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Chapter 42: Random Quest

『Ding! accepting random quest.』

The sound of the system announcement filled his head.

There are a lot of random quest, depending the situation, he can accept them or not, it’s optional. The reward is really normal, and the difficulty is also moderate, so he can’t really abandon them. Yi Tianyun at the time is not anxious about accepting this quest, in addition the Prestige that he can obtain, he definitely got to accept this.

Killing monsters doesn’t give Prestige, only completing a quest does.

Immediately, he quickly unsummon the snow wolf to avoid being seen. Because Beast Master is also a profession, but it is extremely rare.

In order not to reduce suspicion or hostility, he doesn’t want to show it.

Sure enough, there were several footsteps heard. Several people rushed from the outside of the forest. When they saw Yi Tianyun, they became wary, and quickly draw their sword, ready to defend themselves.

“Who’s there?”

A brave man approached Yi Tianyun vigilantly, his cultivation is not high. It was only Second Level Spirit Refinement, but in this group of guards, it was a relatively high standard. There are a total of four guards, and a beautiful girl, Yan Lingxue.

The four guards’ cultivation is lower than Spirit Refinement, about Seventh or Eighth Level Body Refinement, which is still an acceptable level of escort. Yi Tianyun observe all of them orderly using Appraisal Eye, confirming their combat power.

What surprised him was the old man who sticks close to Yan Lingxue was not the highest, but he was at a First Level Spirit Refinement. He seems to be the closest one to Yan Lingxue and seemed to be a butler of some sort.

It seems that she hired those guards to collect some spirit herbs to ensure her safety.

“No need to be alarmed, I’m just here to hunt.” Yi Tianyun smiled.

The crooked old man, immediately straightened up when he saw Yi Tianyun, and obviously prepared for a skirmish. In this deserted forest, anyone will be cautious when they come across someone.

“Wrrrrrrrrr!” Suddenly, there was a loud noise coming from behind, and a group of giant bears stampede through the woods and interrupted their conversation. It seems that they are quite close to a bear’s den. In here if he isn’t careful of his surrounding it won’t be surprising if he’s surrounded by the beasts around here all of a sudden.

In a blink of an eye, the bear already surrounded them, completely blocked their escape route.

“All guards, draw your sword!” The guard’s leader screamed and pulled out his own sword, which is a low level spirit tool. Not everyone can make upper level Spirit Tool like Yi Tianyun obviously.

“Young Master, I am sorry, I involve you in this trouble.” Yan Lingxue apologized, but the others did not say a word, completely disregarding him.

Yi Tianyun observe her thoroughly, and it seems that Yan Lingxue is quite well-mannered, at least not like these guards who does not even bother to spoke a word with him.

“Don’t worry, this is bound to happen anyway, I will help you break through!” Yi Tianyun laughed, and advanced to take a stand, but did not stick too close for comfort.

“Kid, go away!” the leader yelled at him, he was afraid that Yi Tianyun would rob them.

“Big Brother Tan, don’t be too anxious, I think this Young Master really wants to help us.” Yan Lingxue said: “Moreover at this time, it’s better to have more manpower right?”

Tan Yongsheng tried to regain composure. Nodding, at that moment one bear is charging at them. Tan Yongsheng rushes over and slas.h.i.+ng down the bear with his sword. He slashed the giant bear into two pieces and easily kills it.

Tan Yongsheng was originally better than these giant bears, so this outcome is not surprising.

The other guards are also currently fighting to defeat the giant bears next to them. Only the old man did not move from his spot, he stayed at Yan Lingxue side. As long as it is not threatening Yan Lingxue, he will not do anything. Otherwise, why would they hire these guards for?

“Roar!” At the moment, a giant bear suddenly rushed up from the forest and charging at Yan Lingxue. The b.l.o.o.d.y smell from its mouth was extremely pungent.

When the old man was ready to kill the giant bear, Yi Tianyun rushed over and punches the bear with his bare fist. The giant bear was thrown out and disappeared into the forest.

Everyone looked at Yi Tianyun with shock, and they were all shocked by his power. They didn’t expect him to easily hit a giant bear with bare hands. This is really a natural brute force!

『Successfully kill the giant bear, get 700 exp, Bear Skin, 70 Crazy Point!』

The notification came out that he successfully killed the giant bear, but didn’t give him anything valuable.

Yan Lingxue eyes sparked with interest, this power is not bad, and he is really strong. But he isn’t giving out any strong aura, and his appearance is not like a strong man at all. It’s as if the bear is just flying on its own.

Tan Yongsheng blinked and said nothing. He continued to clear a path forward and quickly broke out. In the process, all the giant bears that came in their way are all killed.

Yi Tianyun also blew out the giant bears on the other side, and his movements seemed to be random. They’re all killing the giant bears, he doesn’t want to draw unnecessary attention, to avoid trouble. The punch itself doesn’t seem like instantly killing the bear instantly, it’s as if he punched just to send them flying, although obviously afterwards the bear’s guts are shattered.

Since Yi Tianyun is helping them, they haven’t said anything, but they don’t give him any reward either.

Soon with the leaders.h.i.+p of Tan Yongsheng, they successfully broke through and escaped the siege of giant bears. When everyone saw that no more giant bears chase them, they finally breathed a sigh of relief. It is not an easy task to clear those giant bears up.

“At last they are not after us, let’s take a break.” Tan Yongsheng gasped and motioned them to rest.

Yi Tianyun is fine, he isn’t fatigued at all, but when he stops, there is a voice coming from his ear.

『Random Quest Completed.』

『Reward: 5.000 exp, 100 Yan Ling Xue’s favorability, 10 Prestige.』

“Well that was easy, an easy 10 Prestige.” Yi Tianyun is smiling at his triumphs, this small quest is still very cost-effective.

When the times come, he hopes to get another of this random quest. After all, this quest can increase his prestige points. Prestige is a great, because it affects his luck. He doesn’t know what other benefits there is for him to continue to raise this prestige at the moment.

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