to introduce herself, if Song Shuhang still couldn’t guess her ident.i.ty, he should buy a block of tofu and kill himself with it.

[TL: This is a chinese joke, because it’s not possible to kill yourself with tofu because of how soft tofu is.]

“Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather?” Song Shuhang felt that his voice was very unnatural, and full of awkwardness.

“That’s me! May I ask for senior’s dao name?” Soft Feather finally calmed down, and began carefully sizing up this ‘senior’.

According to her memory, other than Su Clan’s Ah s.h.i.+liu who went through tribulation yesterday, all other fellow daoists from Nine Provinces (1) Group were her seniors.

This senior in front of me has the appearance of a 18 or 19 years old, but that definitely can’t be his true age, right? His height is approximately 1.75m, with a kind face, and looks really nice to chat with.

A kind face…… To be frank that is basically having a face with looks that makes someone seem like a good person, and it’s also the type that is easily thrown into the friendzone.

Moreover, she couldn’t sense this senior’s stage of cultivation.

It seems like this senior has completely restrained his aura, when he stands in front of me, it’s like he has completely blended into the world of ordinary people, this is already the stage of returning back to the natural state like father, right? This was how Soft Feather thought.

Senior?! Being addressed like this made Song Shuhang’s liver hurt a little.