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Chapter 75: Talent

“No problem, believe in yourself, I know you can do it.” Yi Tianyun nodded after encouraging Jiu Lingyun.

“Big Brother Yi, I won’t let you down!” Jiu Lingyun said with convincing tone. She can’t embarra.s.s Yi Tianyun who has helped her this much. She has been working real hard to repay his favor.

Then, she proceeded to the venue for the a.s.sessment. Yi Tianyun looked at her back and nodded lightly.

The test is conducted with several disciples undertake the test at once, some other disciples are still waiting outside.

“After one or two wave at most she will fall down, to become an official disciple one needs to withstand up to the ninth wave, seem like a long way for her hahahaha…”

“She’ll be accepted as official disiple anyway since she’s close to Elder Yi, we’ll see!”

“Yes, should we talk our way to Elder Yi as well?”

“Forget it, I will rely on my own skills to join Jade Palace!”

They thought this is some kind of cinderella story, they thought just because Jiu Lingyun is close to Yi Tianyun she’ll get special treatment and her life here in Jade Palace will be like cinderella meeting a prince on a castle.

Soon the a.s.sessment began, after the signal from Deacon Liang, the spiritual waves are blasted off toward the disciples one after another. No disciples fell down in the first wave, well being knocked out in the first wave is just way too shameful.

Following the second wave, same as first wave no one fell down, including Jiu Lingyun.

Nothing particular happened untill fourth wave, many outer disciples began to fall, and Jiu Lingyun is still standing firm!

Following the fifth and sixth wave even more disciples fell down, she is still standing, this shocked everyone especially those who already fell and those who mocked her, how can Jiu Lingyun be this strong even though she’s from the slum?

After seventh and eigth wave, Jiu Lingyun still persisted.

And now Jiu Lingyun is already at the ninth wave, which is the standard of official disciple!

“She definitely won’t get through ninth wave!”

But of course once again they’re wrong!

Jiu Lingyun easily cleared ninth wave, and there are only three other disciples remained who managed to stand their ground! This means that she pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment and became one of the four. But the a.s.sessment is still in progress.

Those who mocked her can’t say anyhthing anymore, they thought her appearance is the standard of her skill, they couldn’t be more wrong!

But this has yet come to an end. After the end of the ninth wave, the tenth wave began, and she still persisted like a big tree in the face of incoming storm. By the eleventh wave, she’s the only one remaining disciple!

It goes without saying that the overall level of outer disciple is not high, that’s why it’s hard become official and inner disciple because their spiritual power is not that high to begin with, so it’s up to them to train real hard for the a.s.sesment like this.

“Not bad!” Yi Tianyun is impressed.

The audience, and other outer disciple was stunned by her strength. After getting back on their feet, they looked at Jiu Lingyun still standing firm, and they can’t believe their eyes.

Is this the strength of someone who merely rely on relations.h.i.+ps to climb the rank? Of course not, her strength is the real deal!

Reaching eleventh wave is no small feat, the chattering in the audiences seat is gone, that’s to be expected, they can’t question her strength now that she got this far.

But it’s not over yet. Jiu Lingyun is near her limit but she still persisted. However, at twelfth wave she finally fell down.

Withstand eleven waves!

This impressive results silence the audiences. She did not create a new record, but she proved her own strength and absolutely crushed others!

“After seeing this if there’s still anyone mocking her, maybe their eyes are blind” Yi Tianyun said, and the result was quite surprising, even for Yi Tianyun He didn’t expect Jiu Lingyun’s soul is this strong.

Her soul is definitely strong although the difference with her cultivation is quite far. But too many people only focuses on cultivation. Jiu Lingyun’s cultivation base is only the Third Body Refinement, but that does not necessarily mean that her spiritual power level is low.

It’s a fact that he joined Jade Palace by Yi Tianyun’s recommendation. It seems unfair. But that doesn’t mean she has no strength to back her up, with the strength she possesed it’s actually a good thing Yi Tianyun recommended her in Jade Palace!

Basically as long as they have enough skill, it doesn’t matter if they join Jade Palace with recommendation, it would be profitable in long run for Jade Palace anyway.

“Yeah, who said that she is weak and seduce elder Yi to climb her way? She is really talented!”

“She is definitely talented”

“Is she really from the slums? I don’t think someone from slums is this strong”

The booing turned into cheering now that Jiu Lingyun is qualified to become inner disciple.

At this time, Jiu Lingyun already left the field, she quickly rushed and jump into Yi Tianyun’s arms without thinking. She cried: “Big Brother Yi, I did it, I did it!”

She cried, releasing all her emotion she held in. She didn’t let Yi Tianyun down, she even become the best out of the disciples taking the a.s.sesment!

“I knew you can do it if you try…” Yi Tianyun reached out and patted her back. He could relate to this, when everyone underestimated him, he managed to grasp victory and prove they’re wrong!

When she realized she was in Yi Tianyun’s arm, she blushed and she gets fl.u.s.tered .

Yi Tianyun didn’t mind, she patted her in the head, said with a smile: “Congratulations on joining Jade Palace, this time you officially become one of us with your own strength.”

Jiu Lingyun nodded and said: “Big Brother Yi, thank you!”

“No need to thank me, this is the result of your own efforts.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

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