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Chapter 54: Wrong Method

Kong Liang didn’t expect that Yi Tianyun is really a pharmacist, with his age, he would be an apprentice at most. There is no way he already become a pharmacist at this young age, Kong Liang thought to himself.

The most shocking thing that happened is that Yan Lingxue listened to Yi Tianyun’s words, and willingly take him back with her. Kong Liang can’t stand the fact that Yan Lingxue would listen to Yi Tianyun’s words, whom doesn’t seem like an alchemist at all.

“If you really are an alchemist, in what level are you?” Kong Liang was mad, a teenager who just came out of nowhere claiming to be a pharmacist, this kid must be lying!

“Third Level Alchemist, is there a problem?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“You? A Third Level Alchemist? If you are Third Level Alchemist, then I am Fifth Level Alchemist!” Kong Liang doesn’t believe Yi Tianyun’s words.

Yan Lingxue is so excited to hear this truth, if Yi Tianyun really is a Third Level Alchemist, then Yi Tianyun have a totally limitless potential in the future.

“Miss Yan, are you sure to ask this kid to cure Yan Family’s head?” Kong Liang immediately angered, blowing fumes and said: “If he makes a mistake and the family head never wake up again, how will he take responsibility?”

Yan Lingxue hesitated, if something went wrong, Yan Family will be in trouble. Yan Family is not a big family, if the Family Head is dead, no one else in the family can maintain the family to survive.

“Are you joking? What i’m about to do wouldn’t cause any negative effect. Did you forgot that I will use only the Dragon Tail Gra.s.s? I will not give him anything else other than that, even if he eats it raw, it would cause him no side effect.” Yi Tianyun said wisely.

“Young Master Yi, if you only use the Dragon Tail Gra.s.s, can he recover completely?” she pondered after listening to Yi Tianyun’s words, she thinks that it’s okay for Yi Tianyun to try, in the end if it still not enough she could add the Soul Returning Gra.s.s later.

“There should be no problem, as long as the condition is not worse than what we think it is.” Yi Tianyun said.

“Let’s go back to my place now, then.” Yan Lingxue start to head back to her household, and immediately said to Kong Liang: “Master Kong Liang, you can rest for now, we are going to try Master Yi’s way. If it doesn’t work, we will try your method.”

After Yi Tianyun explained the effect of soul returning gra.s.s earlier, she becomes more cautious, that the effect had a great side effect. If Yi Tianyun is really saying the truth, then Dragon Tail Gra.s.s alone would be enough. She is not a fool to swallow anyone words without considering the effect she will have later.

Kong Liang is furious by this turn of event. He said: “I will say this again, i dare him to cure the family’s head, I doubt that he can do it anyway. I would like to see this kid try to cure the family head, after insulting my treatment method, but if the treatment failed, I will still treat family’s head but the payment would be doubled than what we agreed before.

“Rest a.s.sured, if the treatment failed, I’ll pay you double myself!” Yi Tianyun looked at him coldly.

Kong Liang said: “Okay, good! I want to see if you really have the ability of a Third Level Alchemist!”

With Yan Lingxue leading the way back to Yan Family household, they arrived immediately. Yan Family’s background is good, the guards respected them when they arrive, this would have been an indication the family is loved by their own people. When he entered the room that family head located, he immediately smells a strong medicinal smell.

Yan Family’s Head was laid down in bed, unconscious and really pale. Yi Tianyun knew immediately that this is not something caused by injury, this is surely what cultivation deviation would cause and that surely would cause a trauma to his soul.

Family’s head paleness is different than the averave paleness caused by some injury or normal sickness. This is the paleness caused by a damaged soul. The soul is the most fundamental thing, once it is damaged, it could render a cultivator powerless for their whole life. A broken arm could regenerate but a broken soul would be irreparable.

But as anything else in cultivation world, something irreparable such as soul, could be healed by someone that has a power to do so, someone that defy the heaven itself.

Yi Tianyun observed the family head condition, and he affirmed: “Well, cultivation tempering indeed would cause this effect. Forcefully breaking through the cultivation, if you are not careful and hasty this would happen. But this is not a big problem as long as we have the Dragon Tail Gra.s.s. How did you treat him before? How come he is still unconscious after you treat him with Dragon tail gra.s.s?”

He glanced at Kong Liang and a.s.sessed his behavior.

“Are you really a third level alchemist? You don’t even know how to use this and you call yourself one?” Kong Liang dismissed: “The Dragon Tail Gra.s.s is indeed the medicine for this sickness but there is another way to make it more effective, it is to use the Soul Returning Gra.s.s!”

“You do it just like what I’m doing right now?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently while continued to make the medicine.

“Is there other way to make a medicine using Dragon Tail Gra.s.s?” Kong Liang frowned.

“No, but your approach is wrong. No wonder he was not cured, you don’t even know how to use the Dragon Tail Gra.s.s!” Yi Tianyun snorted: “If we actually do it your way by adding Soul Returning Gra.s.s, the family’s head surely would be dead by now”

“What a joke! If you insist on saying i don’t know how to make the medicine why don’t you show me how you make one” Kong Liang became furious of Yi Tianyun mockery of his knowledge.

Yi Tianyun has lost interest to exchange another insult with him, instead he said to Yan Lingxue: “Miss Yan, forgive me for being a little bit rude.”

“Hmm?” Yan Lingxue wondered.

She saw Yi Tianyun lifted the arm of Yan Family Head and poking the fingertip a little, and a few drop of blood fell into the empty jade bottle. This move make the two of the observer confused, what will he do with a few drop of blood?

“If you want to cure Yan Family’s head in this situation, you must first use the patient’s blood to refine this pill, which is the most correct methods, this is the only way to completely cure the patients. Many alchemists didn’t know this method, not that they are stupid, but they rarely encounter this situation, and they don’t know how to adapt with the situations at hand”Yi Tianyun said: “The most terrible thing an alchemist would do is despite their lack of knowledge on how to solve the situation, they act like they know how to solve it, making everything else worse.”

“Who are you talking c.r.a.p about now!” Kong Liang ready to blow up, his pride is cracked by Yi Tianyun’s words.

“Did I even mention your name? I am going to do my alchemy now, please refrain yourself from ruining my focus, if something happen to the family’s head because you ruin my concentration, how will you take responsibilities.” Yi Tianyun’s words completely stun Kong Liang.

When Kong Liang wanted to say something, Yi Tianyun took out a pill sh.e.l.l that he already made before and throws it in to the air.

The sound of wind immediately resounded in the room, and Immortal Fire immediately wrapped around the pill and the dragon tail gra.s.s. Not needing any pill furnace, just like that! This scene instantlly shocked Kong Liang and he continued to stare Yi Tianyun speechless.

Generally, there will be different kind of fire in every person’s body, this fire is wild, as the power needed to control it is not easily obtained. This boy can already do it, and he doesn’t even need any pill furnace to do alchemy!

Yi Tianyun’s alchemy level is far more advanced than what he can do.

Originally he wanted to say some remark, but his own tongue stuck in his throat, cannot say a single word, scared by the scene unfolding in front of his eyes! This is so unbelievable, just with this scene alone he already humiliated himself!

Yan Lingxue was shocked, holding her own small mouth, she has never seen this kind of alchemy technique before!

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