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Chapter 48: Dragon G.o.d

When he entered the pa.s.sageway, he saw a s.p.a.cious room and in this room stood four stone statues of Dragonoids, all of them having a dragon head with human body, holding a different weapon and standing side by side. Dragon Aura is emanating from them.

This sculpture is really lifelike. It’s as if it will start raising their weapons and attacking him in any moment.

Dragon Clan belongs to Divine Beast Race, a formidable race. There is no dragon exist around here, but looking at this palace, presumably this palace was a home for some dragons many years ago, but because of human cultivators expanded their territory and increasing in population, the dragons were forced to leave this palace.

Human as the year progressed have an impeccable advantage in number, completely outnumbering the other races. Therefore, they are all married to each other. Dragonoids in front of Yi Tianyun are one of the mix breed, half-man and half-dragon.

“What kind of test is waiting for me?” Yi Tianyun frowned and start to look around the room, he didn’t see anything out of ordinary in the room. When he continued to move forward, suddenly one of the stone statues began to shake and move, it blocked Yi Tianyun path with a long spear in its hand.

“If you want to pa.s.s through, you must defeat me first…” He instantly charged toward Yi Tianyun even though he hasn’t finished his sentence, it charged toward Yi Tianyun and strike him with its palm, Yi Tianyun try to counter with his Absorbing Star Great Technique.

The stone statue spiritual power was immediately absorbed. However, this stone statue didn’t falter. It continued to hold its long spear and tried to shake Yi Tianyun off. it escaped Yi Tianyun clutch for a second and trid to counterattack with its long spear.


Yi Tianyun grab the long spear with his hand and smashed the statue with his palm on the other hand. The spiritual power inside the stone statue sucked clean in the blink of an eye!


At this time, the stone statues exploded in its core. Without having any spiritual power, the stone statue was immediately collapsed and the seal that holding its life was exploded.

『Ding, successfully killing the stone statue guard, gaining 3000 exp, 300 Crazy Point.』

Yi Tianyun dropped the long spear in his hand. As another statue was beginning to move.


These statues were maintaining its life by an array, a kind of sealing techniques, as long as the array was destroyed they will collapse.

Yi Tianyun looks at the statue with the Appraisal Eye: Stone Statue, Fifth Level Spirit Refinement, HP 5000, equipped with a common high level weapon, a common high level armor, combat power 4700.

This value compared to Yi Tianyun’s current combat power of 20.000, is literally meaningless so he doesn’t need to plan anything, he just rushed over to the statue to attack.

After easily avoiding the attack of the stone statue, he uses his Absorbing Star Great Technique to absorb its spiritual energy. The excessive usage of the absorbing star great technique gives him mastery for the technique on top of the exp that he gets. With the amount of mastery he has now it will definitely take a while before he can level it up again.

However, when this technique leveled up, it will be worth the effort, simply because the effect is just amazing. He feels a little excited when he thinks about it. Its only on earth level now, he wondered if it reach heaven level how much exp can he absorb. He estimated that it will be ten times or more absorption rate of the current level. It will absorb ten thousands of exp in the blink of the eyes.


After defeating one stone statue, another stone statue is reanimated.

“So this one is stronger than the previous one, Sixth Level Spirit Refinement huh?”

Yi Tianyun looked at the detailed data, the new stone statue is stronger than the previous one, but to him it’s not changing anything at that level.

At the moment, he rushed over the status and broke the statue’s arms and legs. After the stone statue was unable to move, he proceeded to absorb the exp from its body.

After the statue was destroyed, the last stone statue was reanimated and its cultivation is at Seventh Level Spirit Refinement. This level is not really a problem for him either.

“Even if I activated the Luck Aura, it gives nothing.” Yi Tianyun shook his head and felt quite helpless. He expected some treasure will be dropped from this guards.

Of course, it is also possible that his luck is too low to begin with.

“Appraisal Eye can be leveled up too. I don’t know what effect it will have after leveling up…” Yi Tianyun looked at the Appraisal Eye data. Level up requiring 50.000 Crazy Points, he shook his head helplessly. At this moment, he doesn’t have that much.

However, he believes that as his cultivation is improved, Crazy Points he gained later will be higher as well, and it will be cost-effective to level up the Appraisal Eye.


When he defeated the last statue, the distant gates slowly opened. It seems that he really cannot pa.s.s before defeating all the stone statues. From his point of view, it is indeed a test. If he didn’t beat it, he can’t pa.s.s.

Yi Tianyun proceeded to go inside. He was careful along the way and he did not stay in the same spot for too long.

When he walked into this pa.s.sage way, he didn’t see nor detect any traps.

“It seems that I am just a paranoid, there are no traps laid in the pa.s.sageway.” Yi Tianyun nodded and quickly pa.s.sed through the pa.s.sageway. After leaving the pa.s.sage, his eyes suddenly became clear.

Right in front of him is a throne, a golden skeleton dragon with an immense dragon aura sat on it and the dragon seems to looked down on him.

“What a powerful pressure…”

Yi Tianyun became saddened by this facts, this is the legendary Dragon G.o.d? There is no way its cultivation is low, but now it’s just a bunch of bones here. He try to observe the dragon’s bones using the Appraisal Eye, but he couldn’t see any information at all, the data was unknown.

“My people, finally came…” suddenly a golden flame emerged from the dragon’s eyes, and the pressure he felt from the aura before was increased.

“My people? When did I become his people?” Yi Tianyun was stunned, he suddenly became his people, he quite sure that himself is indeed from the human race.

Did Dragon G.o.d mistakenly think that he is a dragon? It caused confusion in Yi Tianyun mind, is this just his luck? However, he thinks about it logically, the inheritance of the Dragon G.o.d should be pa.s.sed on to the Dragons, not to humans?

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