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Crazy Leveling System

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Chapter 97: Pair Level Up

Yi Tianyun doesn’t partic.i.p.ate in the cleanup of the three great factions, not that he doesn’t want to help, but he thought that he doesn’t have any reasons to, but he did send the Snow Wolf to antic.i.p.ate any problems and for that he can take a breather for a while. The land owned by the three great palace would be either closed or becomes part of the Jade Palace, in the end it is the spoil of war for Jade Palace.

In the Jade Palace, Tianyun took his long overdue rest and tries to organize his inventory. Because of the recent war, he gets a lot of loots and not to mention the loot he got from the old ancestor he killed are mostly high quality item, like an earth level martial arts and soul tool. After he inspected the effect of each individual loots he sighed “all of this sure is high leveled items, but none of them is something i really need. It’s completely useless for me, it would be better to sell these things and earn some points or fuse it to frost fist to increase its mastery.” The loots didn’t have the basic need of the items he wanted, the most basic thing an item he wants to keep is that the item need to be growing as he grows too which mean it can level up as he is, otherwise it would be losing its worth eventually. It is better to sell it now when its worth is at it highest than wait for it.

The same thing can be said to the martial arts he get, none of them have the effect that he needs. “This martial arts didn’t have any good effect on them, but at least the selling price is not bad, but what if I use this thing to level up Dark North Divine Art? Would it be better? That martial arts is the only one that never get to level up in my a.r.s.enal.”

“Oh whatever I guess, better do things I’m sure of first. This frost fist needs to level up!” Yi Tianyun tried to fuse all the weapon he got from the loot into the frost fist.

[Would you like to fuse Cold Ice Blade into Frost Fist?]


[Ding, Fusion succeeded, adding 3,000 Mastery.]

“Wow, it increased so much mastery in one go, but this item is at the High Grade Spirit level, maybe its normal to have it like this? Hmmm. Better try another one!” Yi Tianyun keeps trying different level of item to combine with Frost Fist, until finally he level it up!

[Ding, successfully level up Frost Fist to Middle Grade Spirit Tool, next level requires Mastery to be 30.000 points; attack range is increased to 500 meters!]

Yi Tianyun is surprised by the increased effect range he got from leveling up the frost fist, encouraging him to use all weapons loot he gpt into mastery point for Frost Fist! Suddenly he remembers something that flared his anger a bit. “I am so stupid! I should have think of something like this for a long time ago. I could have used my own crafted weapon to increase this stupid mastery!” he sighed and proceed to test his theory. “How much would I get for selling one of them to the system?”

He pulls out one of the weapon he forged in the wind city long time ago and tries to sell it. “Selling High Grade Spirit Sword, obtain 1.000 Crazy Points.” The system sounded in his ears. This announcement proves his theory that the system doesn’t care about how the weapon is obtained. “This is just the same amount of point as using the roulette to draw a prize, most of the time the prize from the roulette s just a small prize anyway. Well then, more mastery point for me!”

He quickly fuses it into the frost fist.

[Would you like to fuse ‘High Grade Spirit Sword’ into Frost Fist?]


[Ding, Fusion Succeed into Frost Fist, adding 1.000 Mastery.]

Since Frost Fist successfully leveled up into the Middle Grade Spirit level, the amount of mastery received is far less than before but now that he got the cheap way to obtain combine them with, he doesn’t seems to care about the lack of points he get.

[Ding, successfully level up Frost Fist to High Grade Spirit Tool, the freezing effect duration, and effectivity doubled! Plus range increased to 600 meters! The next level requires Mastery 50.000 points.]

Yi Tianyun keeps combining any weapons he didn’t use with frost fist. He wants to at least make frost fist into soul tool level. He doesn’t even care about the weapon he use for combining anymore. He even uses soul tool grade weapons for fusing material.

[Ding, successfully level up Frost Fist to the Lower Grade Soul Tool, the frozen effect enhanced 4 Times, the freezing range is enhanced to one kilometer, attacks within the frozen field, greatly decelerate the movement of any enemies within 2 meters! Next level, requires 200.000 Mastery points!]

Yi Tianyun is stunned by this enhanced effect. The effect is just insane, he even got a few extra effect than before.

Now after he got what he wanted, he turns his attention into his martial art. “Now, martial arts would be hard to level up obviously, the required amount of mastery is just too much. But still leveling up is much more worth it than to sell the material for just so little amount of crazy points.”

He immediately uses any martial arts he possess that he will never use and fuse it with Dark North Divine Art.

[Ding, successfully integrated Soul Suppression Secret Art into Dark North Divine Art increases 20,000 Mastery points!]

[Ding, successfully integrated…]

Yi Tianyun keeps combining every martial art that doesn’t have any use to him, even if that martial arts is a high grade martial arts, any martial arts he deemed unnecessary, will be fused into the Dark North Divine Art.

[Successfully level up Dark North Divine Art into Middle Grade Earth Level Cultivation Technique doubling the effectiveness of the user skill and ability! The next level requires 300.000 Mastery.]

[Successfully level up Absorbing Stars Great Technique into Middle Grade Earth Level Martial Art, absorption rate enhanced 4 Times! next level requires 200.000 Mastery.]

Both the Absorbing Stars Great Technique and Dark North Divine Art are leveled up on the same time, this is happens because the Absorbing Stars Great Technique is the extension of the Dark North Divine Art. Without the Dark North Divine Art, he wouldn’t get any exp from absorbing other’s spiritual power. It is almost always that if Dark North Divine Art is leveled up the Absorbing Stars Great Technique would be automatically leveled up too.

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