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Chapter 16: I Will Forging Spirit Tool!

“Summon Xiao Lian at once!” Second Elder hurriedly ordered the disciples nearby to find Xiao Lian.

In less than a moment, Xiao Lian presented herself in front of the elders, she was confused as she didn’t know why she was summoned here.

“Palace Lord?” Xiao Lian came over and asked.

“Master Kong here wants you to be his dao companion. I wonder if you are willing?” Second Elder asked with a smile, Xiao Lian is considered to have a bad talent, so marrying out, in exchange for three spirit tools is undoubtedly a very good trade.

“No, I’m sorry but i can’t comply with your wish…” Xiao Lian looked at Master Kong and immediately shook her head and refused.

After this refusal, Master Kong face was contorted to a frown. He is a master, a promising blacksmith. The future achievements are limitless! He did not expect that she did not even consider his proposal and straight up refuse him.

“I am a third level blacksmith. After you marry me, you will have a better live. I will be fourth or fifth level blacksmith in the future, even so, you still refuse to marry me?” Master Kong eyes are full of discontent.

“Thank you for your kindness Master Kong, but i don’t want to be anyone dao companion for the time being. I hope you can understand that there are other sisters in Jade Palace you can choose from.” Xiao Lian refused Master Kong and she seems didn’t care about Kong feelings at all.

“d.a.m.n, you are just maidservant, yet you dare to reject me!” Master Kong felt a humiliation and looked at Xiao Lian with cold voice: “If you don’t want to be my dao companion, then forget this spirit tool, you must find other master who is willing to forge you one!”

“Xiao Lian, what are you thinking!” Second Elder hurriedly said: “This is Master Kong. If you marry him, a mere plebeian like you will be treated like a n.o.ble, stop disrespecting him! Your family is not rich people, if you marry him. He will do what you want!”

Second Elder do not want to lose this opportunity. It’s three spirit tools for free? How can she let go of such a sweet deal?

Master Kong expression on the high side, coldly watching Xiao Lian, the previous smile disappeared, revealing a cold expression.

“Leave at once! s.h.i.+ Xueyun glared at him coldly “I adress you master as a form of respect! I didn’t expect you to be this arrogant, I’ve had enough! I will ask others to forge the spirit tools for us, I no longer need nor appreciate your help for us any longer!”

As the t.i.tle suggests a palace lord sure have an intimidating aura, domineering the entire room, who dares to oppose her now that it comes to this? If she gladly accepts then she surely won’t have anything to say, but it will be different when she is being forced, she surely would not be happy.

“Plebeian? sister Xiao Lian has always been a n.o.ble, what is this you are talking about?” Yi Tianyun was also uncomfortable at this time. He sees Master Kong and laughed: “Master Kong, it seems that you are not needed anymore. if it’s just a spirit tool, even I can forge it myself!”

He stood up and looked at Master Kong with a smirk.

The moment he finished his sentence, they all froze and stare at Yi Tianyun, even s.h.i.+ Xueyun looked at him with disbelief at first. Being a blacksmith is not something you can do overnight. It takes a long time to be able to forge weapon, not to mention a Spirit Tools. And out of the blue Yi Tianyun boasted that he can create a spirit tool. Isn’t this questionable?

She can only think that Yi Tianyun said it out of desperation to stop Master Kong.

“You want to forge spirit tool?” Master Kong sneered and said: “I heard that you are a trash without blood qi, and it seems you have won against Spirit Sect, didn’t expect that you are an idiot as well.”

When s.h.i.+ Xueyun heard this, her eyes were cold and murderous. Obviously, his words is out of the line, inciting her anger.

Yi Tianyun immediately hold her little hand and stood up and sneered at Master Kong: “Then what if i can forge one?”

“If you can forge a spirit tool, then I will give you this spirit weapon, and I will walk with my head later!” Master Kong took out a long sword, it is indeed a good spirit weapon, but this weapon only belongs at low level spirit grade. But it’s already worth the price, which is 50.000 gold. At his level, he can only forge lower level.

His eyes were full of disdain, and he felt that he was being provoked. He did not expect to be humiliated too after being rejected by a servant!

“If you can’t, what then? She’ll marry me, how is that?” Master Kong sneered, and even if Xiao Lian married to him, he definitely wouldn’t treat her as a wife, she will be treated as a maidservant, no maybe even worse.

He had a high standing and held by a high regard by people, and with this humiliation, it is naturally impossible to treat this Xiao Lian as a wife anymore.

“Sister Xiao Lian is not a tool, nor a bet!” Yi Tianyun said coldly: “If I can’t forge a spirit tool, then I will cut an arm, how is that?”

“Cut one of your arm?” Master Kong smirked and said with a smile: “Alright! If you are willing to go that far. It’s a deal! Begin immediately. If you fail, then cut an arm! If you can’t do it, you can give me an authority of Jade Palace, don’t blame me!”

Master Kong’s realm is not high, but he has good backings. At the very least knowing a few big families and giving some pressure to Jade Palace is not a problem.

“No problem” Yi Tianyun turned to look at s.h.i.+ Xueyun and then said: “Palace Lord, please give me material of spirit tool, I will forge a spirit tool now.”

“Ding! get side mission to forge spirit weapon. Mission reward is 5,000 experience, immortal fire.”

『Quest: Forge a spirit weapon.』

『Reward: 5.000 exp and Immortal Fire.』

『Immortal Fire: Can’t be extinguished, can be used to forge high level tool, or alchemy, can also be used to attack.』

He discovered a new task, and the reward is Immortal Fire! This thing is the best, although it is a low level item, it can be leveled up, this is incredible!

They all looked dumbfounded in this scene, especially the three elders, who all thought that Yi Tianyun was stupid. And make a bet too to boot. Does he really know how to forge a spirit tool? Being able to forge a spirit tool at such a young age, is simply genius.

Obviously this is just plain impossible. Master Kong is thirty years old and he is still at this level, it is almost unbelievable if Yi Tianyun can actually do this!

“Are you crazy, you even dare to say such a things, quickly apologize to Master Kong!” Second Elder snapped.

“Apologize? why should i apologize to him? It’s just a spirit tool, I can also forge it!” Yi Tianyun sneered: “Sister Xiao Lian, everyone can marry whoever they want. You are not a tool!”

“Young Master…” Xiao Lian’s eyes reddened. She look guilty and thought this happened because of her . She almost agreed out of guilt. She didn’t expect Yi Tianyun and s.h.i.+ Xueyun to stand by her side.

“Well said! now I will take you to the forging room and you will forge a spirit tool to show them what you capable of!” s.h.i.+ Xueyun actually agreed to this matter, and did not stop him!

“Aunt, do you believe me?” Yi Tianyun said, with complete confidence he stare at his aunt.

“If I don’t believe my own family, who else will?” s.h.i.+ Xueyun smiled and that smile is so beautiful.

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