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Chapter 10: A Brief Interlude While Strolling In The Streets

Shuhang previously thought for a long time, and felt that he had heard of the name Luo Xin Street before, yet couldn’t remember no matter how he tried. So it turns out it was here, the incredibly famous foodie heaven!

That’s not right, didn’t that Soft Feather say Luo Xin Street is in J City? This place is part of the Jiang Nan region.

Could it be that Soft Feather remembered the wrong address?

Or could it be that J City and Jiang Nan region both have a Luo Xin Street?

This is normal, city and county names are rarely repeated, but village names, street names and so on are often repeated. The place Soft Feather wants to go must be the one in J City, and she should not be coming to Jiang Nan region.

Because he came out to relieve his boredom, Shuhang did not continue brooding over this.

He walked while eating, and ate while strolling.

He did not know how long he strolled for, but after he felt a little tired, he bought another 2 crispy chicken rolls, and sat on a bench provided for people to rest by the side of the road, and rested.



Opposite the resting area was Luo Xin Street’s large public square, it had people walking in and out, and bustled with noise and excitement.

The weather just turned warm, but it can never stop women’s inborn love for beauty.

Everywhere had dazzling spaghetti tops, midriff tops, miniskirts, low-waist hot pants, heels and pointy-tipped sandals. Enchanting jade necks and cleavage, slim waists and jade legs, increasing the charm and loveliness of Luo Xin Street by a thousand times.

As long as one sat at the resting area, one could see the countless long legs sparkling with innumerable rays of light.

Song Shuhang casually chose the resting area, and it was a great place to spot beauties. By his side were 3 dudes grading the beauties’ legs.

“Did you guys see that? The red dress below the large electronic display on the left, that figure, those legs are at least 80 points.” The fat dude with thick pointed at the red dress’ figure.

“Ah Xu, your insight still needs more practice. 73 marks is the highest, her legs are long, but as a whole ent.i.ty she is a little too skinny. Moreover the proportion of the calf is somewhat short, affecting the entire package’s beauty.” Beside him a handsome man gave his professional opinion.

“Is that so?” fatty scratched his head, with a careful look it truly was as the handsome man said. However it would be impossible to tell if he did not look carefully.

“I think she can be 77 marks and above, after all in reality beautiful legs like this are already hard to come by. We can’t use the long leg celebrities or leg models as comparison.” The last, short-haired man leaned against the bench, and spoke lazily.

Song Shuhang listened, and couldn’t help look towards where the fatty pointed. There was a lady slender legs wearing a red tight-fitting dress breeze and crystal sandals breeze walking.

A woman who dares to wear a tight-fitting dress like that is usually the type that has confidence in her own body.

Shuhang didn’t have a leg fetish, but he still admits that this red dress lady was beautiful, her thighs were slender and fair. The owner of the pair of legs obviously takes great care of them.

They say that when men look at women, a young boy looks at the face, when they wisen up a little they look at the, and only mature men look at the legs.

Shuhang felt that he definitely wasn’t a mature man, because he had no inclination towards legs. Even if the street was filled with s.h.i.+ning white legs, he wouldn’t even bat an eye. He also wouldn’t have the urge to grade like the three dudes over there.

Towards his roommates who claim that they want to kneel and lick the legs of celebrities from the neighbouring country, Song Shuhang’s inability to understand increased manifold.

[TL: I’m pretty sure he’s referring to Korea here.]

Something like legs, men have it too. Women’s legs are just a little more fair, a little more tender, there’s nothing special about them, right?

These were the thoughts in his head, if the three dudes learned of that, they would definitely have his face covered with spit.

“Hurry and look, it’s a 100 marks, a 100 marks!” Suddenly, the fatty spoke with excitement, he couldn’t help raising his voice a little.

“Where?” The handsome man asked. Although fatty’s grading skills wasn’t considered excellent, he was still someone with insight. Something like a 100 marks can’t possibly be something he casually brought out.

The lazy-looking short-haired man also sat up straight with curiosity, and looked towards the direction fatty was looking.

As before it was below the huge LED display, a beautiful, tall and slender figure walked out from a corner. She dragged along a huge suitcase, yet it didn’t seem to take any effort on her part.

Her long black hair reached her waist, and like a waterfall draping over her back, it fluttering in the wind.

Despite the fact that she was just wearing sneakers, it was obvious that she her legs were longer than the people in her surroundings. Every step she took was just about the same distance as an ordinary person’s two or three steps.

She was simply the role model to be a natural female movie protagonist, even if she stood in the crowd doing nothing, she would give off the feeling of being a crane among a flock of chickens. A natural focal point for the

The black-haired beauty walked very quickly, in a few steps she caught up with the lady in the red dress, which was also the one these 3 dudes graded. All perfect things might not seem so dazzling if they were alone, but once there was something to compare it with, they would appear to be a hundred times more dazzling.

At this moment, the lady in the red dress became the object for comparison. When the black-haired lady walked past her, the two pairs of legs were obviously compared, and were graded. This comparison increases one’s aesthetic perception, and the black-haired lady’s legs seemed more and more dazzling.

“Ah Xu, I’m speechless. This truly deserves a 100 marks.” The handsome man immediately stood up, straightened his clothes, and arranged his hairdo.

“What are you doing?” The short-haired man asked.

“Picking her up! Such a perfect woman, it would be difficult to meet someone like that ever again in my lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether I succeed or not, I have to attempt no matter what, otherwise I will regret this my whole life.” The handsome man grinned, and his two rows of white teeth s.h.i.+ned. He indeed possessed the talent to attract girls, and the aura of a winner in life, a das.h.i.+ng aura of suns.h.i.+ne.

He wouldn’t lose a thing if he failed, yet if he succeeded in picking her up, then it would be jackpot! Something like this had the possibility of a hundred gains and definitely no loss, why not do it?

At a time like this, a real man must have no fear for shame, and must march forth bravely!

Soon after, the handsome dude squeezed into the crowd, and squeezed towards the black-haired beauty.



Afterwards, in less than two minutes, the handsome dude returned crestfallen.

“You failed? So quickly?” fatty was puzzled. He knew his comrade had a 90% and above chance of failing, but his comrade was still quite handsome, and was a good talker, how can he fail so quickly? With his abilities, even if he failed at picking the beauty up, there shouldn’t be any problem trying to chat with her for a moment, right?

“There wasn’t a chance to pick her up, that beauty’s legs are really long, and she walked very quickly. When she takes one step, I have to take several to keep up. I was even jogging behind her yet I still couldn’t catch up.” The handsome dude had tears streaming down his cheeks.

“……” The short haired man had a speechless expression.

“Chi(giggling sound)!” Song Shuhang who was at the side laughed to the point he nearly received internal injuries, these 3 dudes are real jokers.

But to be honest, that black-haired beauty’s legs were really dazzling.

In this generation, the internet flourished. All types of beauties had emerged, and the were already exhausted from appreciating their beauty.

But true gold does not fear fire, a beauty that truly possessed unique points will definitely cause the gazes of the people surrounding her to be firmly attracted to her for eternity.

For example, the black-haired beauty from before, someone like that will definitely be remembered after a glance, the type that probably can’t be forgotten within a short period of time.



A chance to encounter beauties was only a brief interlude for strolling in the streets.

After resting for a while, Song Shuhang got up and continued strolling around.

“I should buy some snacks back later.” He thought inside his heart. Previously, when he caught a cold his roommates took care of him, since he was strolling in Foodie Paradise, he had to bring something back as a token of appreciation.

I have no idea what they like to eat, so I’ll just bring a serving of many types of tasty food back.