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Chapter 21: Wing Sect

After a few days, s.h.i.+ Xueyun has finished the preparation, so that An Ling and Qin Xue accompanied him down the mountain to purchase materials.

When he came to the lobby of Jade Palace, s.h.i.+ Xueyun is already there, waiting. She was discussing something with two young girls. When he approached, s.h.i.+ Xueyun turned her head and smiled at him: “Come here, this is An Ling and Qin Xue. They are going to purchase materials with you this time. If you don’t understand anything you can ask them on the way.”

“I’m counting on you my sisters, even though i’m experienced please bear with me”

Yi Tianyun looked at them. They look pretty cute in white dress. They doesn’t seem to be interested in normal human anyway. These two are at the 5th Level of Spirit Refinement Realm. On this cultivation usually people are pretty rational.

Yi Tianyun appeals them with his att.i.tude, he greets them very politely hopefully increase favorability from them.

Afterwards, he immediately checked their favorability: 35 and 32. It definitely increased even though only slightly. Using this opportunity he had to increase their favorability. Because even if you add 10 points from quest, it is not enough.

It is totally undersandable that their favorability toward him was extremely low, and even negative favorability is possible. Later on it will definitely improve. To improve favorability doesn’t have to complete quest, even normal conversation and interaction can definitely improve favorability.

“Junior brother, you won an entry permit for the Jade Palace, and you have earned a lot of respect from eveyone by then, now you can forge spirit tools as well!. This time we are appointed by Palace Lord to be your escort” they said.

“It is my honor to have two beautiful sisters as guards!” Yi Tianyun smiled.

They smiled, they are flattered to hear such compliment. They gave off a vibe of a beautiful sister. They barely interact with men. But they didn’t hate competent men. Especially now that Yi Tianyun is young master, and the only blacksmith in the entire Jade Palace, not to mention he can forge spirit tool!

“Okay, okay, that’s enough small talk now, before it gets dark.” s.h.i.+ Xueyun realized Yi Tianyun kept praising these two and urge him to quickly depart.

Yi Tianyun smiled and walked out together.

Outside the gate of the Jade Palace, a carriage has been prepared for their departure. The coachman is an ordinary person who will take them to Wind City.

“Use This storage ring, there is some gold inside, and the spirit sword that you forged earlier as well, sell the extra spirit sword, buy materials, and then return here, and you can forge it again.” s.h.i.+ Xueyun handed over a ring to him.

Yi Tianyun receive it, toy with it in his hand before finally put it on his finger, he could channel spiritual power into it and see what’s inside it. The size of the s.p.a.ce is about tens of square meters, not too big, and there are many gold and spirit swords inside.

This thing is really awesome, it can store a lot of things, because they have a lot of swords to bring, it will be inconvenient to transport it to the carriage.

“We will bring a lot of profit when we get back!” Yi Tianyun smiled.

“Ding, take the next task: purchase materials back to Jade Palace. Complete the reward for 10.000 exp, 1.000 gold, one lucky draw opportunity, and improve the overall favorablity of 20 points.”

『Quest: Purchase material back to Jade Palace.』

『Reward: 10.000 exp, 1.000 gold, one lucky draw opportunity, and improve the overall favorablity of 20 points.』

This makes it even better since s.h.i.+ Xueyun requested it anyway, so completing the task means even more reward, not to mention additional 20 points of favorability, would be a waste not to do it considering such a lot of rewards waiting for him!

After they got in the carriage, Yi Tianyun asked: “Senior sister An Ling, we are going to Wind City to purchase material, right?”

“Yeah, we are heading to Wind City.” An Ling nodded.

“Hmmmm” Yi Tianyun squinted, this will be the first time he come to Wind City,

But he knows somebody else who might be there, and that is Master Kong.

Before going back to Moon City, Master Kong seems to have some business with a clan he is acquaintanced with in Wind City. “I wonder if i will into them somewhere later”.

“He definitely won’t involve himself with me anymore…” Yi Tianyun squinted. Because he is definitely still frustrated. Yet if he would like to make trouble he would’ve done it back then.

After two days of rus.h.i.+ng, they finally came to Wind City, and they were safe along the way.

“Is this Wind City?”

Yi Tianyun looked around. The huge city gate looks quite awesome. People come and go, and you can see lively streets filled with people. The guards at the entrance are in quite high level of Spirit Refinement Realm and the expression is serious. No one dares to cause a ruckus.

When they were about to enter the city, there was somebody shouting: “Make way, don’t block the road!”

Yi Tianyun looked around curious about what happened from the carriage, saw a carriage ran across the road, completely ignoring any pa.s.sers-by. A lot of civilians run away from them, they don’t want to be hit by that carriage, the coachman riding that carriage is so arrogant, he doesn’t give a d.a.m.n about other people on the street!

The guards wanted to stop them. But when they saw the emblem on the carriage, they quickly retreated to the side: “Make way, if you don’t want to die!”

In the end they helped the coachman to drive people away. Even though he’s not proud of himself for doing this, all he could do is only watch the carriage pa.s.sed by and head into the city gate.

The people around are speculating about who is sitting inside.

“No wonder he is so arrogant, it is the carriage of Wing Sect, even if they have quite an influence here, isn’t that too much?” Qin Xue shook his head.

“it’s not like i understand where they’re coming from, Wing Sect is even more famous and respected than Spirit Sect, and They also have permit to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, not to mention they have four entry permits!” An Ling sighed, they can’t mess around with them.

“Wing Sect?”

So they are a blacksmith sect. Wing Sect consists of a large number of blacksmith, exclusively train to master the art of forging. Even that carriage was one of their own product. Even If it is not a super strong one, he won’t be able to destroy it easily.

It can be said that the people inside are undoubtedly quite safe. You can immediately grasp how high the level of Wing Sect only from seeing this carriage. This carriage is equal to upper level spirit tool, which costs really expensive.

It’s just that even though they’re so wealthy, they’re also arrogant, savage and don’t care about other’s lives.

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