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Chapter 92: Guard!

All of the Old Ancestor isn’t really sure about Yi Tianyun’s strength, but they surely knows that he would be hard to handle since he easily killed many expert and sect masters in the previous skirmish. His cultivation couldn’t be much apart from themselves, if Yi Tianyun’s cultivation really is the same as them, Yi Tianyun would become a big problem, as even if the cultivation is the same it can’t be said the same for the physical prowess. Yi Tianyun is stil young therefore he obviously has the advantage on that aspect.

They choose to attack Jade Palace now too is not a mere coincidence. They already got info that Yi Tianyun is trapped inside the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. They know that Jade Palace’s morale would be down right now providing a perfect opportunity for them to attack.

“Unfortunately, that genius brat of yours is trapped inside the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, I don’t know what methods did he use to enter that place considering his level of cultivation but now he is trapped inside, he should be dead by the time the door opens again. If by some miracle he doesn’t die, the Jade Palace would be long gone! Many people think that you still have unknown forces to help you in dire needs, but I knew better. Only those 3 old hags the remaining reliable force you have left, and even they couldn’t match me.” Old Ancestor Wen Tian said with a smirk.

“I’m not as cruel as many people think, last chance to change your mind, if you surrender i’ll spare your life, otherwise you can say goodbye to this world!” Old Ancestor Wen Tian continues his attempt to bring down Jade Palace’s morale. The disciples of Jade Palace become uneasy and many start to whisper among themselves in the back. They know that if Yi Tianyun is not here, Jade Palace would have a hard time against these monsters.

s.h.i.+ Xueyun saw this coming, so she gently close her eyes and says “Whoever wants to surrender, I will not stop you, as your life is your own, so you can make your own choice.” These words from Xueyun make anybody who’s already doubting their survival in Jade Palace convinced and change side. Many of them who surrender are from the outer disciple as they didn’t feel attached to Jade Palace like the inner disciple. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all inner disciple is loyal to Jade Palace, as some of them is defecting too.

The elder that sees the inner disciple defecting from them only shook their heads. They understand that the will to live is different from amongst every individual because it’s their own life at stake here.

“What are you doing, don’t you believe in the Palace Lord?” At this time, a voice resound from the crowd. This person is Jiu Lingyun who was brought to Jade Palace by Yi Tianyun!

Everybody in Jade Palace was quite shocked by this development, they didn’t expect Jiu Lingyun to be the one who stands up for Jade Palace, she is just a commoner who was accepted to Jade Palace because of Yi Tianyun’s generosity, they didn’t expect her to be so brave.

In the other end, Old Ancestor Wen Tian shook his head, “who is this stupid little girl?” he asked someone behind him. After a while someone comes up to him and say “she is a girl that Yi Tianyun found in Wind City, she is from the slum.” Old Ancestor Wen Tian sneers “hooo, a girl brought by the problematic brat, that explains everything.”

Jiu Lingyun is still high on adrenalin, she’s determined to fight for Jade Palace until Yi Tianyun shows up. “Young Master Yi has gone through so much trouble for me, the least I can do is die protecting what he love” she whispered to herself and after a quick breathe she began to shout “Jade Palace is not some place that you can trample all you want! We will fight till our death to defend Jade Palace!”

Jiu Lingyun’s bravery rises Jade Palace’s morale, more of them decided to defend Jade Palace and rally along with Jiu Lingyun.

“Yeah, Jade Palace is our home, not some place you can enter all you like, we would defend it till we die!”

“I am an orphan who doesn’t even know my parent, I was raised here since I was a child. That alone is already a valid reason to stand my ground here defending my home!”

As if driven by something, these disciples are br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fighting spirit. There would be no more swaying words from the enemy would break their will, they would not surrender. s.h.i.+ Xueyun was surprised by this circ.u.mstances, she didn’t expect Jiu Lingyun to have such leaders.h.i.+p skills on her.

“Haha, group of idiots, I already showed you enough mercy as it is, now let me show you h.e.l.l! Attack them!! Give me that girl! Let’s see whether she really isn’t afraid of death or not!” Old Ancestor Wen Tian orders his men to attack Jade Palace while pointing at Jiu Lingyun.

Immediately everyone charge toward Jade Palace, Six Old Ancestors didn’t hold back and advanced at the same time. s.h.i.+ Xueyun drew her sword and began to counter them and push them back, helped with three other Jade Palace’s Old Ancestors, and some elders. s.h.i.+ Xueyun and the Old Ancestors had their hands full with 4 enemies’ Old Ancestor, they can only hope that the elders can hold their ground against other two enemies Old Ancestors.


One of the Jade Palace’s disciples was slammed off to the wall, her conditions is unknown, either she was seriously injured or just unconscious. The enemy held true to their words didn’t show any mercy. The disciples who already changed their allegiance is sneering from the back of the enemy line. They thought that they already made the best decisions to leave Jade Palace.

Jiu Lingyun fights against several opponent that seems reluctant to harm her “Hey, just give up will you? Old Ancestor Wen Tian ordered us to capture you alive, just give up, Old Ancestor Wen Tian will take care of you personally little girl.” They all are laughing while looking at Jiu Lingyun in a perverse manner, but Jiu Lingyun still tries to find an opening to attack. But after a futile struggle, she raises her sword and says “I would rather die than be a toy to some old coots!” she place her sword to her neck, and for a moment she thought about not seeing Yi Tianyun anymore and can’t take care of her younger brother. Her face become full of tears, but her resolve is already hard enough that she no longer had any regrets.

Her actions is quickly interrupted by some enemy’s disciple of the Fourth Level Spirit Refinement, his fast action knocked out Jiu Lingyun’s sword from her hands and immediately shackled her hands. “Look at you, a feisty little girl! You look plain for a girl, but hey I don’t mind.” The disciple laugh a bit, and tries to lick Lingyun on her face.

Jiu Lingyun’s face becomes pale, she looks at him with disgust and she’s ready to bite his tongue off. At the same time, a silver light pa.s.sed through the sky, and landed near Jiu Lingyun. The enemy’s disciple around Jiu Lingyun is blown away. After the smoke is all cleared up, a big snow wolf appears. This snow wolf is already specifically ordered by Yi Tianyun to protect both s.h.i.+ Xueyun and Jiu Lingyun.

Many people was shocked when they saw the wolf, “what is a demon beast doing in here?” they thought to themselves. And it’s not just an average demon beast, it’s at a staggering Seventh Level Core Condensation!


The Snow Wolf howls at the sky and start fighting the enemies. The Snow Wolf can’t defeat enemy Old Ancestor for sure because of the level gap, but it clearly can hold enemies’ Spirit Refinement cultivator and Body Refinement cultivator, and that is enough for now. At the same time, Yi Tianyun who’s already running back at high speed to the Jade Palace heard the system.

[Ding , successfully killed Wing Sect disciple, 2800 Experience, 600 Crazy Point, Blacksmith Mastery 50 points.]

Yi Tianyun smirked, although he’s far apart from Snow Wolf, he still gets exp when it killed something. He can sit around somewhere and still be able to level up this way. With that notification coming, Yi Tianyun also notices that the Jade Palace is already under attack. “Those old b.a.s.t.a.r.d clearly doesn’t know when to give up! This time I will make sure they couldn’t retaliate anymore!”

He useded his Crazy Mode and use it to enhance his speed even further. He rushes trough the snows area with ease as if he’s riding the snow wolf.

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