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Chapter 72: Crazy Draw

The Main Quest is already existed since he acquired the Crazy Leveling System, if he can’t enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, then how can he complete the main quest? This is the one and only Main Quest line that he got, but he knows that a main quest must be completed no matter what. He knows that if he doesn’t complete the main quest, he can’t progress further, all he can do is randomly hunt monster or utilize his craftmans.h.i.+p.

“Because my level is too high, I can’t complete my main quest. How is this possible?”

Yi Tianyun thinks that the situation that he is in right now is very unreasonable. If the level is higher, wouldn’t it be easier to complete quest? However, he knows the fact that s.h.i.+ Xueyun will not tell him a lie. He can’t enter the ruins if he is higher than Spirit Refinement Realm.

Yi Tianyun is trying to think the way to solve the situation that he is in right now, as he knows that no one else know about his quest to clear Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins. s.h.i.+ Xueyun keeps on consoling him “Your realm is already too high to enter the Ruins, doing trials won’t do you any good, your cultivation won’t improve that much.”

“Well then…” Yi Tianyun forcing a smile for s.h.i.+ Xueyun sake, he still wants to argue more to force himself into the ruins, but he doesn’t want to trouble s.h.i.+ Xueyun any further.

Still, he keeps on thinking the way to complete his main quest.

The next discussion is to choose the disciple that worthy enough to be the representative of Jade Palace to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, eight of them. This discussion surely is one most of the exciting discussion that they have, because the Jade Palace never got their hands on this much quota, of course this will improve their overall strength, as the Ruins promises a lot of treasures.

If Yi Tianyun wasn’t sidetracked by side quest and he didn’t level up as much as he is now, all the loots from the ruins surely would be his.

After all of the discussions has come to an end, Yi Tianyun quietly returns to his room still depressed and anxious, he still can’t find a way to finish his main quest. He surely thinks that if he can’t finish this quest, he can’t continue his progress, as a main quest is like a life goal for him.

“I’ll stop thinking about it for now, I should use all this free lottery tickets first!”

Yi Tianyun realized that he can’t make any progress, but if he keeps on overthinking things without a clear answer, what he needs now is a change of pace, he still has time anyway, still a week remain to enter Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins. Immediately he s.h.i.+ft his focus onto the lotteries, he has a total of 11 free lottery tickets. This is the first time he has a chance on so many free lotteries.

He quickly activates the lottery system with his thought. Suddenly a big roulette appeared in front of him, which of course can’t be seen by anyone else but him.

“Luck Aura, activate!”

To draw a lottery, he must activate the Luck Aura to increase his chance on getting a good draw.

“Start the lottery!”

The roulette began to spin steadily and became much faster overtime, and soon the pointer abruptly stopped, and pointed on ‘consumables’ tile.

“What the h.e.l.l, a consumable item?!?”

Yi Tianyun feels a little bit helpless, despite using his Luck Aura, he still got a bad draw.

[Ding, get 10.000 Exp Pill.]

”10.000 Experience Pill? This is too small! Start again!”

This amount of exp is worthless for him. 10.000 of exp will just slightly increase his exp bar, definitely not what he wanted. He starts to draw the lottery again, as he thinks that surely his bad luck would eventually runs out.

[Ding, get 50.000 Exp Pill!]

“Start again!”

He immediately retries his attempt with a slight irritation on his face.

[Ding, get a Life!]

“Start…. A what?!”

Yi Tianyun was startled for a moment, he quickly reads the information that popped up when he sees the recent item that he get from the draw.

Life: When host dies, it is automatically activated and instantly revived.

As he investigate on this item so called ‘life’ he quickly became overwhelmed, how can he get a life as a reward? On top of that it’s automatically used when he died, which means he doesn’t need to worry about the timing to use it.

“Good stuff!”

Yi Tianyun slams his own thigh in excitement. He thought that, “This is it! This is definitely a top quality consumable from the draw!” He knows that life is the most important thing that a person can have.

“It seems that not all consumables were worthless after all.”

