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Chapter 26: Prestige

At first, Wind Pavilion thought this won’t last long. But it turns out more and more people came to Rain Pavilion to buy Spirit tools including the regulars at Wind Pavilion.

Although it’s not that cheap, but it’s clearly cheaper than Wind Pavilion’s spirit tool! Why bother buying the more expensive one when there’s a cheaper one right?

Rain Pavilion is flooded by customers, and Zi Yuwei has been giggling non stop, this result has greatly exceeded her expectations. Yi Tianyun is like a G.o.d who descended from the heaven. He helped them to attract a lot of customers and improved their sales.

“Pavilion Lord Zi, headquarters will definitely acknowledge your position!” The elders next to her are also smiling.

Zi Yuwei nodded with a smile and looked at Yi Tianyun, who was constantly forging spirit tool in the distance. He sighed: “Thanks to Young Master Yi, who came to help me in this difficult time, even though you simply use us to suppress Wind Pavilion, but this is exactly what we need! Now all we need to do is constantly prepare materials for Young Master Yi, our leftover material is useful too, killing two birds with one stone!”

“The most important thing is that this Young Master Yi has never failed, not even once. This is really surprising. The average blacksmith fail at least a couple of times by now.” The elders next to him agreed.

Then, after successfully forged another spirit tool.

『Ding! Congratulations, Blacksmith mastery level up!』

His Blacksmith skill leveled up! Which means that he can forge upper level Spirit tool now, and possibly the true spirit tool. Now he reached Intermediate level for Blacksmith, increase the success rate of forging spirit tool, able to forge upper level spirit tool, and there is a chance to forge true spirit tool!

Even though using the same material, spirit tools forged by a higher level Blacksmith will be more expensive as well.

“Too bad It’s not a true spirit tool. The probability of failure suddenly increases to 50%. The probability of true spirit tool is only 10%…” Yi Tianyun shook his head, but this is still better. Because before he leveled up it’s impossible to make one!

Meanwhile, An Ling and Qin Xue had accompanied Jiu Lingyun to her house and bring her brother to Yi Tianyun. Her brother was about seven or eight years old. he seemed to be unconscious and his condition is pretty bad.

“Young Master Yi, he is my brother, I beg you please save him…” Jiu Lingyun’s eyes are teary while asking for Yi Tianyun’s help.

Yi Tianyun solemnly said: “Let me see his situation.”

He examined her younger brother. He noticed that his brother was poisoned. It seems that he was bitten by a poisonous snake. Now the toxins have flowed into the meridians and are completely mixed with the blood, which is extremely serious.

“Sister, you are back…” At this time, her brother woke up and tried to open his eyes to see his sister. He smiled and said: “Just now I dream of going to the river with you and then we go to the mountains together. Picking wild fruits, those wild fruits are so sweet, so sweet…”

“Yes, you will get better soon. Then we will go together to pick wild fruits…” Her nose was runny and tears filled her eyes.

An Ling, who saw this sisterly love, was touched by this scene, and her brother and sister were far from this.

“Don’t worry, Expel Poison Pill can cure your brother, but there is a way to make it easier to get rid of this toxin, and it’s faster.”

Immediately, Yi Tianyun’s hand ignited an Immortal fire. He shoved the immortal fire down her brother’s body. Jiu Lingyun stared at him with her eyes wide open, she’s about to say something, but she couldn’t say a word, she believed in Yi Tianyun!.

Isn’t this the flame that was used forging? How can it be pushed into her brother.

As the flame was shoved into her brother’s body, the toxins in his body is beginning to be cleansed. The black spots gradually fading, and the process was quite fast too!

“The toxins are beginning to dissipate!”

After they saw it, they screamed. After a while, thanks to eternal flame, the toxins in her brother’s body were all cleansed. Not to mention the process is even faster than taking those pills.

“Sister, I feel much better…” Although he couldn’t get up and move just yet, he can talk just fine,and from the looks of it he seems much more refreshed compared to when he was brought here.

“You’re cured! You’re really cured!” When JiuLing saw his brother’s condition has improved, she’s so touched that tears continued to fall down her cheeks.

Yi Tianyun also fix his posture so he can rest more comfortable. He put away the eternal flame in his hand and said: “Fortunately, this toxin is not too deadly, otherwise he would’ve died…”

Fortunately, Jiu Lingyun met him, otherwise her brother would’ve died, she has no money to buy Expel Poison Pill, how can she cleanse the toxins?

Zi Yuwei saw everything, her beautiful eyes flashed with amazement, she did not expect Yi Tianyun also have this ability, this kind of ability usually only belong to Alchemist. This can only mean one thing, that he is also an alchemist!

“Thank you, Young Master Yi. I am forever in your debt, I am willing to be a slave to Young Master Yi for a lifetime, and serve Young Master Yi!”

“No need to thank me, I am just doing whatever I can.”

Yi Tianyun smiled indifferently. Then at this moment he completed the quest and earned all the rewards.

“Pavilion Lord Zi, can I have one of your room for them to rest?” Yi Tianyun said.

“No problem, I will take care of it right away.” Zi Yuwei immediately signaled her subordinate to help preparing a room, Yi Tianyun is their savior, a room or two is nothing.

During their preparation, Yi Tianyun is back to forging. When he was about to forge spirit tools, he found a very important thing! – the success rate was improved!

Originally, the success rate of forging upper level spirit tool is 50%, now it increased slightly into 55,5%!

“Does prestige improve forging success rate as well?” Yi Tianyun’s got an idea: “Helping people is never meaningless, and combined with lucky aura, the success rate becomes 100%!”

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