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Back to the Past: The Rise of the False Heiress Marrying the True Tycoon

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Chapter 302: Too High Class

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The words of Lin Laoyao’s wife were pleasing to the ear, but in reality, they were devoid of truth.

Previously, it was she who had urged Old Lady Lin to cut ties with their second household, to avoid bringing misfortune upon everyone. Old Lady Lin had indeed followed through, disregarding the difficulties faced by the second household. In truth, they had never lent a hand to the second household, who also never asked for any assistance.

The idea that Old Lady Lin relied on their youngest household for care was an absolute impossibility.

Old Lady Lin had a house and some wealth left by her late husband. She had more than enough to live comfortably without farming, leading a normal life in the village. She had no need for her sons’ support, and aside from her eldest and second sons, the youngest son’s family would never give her any money.

Yet, Old Lady Lin loved her youngest son the most. From a young age, everything of the best was reserved for him. After her sons had established their own families, the youngest son received the most from her. When her daughters-in-law had children, she loved Lin Jie, from the youngest son’s family, the most.

Old Lady Lin had always had the closest relationship with Lin Laoyao’s family, saving all the best for her beloved grandson, Lin Jie.

However, the youngest daughter-in-law never took care of Old Lady Lin. In fact, she even demanded Old Lady Lin to serve her, bringing her tea, fetching her water, and washing her clothes. Old Lady Lin was exceedingly kind to her.

When Mother Lin found out about this, she was deeply chilled. She realized that dealing with some elders was not about respect; such people were better off being ruthlessly suppressed.

Upon entering the room, Old Lady Lin’s wrinkled eyelids lifted, revealing a pair of cloudy eyes that darted around the room.

The red-brick house was spacious and well laid out. The location and Feng Shui were excellent; it was one of the best houses in the village.

As she looked around, she commented sarcastically, “You all live in such a luxurious house, no wonder you’ve been hiding it from us. As for the youngest family, don’t say too much. Today, you must have over my retirement money!”

Of course, Mother Lin would not give any money. They had never neglected their duties to respect and care for their mother-in-law. Even during difficult times, they never skimped on their filial duties. It was just that their family did not like to show off, and the mother-in-law was unwilling to remember the good deeds of the second family.

Now they wanted to use Gu Zi’s dowry to marry Lin Jie, this was absolutely impossible!

Mother Lin firmly stated, “This house belongs to Su Shen. We are only temporary residents. As for the retirement money, we can give it based on our own capabilities. But it’s not right to use Gu Zi’s dowry as retirement money. I don’t agree, and even if our second son comes back, he won’t agree either.”

She initially wanted to keep them calm, but if she didn’t assert herself now, they might start searching the house for money. It was better to make her stance clear.

While Mother Lin was not paying attention, Lin Jie went to check the doors of three rooms.

They were all locked!

Moreover, he noticed that they were all fitted with the latest anti-theft doors. The kind that automatically locked when closed, it was very high-end!

If he could get this house as his new home, wouldn’t his future father-in-law in town look at him with even more respect?

He made up his mina that when ne returned, ne would tell the old lady to demand the red-brick house for him.

Thinking about this, Lin Jie returned to Mother Lin and complained, “Grandma, Auntie is guarding against us. She knew we were coming, so she deliberately locked all the rooms. We are all family, I didn’t expect that we wouldn’t be allowed to enter the rooms in Auntie’s house.”

Seeing that all the doors were locked and the second daughter-in-law’s attitude was unprecedentedly firm, Mother Lin said irritably, “Open the door. Let me in to sit down first, I’m tired from standing. Go and make a pot of tea, we’ll talk when the second son comes back. I’m still here, you aren’t the master of the Lin family household.”

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Old Lady Lin no longer just wanted to take the money and leave, she had other plans for this house.

When the Lin family divided their property, the house she lived in was the best, and the one given to the youngest family was a bit inferior.

But even her own house couldn’t compare to this one. Today, she not only wanted to get the money, but also to talk to her second son. She wanted them to move to her place, and give up this house for her to live in.

Mother Lin stood still, “Mom, I don’t have the keys, I can’t open the door. The keys are with Li Hua.”

There were only two sets of keys in the house, one with Li Hua and the other with Lin Lao’er. Mother Lin really didn’t have any keys..

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