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Book Transmigration: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, but Everyone Noticed Me!

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Chapter 124: Explain What?

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Elena’s family was illustrious. She had been a proud existence since she was young. After living a pampered life for more than 20 years, she developed a polite style.

However, when facing Audrey, Elena couldn’t calm down. It was as if the woman in front of her was her destined enemy, making her unable to sleep or eat.

Elena had followed Audrey out to the balcony this time because she had something to ask her.

“Is what you said the previous time true or not?”

“Oh?” Audrey couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.

After parting at the restaurant the last time, Audrey had said those words to Elena for some reason. At that time, Elena felt that she was very ridiculous. Audrey was just an ordinary person. How could she predict the future? However, after Elena returned home and thought about it, she suddenly found it strange. How did Audrey know that Frank had an ex-girlfriend? And she knew so much? This person actually advised her not to go to the charity banquet, saying that it was for her own good.

Elena felt that it was ridiculous, but she still asked her family what big event would be in the capital in March.

To Elena’s surprise, her mother nodded and said, “You got the news so quickly? In March, there will be a grand charity banquet in the capital. Many celebrities will be there.

No one knew how shocked Elena was.

Who was Audrey? What was her true identity? Why did she know what was going to happen in the future?

Elena wanted to find out, so she kept staring at Audrey at the banquet tonight, wanting to see which big shot she had hooked up with.

To Elena’s surprise, Audrey was the stepdaughter of the Lance family.

Elena entered the venue a little late. After arriving at the manor, she was pestered by the daughters of the other wealthy families. She did not see the “good show” that had just happened in the hall.

After Audrey married into the Lance Family with Anthea, because Anthea rarely appeared in public, Audrey was also explicitly forbidden by Anthea from announcing to the public that she was the stepdaughter of the Lance Family. Therefore, Audrey’s identity to the outside world had always been very secretive.

And everything changed after Audrey entered the entertainment industry. The

Host wanted to establish her persona as the daughter of a wealthy family, so Linda had thought of a good idea to create the illusion of a car accident with her back then. Her goal was to take photos of Audrey interacting with the Lance family.

Of course, this matter was left unsettled.

Audrey wouldn’t tell Elena that she already knew the direction of everyone’s future in advance. At this moment, she looked at Elena with a faint smile and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can disregard it. Why ask me?” Elena said, “So you’re not going to explain it to me?”

“Explain?” Audrey found it strange. “Why should I explain it to you?”

Elena was about to faint from anger. “Why did you ask me not to go to the charity banquet the previous time?”

Audrey looked at her quietly.

Seeing that Audrey didn’t say anything and only looked at her in a daze, Elena said angrily, “Don’t play dumb! If you don’t make things clear with me tonight, don’t even think about successfully stepping out of this manor.”

Elena was not joking with her.

Elena’s family background was illustrious, almost on par with the Lance family. She didn’t believe that this despicable little bitch, Audrey, would dare to resist her when the time came.

Audrey realized that her interaction with Elena in the past few days had been because of Frank.

Audrey suddenly thought of a very stupid question. Could it be that there was no other topic between her and Elena other than Frank?

Seeing that Audrey was still silent, Elena was almost anxious to death by her.

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“Aren’t you usually quite good at talking? Why are you mute now? Huh?” Elena sounded very aggressive.

Audrey suddenly found her thoughts ridiculous. She didn’t care if Elena would become a woman immersed in love in the end. With Elena’s current attitude, she really didn’t want to interact with her at all.

“I was just saying.” Audrey’s tone was very cold. “Take it as nonsense. I’m not familiar with you anyway.”

“You…” Elena was speechless. She pointed at her and couldn’t say a word for a long time.

“What’s wrong?” Suddenly, a male voice interrupted their conversation..

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