Yi Tianyun s.h.i.+ft his eyes at the roulette again and feels a little bad for it, “I feel bad for keep on blaming my luck onto this thing, I’m sorry. I hope that I can continue to receive an item like the last one!”

With this ‘life’ as an item that he gets from the lottery, his disappointment is completely gone, as in his mind, he already got such a good item to expect.

“Start Again!”

Soon the Lottery Roulette spins again, and unexpectedly the pointer stopped at the Divine Ability Tiles.

Yi Tianyun hold his breath in antic.i.p.ation, this time he got a divine ability!

“Ding–” something rolled down from the roulette and opened a treasure chest in front of it. Yi Tianyun rushed over to the chest with excitement and see that the treasure chest contains a luck aura!

“What? A Luck Aura? How can I get this again?” Yi Tianyun is dumbfounded. He can’t seem to get the point on having two of the same ability.

“Ding, successfully get Luck Aura, because Luck Aura is already integrated, automatically converting Luck Aura into 10.000 Crazy Point.”

“Pitiful! At least give me enough Crazy Point to level it up!” Yi Tianyun feels cheated, he gets his high up when the pointer stopped at divine ability, but instead he got 10.000 Crazy Points, which is not enough to level up his crazy mode, nor it can level up his luck aura.

He quickly rushed his lottery, after such a disappointment. He gets a lot of good items, but they fail to excite him like before. There were Life, 10.000 Exp Pill, 50.000 Exp Pill x3, Frost Fist, Phoenix Silver Spear, Luck Aura, Tyrant Armor, Bad Luck Potion, and Strengthening Pill!

That is all the items he gets from the roulette. The most useless one are 10.000 exp pill and Frost Fist. Unlike the luck aura, Frost Fist isn’t converted into crazy points, simply waste another slot on his inventory.

But he still got quite a lot of good item.

“Tyrant Armor, the effect is keep enemy under pressure for 1 minute. Suppressing them… Useless.”

“Phoenix Silver Spear is an upper level spirit tool with no effect. So useless, what a garbage!”

“Bad Luck Potion, can be thrown into enemy, or taken by self, the bad luck effect enhances the chance for having a bad luck 10 Times. How am i supposed to use this?”

“Strengthening Pill, permanently enhances power. This one is good. It gives a permanent enhancement of power.”

Yi Tianyun checked the item he gets one by one, some items have decent effect such as ‘life’ and Strengthening Pill, but the rest were not very useful for him.

He immediately took the Strengthening Pill, and his combat power increased by a few hundred. The slight increase of combat power is understandable, although it’s a rare item, it still is a small pill, he can’t keep his hope too high on it, but his physique surely got slightly toned than before.

“Just what is the point for having 2 of these Frost Fists? The grade is still on common iron level weapon!” Yi Tianyun clearly confused of what to do, this is awkward, what he got is mostly a garbage.

Tianyun decides to just store the Frost Fist to the storage first. The mechanism of Yi Tianyun’s storage is equally the same as the storage ring, it’s possible to store any equipment and materials in it.

While he store the Frost Fist, two additional option than usual popped in the menu. That is a ‘Fusion’ and ‘sell’ options.

“A‘Fusion’ and a ‘Sell’ option? I never saw these options before.”

Yi Tianyun immediately presses the ‘Sell’ b.u.t.ton and a message suddenly popped up “Sell for 500 Crazy Point?”

“Profit oriented f.u.c.k!” Yi Tianyun curses the system quietly. He feels cheated again and again by this system. He needs 10.000 Crazy Points to buy Frost Fist, but he only gets 500 Crazy Points for selling it? What a fraud!

“I’ll use the fusion effect.”

Yi Tianyun pushes the ‘Fusion’ b.u.t.ton, and immediately the new Frost Fist synthesized into his original Frost Fist, increasing his mastery on the original Frost Fist by a hundred! After he look at the data again, he notices that only the mastery is increasing, the level is not improved at all. Still it’s so much more worth to increase mastery than to sell it for a meager price.

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