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Chapter 90: Kill

Sect Master Huan can’t really see what happen until he saw Yi Tianyun’s foot is already on the top of his head. He didn’t expect Yi Tianyun to be more powerful than him, and not by a small margin. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Sect Master Huan said in disbelief. Sect Master Huan quickly get up and immediately use his martial art – Heavenly Dragon Palm – creating a twister to attack Yi Tianyun. Yi Tianyun already antic.i.p.ated this, quickly dodge everything Sect Master Huan throws at him, and quickly counter with his own punch.

Yi Tianyun’s punch easily knokcked down Sect Master Huan to the ground, and another teeth of his is broken again. Yi Tianyun sneers at Sect Master Huan, and he immediately realize that Yi Tianyun is not even using his full power in that punch. The gap between the two of them is too big as Yi Tianyun has almost 70.000 combat power meanwhile Sect Master Huan only has merely 40.000.

Yi Tianyun slowly walks over to Sect Master Huan and said “What now?” Master Huan that still tries to recover from Yi Tianyun’s punch earlier, he’s having light concussion and having problem with his vision but said “H – how can your cultivation be much h-higher than mine? This is i-impossible!” Sect Master Huan clearly had trouble to even speak normally.

“You clearly didn’t know anything yet you leave me the option of only having my body without my limbs? Delusional old man! Now I am not gonna be that merciful for you am i?” Yi Tianyun speaks while grinning to Sect Master Huan and seeing this demon’s smile just send chill down his spine. He immediately lift his hand when Yi Tianyun got closer and screamed “Die!!” as a black smoke and liquid comes out from the storage ring in his palm.

Yi Tianyun quickly rushes over and slams Sect Master Huan Palm to his own body, and jumps back, Sect Master Huan palm suddenly goes “BOOM!” blowing off Sect Master Huan. Sect Master Huan’s armor cant handle the impact and was destroyed, along with his hand. He tries to turn around to faces Yi Tianyun, but his body convulsed signing that he no longer be able to move, and start to cough up blood.

Yi Tianyun walks over to Sect Master Huan slowly again while saying “I didn’t expect you off all people try to use a hidden weapon, that bomb ertainly is a bad news, but you’re just way too obvious.” Yi Tianyun has been watching his movement from the beginning, of course he noticed Sect Master Huan was preparing to do an underhanded tactics like this. After Sect Master Huan cough up some more blood he immediately pleaded “I beg of you to spare my life, I will not bother you anymore! And I will make sure that my Magnificent Sect would be under your command!”

Sect Master Huan doesn’t have any other means to fight Yi Tianyun, so he choose to bow his head down and beg for mercy. He doesn’t want to die just yet, he is a Sect Master of Magnificent Sect. He still have a bright future in front of him.

Yi Tianyun’s expression quickly change and his voice turned cold while saying “Do you think you can just beg for mercy and then return to your sect like nothing happened? If our position is reversed would you spare my life and let me go?” Yi Tianyun laughs and says “Seems like you’re not dead yet so, let’s try this one….”

Yi Tianyun took out his Immortal Fire and throws it immediately to Sect Master Huan. The fire envelope Sect Master Huan almost immediately and Sect Master Huan screams so loud that anyone seeing this clearly will have gooseb.u.mps. Soon enough Sect Master Huan stops struggling and was completely burned on the ground.

[Ding ,successfully killed Sect Master Huan, gained 54.000 Experience, Heavenly Dragon Palm (Earth Level Martial Art), 100.000 Experience Pill, 3200 Crazy Point.]

Yi Tianyun is frowning when he saw this notification, he only got one Heavenly Dragon Palm and 100.000 Experience Pill. “This is too little” he said to himself. He thinks that he really need to activates the Lucky Aura to be able to get more drops from the enemy he kills, otherwise the items dropped are really bad. After a while he thought that Heavenly Dragon Palm is good enough for now, an Earth Level Martial Art, and easy fight too, he barely even do anything in this fight.

He walks to the corpse of Master Huan and checks the content of the Storage Ring, the ring contained a lot of wealth, many Medicinal Pill, Gold, and some good quality Spirit Tools. This is good enough in his mind, because there is no way a sect master brought the his sect’s properties with him at all time.

He Examines the Heavenly Dragon Palm after storing the Sect Master Huan’s Storage Ring in his pocket. Immediately the book of Heavenly Dragon Palm appears on his hand. He’s immediately filled with joy. He can give this book to Jade Palace to quickly increase their strength, but the downside is that he can’t cultivate it himself, because once a book of martial art is cultivated thebook itself would disappear. ”I guess I would leave this martial art to Jade Palace. . . No! what am I thinking! If this martial art exposed to the outside, it would become evidence that Sect Master huan is already dead and Jade Palace have something to do with his dead.” He quickly put the book in his inventory and choose to sell it.

“8.000 Crazy Points just for this? It sure is an Earth level Martial art.” Yi Tianyun feels better, he already spent a whopping 50.000 Crazy Point to level up his Appraisal Eye, and getting 8.00 Crazy Point for now is good enough.

After he is done checking all the new item he got from Sect Master Huan, he waves his hand and the ground around the corpse turn to mud and proceed to swallow the corpse of Sect Master Huan. Yi Tianyun does this for his own convenience. “Fortunately only Sect Master Huan, it would be troublesome if there’s someone else seeing me come out of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.” He said to himself. He doesn’t want anyone to know he can control the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins, he want to rush to Jade Palace and let s.h.i.+ Xueyun be the first one to know and make the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins become the second stronghold for Jade Palace.

He knows that the defenses of the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is much better than the current Jade Palace defenses. “I need to get to Jade Palace as fast as possible.” He said to himself. “I need to be careful not to cause any more trouble along the way as it could delay his arrival.” He quickly rushes to Jade Palace while looking around and detect his surroundings.

He wants to quickly promote Jade Palace into Jade Sect, so he needs to improve Jade Palace’s comprehensive strength to be able to promote it. He needs to forge many weapons, armor, and trinkets. He wants his main quest to be done at the shortest amount of time possible.

At the same time, in Jade Palace.

The Skies went darker and darker in a short amount of time, the clouds began to darken and gather on the Jade Palace, and the people inside Jade Palace has their senses becomes duller in any pa.s.sing seconds.

s.h.i.+ Xueyun notices this strange atmosphere almost immediately, and she quickly rushes to the outside gate to see what is happening. In no time she felt the pressure from afar and she notices the terrifying aura that comes with it. She understood immediately that the revenge is coming to Jade Palace, she need to prepare, to prepare for another war!

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