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Chapter 82: Suppression

“This apparition before you is when the owner of this palace in his younger days. You don’t need to worry too much because obviously he’s not as strong as he is back in his prime Old Xuan smiles ever so faintly and said “As for the master’s cultivation, it would be the same on your cultivations. So the higher your cultivations, master’s cultivation will match yours. If you manage to defeat the master here, you will be qualified to be the successor.”

Spirit King Xuan Tian, even in his younger days is not to be underestimated, that’s for sure.

“Now I will proceed to a.s.sess your cultivation so you can begin the fight immediately.” Old Xuan raised his hand gently, and a ray of light shrouded Yi Tianyun, checking Yi Tianyun’s cultivation.

After a while, old Xuan was shocked by the revelations in front of him “Core Condensation cultivation, and at Seventh Level!?”

Although Old Xuan is only a keeper of this place, the Great Array to control the entrance is still hosted by him, that fact alone would be a sign that this old man has a very good skill in his a.r.s.enal. It is well known that the array wouldn’t let anyone higher than spirit refinement cultivations to get through, as he is the one that reinforce that rules.

“Yes, i’m at Seventh Level Core Condensation. I ‘m not exactly sure why I can come into the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins, I’m just trying my luck and somehow I can get in, but doesn’t this mean I completely break the rules?” Yi Tianyun is feeling a little awkward, he doesn’t want to be disqualified now by Old Xuan because he already too high leveled, but at the same time, he completely understands if Old Xuan decided to disqualify him.

“Weird, I clearly limit the cultivators to enter up to Spirit Refinement, but you somehow could enter” Old Xuan becomes a little bit sad from this revelations, maybe he already became too old for this job he thinks. “It seems that something is wrong to the array, but since you’ve come this far, it would not be fair to just disqualify you. But because your cultivation is so much higher than this version of the master, we need to make a few adjustment to make it fair. There is no way master in this form could win against a Core Condensation cultivator.”

“Old Xuan, you don’t have to worry about this problem, I personally don’t think that highly of myself. I would gladly accept any kind of adjustment you have in mind.” Yi Tianyun doesn’t really care that much with the adjustment that he would encounter, as long as he has his crazy system, he’s confident he can pull through anything.

“Well then, you have two choices, one is to give up this challenge and you will be back to him outside without the memory of this place and the second is to readjust master’s cultivation. Currently he is in his spirit refinement period, if you still want to proceed, I will readjust his cultivations to that of his core condensation period. But surely I need to remind you that fight would be a lot harder than his form on spirit refinement period.” Old Xuan talks solemnly to Yi Tianyun.

This is the will of his master, he can’t make exceptions especially this is a rare case where the challenger is not within the restrictions he set.

“No problem.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile “I would gladly accept that conditions.”

“Since you are at Seventh Level Core Condensation, then the master would have the same cultivation level as you are, so he also will be at Seventh Level Core Condensation.” Old Xuan talks to Yi Tianyun while waving his hand. Suddenly a ray of light shrouded Spirit King Xuan Tian.

Spirit King Xuan Tian began to change from young boy to a teenager about the same age as Yi Tianyun. His cultivations also increased exponentially. Yi Tianyun saw with the Appraisal Eye as Spirit King Xuan Tian continue to increase from the beginning of the readjustment.

10.000, 20.000, 30.000… the combat power stops when it reaches 50.000.

This value is already terrifying. The normal Seventh Level Core Condensation cultivator would have up to 40.000 combat power, and Spirit King Xuan Tian already reached this level of cultivation and battle power at such a young age.

Spirit King Xuan Tian (teenager): Seventh Level Core Condensation, combat power is equal to wielding Upper Level Spirit Tool even though he’s just using bare hands, battle power is 50.000!

“This Spirit King Xuan Tian is really strong” Yi Tianyun’s eyes are sparkled with excitement, when appraisal eye has fully a.n.a.lyzed Spirit King Xuan Tian, he can see just how much power the Spirit King Xuan Tian has .

However, Yi Tianyun doesn’t feel intimidated by this numbers, Yi Tianyun’s battle power already reached 60.000 with the effect of his power accessories set alone. He’s confident enough that he could win this fight.

Even without the effect of Power accesories set, his combat power is already around 50.000, basically the same as Spirit King Xuan Tian. This is of course because of the effect he got from Dragon G.o.d Bloodline, he got tremendous physique from it. Because of his enhanced physique he got extra combat power when he strengthened his physique with item such like power suit.

With this much extra stuff Yi Tianyun understand how amazing Spirit King Xuan Tian when he was alive.

The Power accesories set’s effect is to enhance his power for 100%, that doesn’t mean that his power got doubled, the effect itself only enhance his base power, so everything he equipped, or activated for additional combat power like dragon G.o.d bloodline is not multiplied.

In the end Power Suit is not a Divine Tool, so it can’t have such heaven defying effect on it.

“You can choose your weapon whether it’s your own or the ones we have here, what do you say?” Old Xuan also add information for Yi Tianyun “Oh yeah, the owner does not need any weapon, he will rely only on his fist.”

“If the master is only using his fist, then I should be fair and use only my fist too.” Yi Tianyun decided to use his bare hands as well.

“Are you sure?” Old Xuan calmly ask “This is not an easy fight. The owner has strong physique and he is stronger than any average cultivator. I know that you want to show your respect, but it’s not necessary at this point, you should use everthing you have to fight him!”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about me. I will stick to my fist.” Yi Tianyun said to old Xuan with a light smile “Believe it or not i’m pretty confident in my fist.”

Old Xuan become silent for a while and then said “Well, as you wish. If you fail, you can’t make any reason and your memory of this place would be gone.”

“Of course, I understand.” Yi Tianyun still smiles

Old Xuan Sees the determination in Yi Tianyun’s eyes and he couldn’t help but to give some advice in advance. After a while, Old Xuan let Yi Tianyun knows that the challenge would start by shouting, “The fight starts!”

When he said it, surely Spirit King Xuan Tian began to move. he started struggling to move at first but after a while Spirit King Xuan Tian rushes at Yi Tianyun with an amazing speed. When he start his rush at Yi Tianyun, Yi Tianyun can feels the ground shakes a little, proving just how immense strength he possesed.

Yi Tianyun’s expression was indifferent about this. He keeps smiling to the Spirit King Xuan Tian and as the Spirit King come closer, he raised his hand and catch Spirit King’s fists. Yi Tianyun doesn’t feel any fear at all against such strong adversaries.

Old Xuan shook his head at Yi Tianyun. That is not a good idea to receive Spirit King fist head on like that, with his strong physique the Spirit King can break through with an explosive power. He doesn’t even need his martial arts to do that.


After receiving the second punch Yi Tianyun grabbed both of the Spirit King Xuan Tian’s fists and activated his Absorbing Stars Great Technique. The moment he activates his technique, he can feel spiritual power surging into his body from his palm. The absorbing stars great technique combined with dark north divine art, greatly absorbs the spiritual power from his opponent.

[1000 exp, 1300 exp, 1200 exp…]

In the beginning he just want to check whether this martial art is effective in here. Once he confirms this with his own hands, he can’t be happier. He activates his Crazy Mode immediately. The amount of experiences he received after that is multiplied 4 to 5 times than before.

[4000 exp, 4400 exp, 4800 exp…]

The constant exp flows steadily into his body.

Spirit King Xuan Tian is struggling to escape Yi Tianyun’s grasp, but Yi Tianyun keeps on holding tight not letting the Spirit King escapes from him and continues to absorb the Spirit King spiritual power until its dry. With more than 10.000 combat power difference, he’s still able to hold his ground even against a Spirit King.

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