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Chapter 11: Still One Move

Zhao Feng leaped to the stage. It caused quite an impact upon his landing!, followed by a loud bang.

Something wrapped in black cloth at his back piqued everyone’s attention. Then Zhao Feng reached out something from his back and pulled it out, that turns out to be a heavy black spear!

Zhao Feng waved it a few times in the air, and ending it with a slam to the ground, causes a loud noise and even a small hole on the ground!


This situation rendered the female disciple of Jade Palace speechless. It is no wonder that he leped to the stage confidently. he turned out to be carrying such weapon. Even just a random strike from it could cause a huge damage.

“This spear, weigh at least six or seven hundred pounds…”

“This is an innate power. Even if you have seventh level of Body Refinement Realm, can you easily wield such a heavy weapon?”

Everyone around the stage chatter among themselves, Yi Tianyun’s technique is certainly dangerous, but that weapon length and reach is not normal. The length is almost equal to two people, how do you even close the gap, let alone attack.

s.h.i.+ Xueyun panics: “It seems that Elder Zhao has observed Tianyun’s movement, and decide that simply compete using cultivation realm is insufficient against Tianyun so he send someone with extraordinary power wielding such heavy weapon!”

As expected of him, sending someone like Zhao Feng to deal with Yi Tianyun, he really is a sc.u.m. Nevertheless, it’s not against the rules to use weapons. Weapons are necessary. Good weapons can enhance the wielder strengths and levels!

Now that Zhao Feng decided to use a weapon, Yi Tianyun may also choose any weapon he wish. There are many weapons in Jade Palace, s.h.i.+ Xueyun doesn’t know which weapon can Yi Tianyun use.

Zhao Hualong smiled and said: “There is no rule that forbid using weapons, you also may choose your weapons”.

Yi Tianyun cultivation level is higher, but what about the weapon? The difference in realm does not mean absolute victory. Especially in this case, he knows Yi Tianyun’s movement is not that good, because in the previous battle it’s not like he managed to dodge all the attack.

But something bothers him, but he can’t understand it. But there is no point to keep thinking about it, he focuses only on winning!

“This spear looks very powerful.”

Yi Tianyun looked at the long spear in Zhao Feng hand, now that he thinks about it he has a weapon of his own.

“Tianyun, what weapon do you need?” s.h.i.+ Xueyun mention all kind of weapons by order from the lower level one to the higher one.

Yi Tianyun smiled and said: “I have my own weapon…” as he said that he took out the Frost Fist and equip it. The blue gauntlet covers his fist and it has a faint blue light. It looks pretty.

But everyone is confused when they saw this gauntlet. How Is this different from bare hand? Meanwhile Zhao Feng has a weapon with such absurd reach, even if it’s a powerful gauntlet what can he do facing such weapon?.

“Oh… what is the difference between this and bare hands? And what is this thing? It looks like a glove, does it have some kind of effect!?” Zhao Hualong laughed and thought it was funny. How is it a weapon? It’s just some kind of glove!

The female disciples of Jade Palace sighed, they’re convinced this round will result in a loss!

s.h.i.+ Xueyun anxiously said: “Tianyun, how do you fight him with this weapon?”

She notices, Yi Tianyun is struggling, and even evading the attack is already a hard task for him. How does he even attack? Not to mention with such weapon.

“I don’t know if I wil be able to land a hit.” Yi Tianyun smiled and walked toward the platform.

There is actually somebody using this kind of weapon?

Both Jade Palace and Spirit Sect questions Yi Tianyun’s sanity for picking such weapon. If the cultivation level’s gap between them is really huge it will be easy to defeat Zhao Feng with bare hands. But that’s not the case,their level gap is not that big.

Due to weapon advantage, Yi Tianyun chance to win is below 50%!

This is not an exaggeration. Zhao Feng waves such heavy spear like it’s nothing it doesn’t even reduce his reaction speed . In this condition can Yi Tianyun even close the gap? Unless he is faster that Zhao Feng’s swing.

“If you want to die that much, i won’t stop you.” Zhao Feng pointed the long spear at Yi Tianyun. It’s as if the tip of the spear holds an enormous power, and with this he can avenge his fallen comrades.

“After you.”

Yi Tianyun indicated that Zhao Feng could attack any time with his casual expression.


Zhao Feng did not hesitate, he shouted, grabbed the spear and rush toward Yi Tianyun, a fierce aura is emitted from his body, and his killing intent is exposed in front of everyone, this kind of strength is not possible for someone on seventh level of Body Refinement Realm.

“Could it be? He took a power pill? Someone saw Zhao Feng took a power pill before attacking.


A loud sound is heard upon the impact of his spear hitting the ground. He marks Yi Tianyun and won’t let him go. Zhao Feng held a long spear in midair and rush toward Yi Tianyun.

“Spear Downstream Dragon!”

He used Spirit Sect martial arts, combined with the effect of power pill his power increased even further! Yi Tianyun can’t escape from this strike.

Suddenly Yi Tiangyun disappear, and as if his figure was distorted somehow, this familiar scene, is this Floating Cloud Steps that Mo Cheng use earlier? But this time it’s Yi Tianyun the one who use it. But the thing is, it’s a secret technique used by Spirit Sect, how on earth can Yi Tianyun master it?

“This, this is Floating Cloud Steps, how is it possible?!”

Zhao Hualong was shocked. To begin with, not even all disciples of Spirit Sect is capable to learn this Floating Cloud Steps. Yet now Yi Tianyun use it like it’s nothing, and of course everyone is dumbfounded not only disciple of Spirit Sect but also Jade Palace.

In an instant he disappear from Zhao Feng’ sight and reappeared behind Zhao Feng! He punched him and Frost Fist immediately shone with blue light, and the cold aura is quickly dissipated, and suddenly it covered Zhao Feng entire body. In an instant, his movements became very slow, he wanted to turn around and fight back, but his speed was greatly reduced, and he couldn’t keep up with Yi Tianyun’s movement.


Incapable of countering and defending Zhao Feng once again suffered another punch from Yi Tianyun , Zhao Feng was tossed away, and the ultimate cold air continued to cripple his body. And because he took the power pill earlier his body is currently in extreme heat. But due to both extreme heat and cold air raging in his body, slowly his body is destroyed from within.


He vomits blood then fell to the ground, and he died! It’s like his blood vessel is punctured! What a painful death..

“Ding! You killed Zhao Feng, get 700 exp, 30 Crazy Points…”

“Mission Completed.”

“Reward: 10.000 exp, Divine Armor and 100 Gold.”

“Ding! congratulations level up to first level of Spirit Refinement Realm!”

Finally after half a month hunting monster, his cultivation has reached the peak level of Body Refinement Realm. After completing this task, he has completely entered Spirit Refinement Realm!

He dominated this compet.i.tion from the very beginning. Being at the peak level of Body Refinement Realm, no one can defeat him.

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