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Chapter 34: Kill

Yi Tianyun looked at him coldly and proved that his weapon is the real deal. If it really is a middle level spirit tool, it would’ve been shattered by Ma Liangpeng’s sword or at the very least there would be a crack.

This collision effect is normal among different level spirit tools, the level is higher surely will prevail, the lower grade weapon would not stand a chance. But Yi Tianyun weapon didn’t even have a single scratch on it.

On the contrary, Ma Liangpeng’s weapon vibrated upon impact and fell to the ground, Because it’s a different type of weapon, Ma Liangpeng should have the advantage.

Everyone is confused, could it be that Yi Tianyun’s epee really is an upper level Spirit Tool. Then why Wing Sect said that it is fake?.

“You actually hurt me…” Ma Liangpeng wiped the blood on his mouth. Br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent on his eyes, he clenched his sword and threw a tantrum on the ground.

The aura of Fourth Level Spirit Refinement was completely released, and Ma Liangpeng speed rose several time faster than before. In a blink, he flashed to Yi Tianyun’s side and aim his sword to Yi Tianyun.

” Wind Chasing Sword Secret Art!”

A strong gush of wind appeared and swept through Yi Tianyun’s shoulders, the power and speed is much higher than before. A layer of wind circling the sword, he channeled even more spiritual power to the sword and the wind gets stronger.


Yi Tianyun completely ignored this attack, picking up his epee and clash it once again with Ma Liangpeng’s sword, with crazy mode activated, Yi Tianyun’s power is doubled, and all of a sudden Ma Liangpeng is forced to be on defensive, enduring Yi Tianyun’s pressure!


Ma Liangpeng was once again knocked down, but this was not over just yet. Yi Tianyun pull back his sword and strike heavily once again. The epee with much less weigh than a sword showed a great speed.

Ma Liangpeng’s face changed and he quickly swung his sword to counter and parry the attack, but the result was already clear, almost the same situation as before. The difference is that this time Ma Liangpeng was heavily shackled on the ground, and the terror of death weighing him down.

Ma Liangpeng was heavily pressed on the ground, his bones broke one by one from the force of attack than Yi Tianyun released. He almost fainted due to the excruciating pain. This situation already confirmed the Yi Tianyun’s superiority.

Liang Tiangchen that watched the fight from afar was turned sour, he didn’t expect Ma Liangpeng to lose, he originally thought that Yi Tianyun would be the one who would be lying in the ground, awaiting his death. Now it seems his though from before is just a mere child fantasy.

Everyone that watched the fight think the same as Liang Tiangchen is, that Ma Liangpeng is so easily defeated and Yi Tianyun didn’t even move that much. Zi Yuwei that saw Yi Tianyun movement was certain that Yi Tianyun is holding back considerably, she was sure she felt that he still have many moves in his sleeve.

Everyone cant help but accept the fact that with Yi Tianyun age, cultivation level and forging level, that he really is a genius. And now, Yi Tianyun point his epee to Ma Liangpeng and said “You lost! Now, it proves that my weapon is better than yours, or you wanna said that your weapon is worst than trash?”

Ma Liangpeng’s eyes shone from determination, shouting: “I didn’t lose!” and he endured the pain and did not hesitate to swing his sword to counterattack. The power that he put in his struggling move was stronger than before, but the epee was a little faster and completed its job. Slas.h.i.+ng Ma Liangpeng along with his sword into two.

Ma Liangpeng was stunned immediately, including his attacking arm, frozen from the amount of shock that he received.


Ma Liangpeng’s eyes widened, his body went down, his blood gushed down the floor, his body was covered with it. Some people who didn’t have the courage to watch this event has turned their head sideways, and some even vomited, but Yi Tianyun doesn’t show any emotion at all.

“You lost, and you can’t admit it. Trying to attack me as well and even fail to do so.”

Yi Tianyun’s eyes were cold. Yi Tianyun himself already planned to kill him though, how is this a challenge? This is basically life or death battle.

From the beginning, Ma Liangpeng also planned to kill him. In this case, Yi Tianyun can not show mercy, he has to kill him, he can’t be soft now, the naive one definitely will die.

“Killing Ma Liangpeng, gaining 10,000 points of experience, 1,000 gold, Wind Chasing Sword Secret Art, Sky Cloud Step, 400 Crazy Point!”

“Congratulations on completing the task, gaining 5,000 points of experience, 500 blacksmith mastery, 500 gold!”

He even used his lucky aura, but there is not as much reward as previous a.s.sa.s.sin. Either Ma Liangpeng is too weak, or he’s not considered an important character.

But, everyone was shocked, including Zi Yuwei, they were shocked by this scene. He killed without hesitation scene completely bugged them, even if it is the disciple of Wing Sect, to just kill him without hesitation is just madness!

Yi Tianyun has always been like this. He is always arrogant, but the other party is ignorant. What else can he say?

“G.o.d, the person from Wing Sect was killed,is the guest from Rain Pavilion has no shame?”

“didn’t you see the disciple of Wing Sect? he is about to be killed, so the counterattack is normal!”

“Well, he killed the disciple of Wing Sect, he must have dying wish. He has provoked Wing Sect, they will come after him”

All the people shook their heads, Most people thought when Wing Sect have their eyes on you, it’s better to hide or run, not kill them. After all, killing Ma Liangpeng is the same as marking your back for revenge from the whole Wing Sect!

This brings a whole lot of different meaning from challenging individuals to a fight, this is the same as challenging a whole faction.

Liang Tiancheng was shocked here, and immediately angered: “You, you actually killed Ma Liangpeng, capture him, and bring him to Wing Sect!”

Ma Liangpeng is Wind Pavilion’s honorable guest, now that Ma Liangpeng is dead Wind Pavilion has to take responsibility. If they don’t hand Yi Tianyun over, they will be in trouble!

“Capture me? I dare you to try!” Yi Tianyun firmly grip his epee and intimidate everyone!

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