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Chapter 304: Xia Xi’s Shock

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Xia Xi’s originally icy face turned pale as well. Even if she was a third-tier Evolved Being, it was impossible to escape from the encirclement of so many second-tier savage wolves.

Ye Li smiled inwardly, wanting to see what choice Xia Xi would make before she died.

More than seventy savage wolves stared menacingly at Ye Li and Xia Xi. Their eyes were bloodshot, and their sharp teeth glistened.

Suddenly, one of the savage wolves pounced fiercely!

However, the target of this pouncing wolf was not Xia Xi but Ye Li.

Ye Li calmly watched the approaching savage wolf. This savage wolf, infected by the zombie virus, appeared much more ferocious than wolves on TV.

Unfortunately, as fierce as it was, it was only at the second-tier level. It didn’t know that it provoked the wrong person.

Just as Ye Li was about to easily pierce the pouncing wolf through, he was surprised to see the wolf being blasted away by a purple aura attack.

Ye Li was surprised.

The purple aura attack that sent the wolf flying was naturally Xia Xi’s attack.

Purple aura was unique to S-level gene warriors.

Ye Li looked at Xia Xi’s face, which remained as cold as ever.

He had never planned to let Xia Xi die. Now that Gu Bai and the three fifth-tier Evolved Beings had escaped, and the rest of the group had died.

Xia Xi might be their only source of information about the Dark Heart. Therefore, he couldn’t let Xia Xi die.

However, Ye Li never expected that when the savage wolf pounced on him, the usually frosty Xia Xi would take action.

Ye Li smiled faintly, thinking that if he were really just a first-tier Evolved Being, then Xia Xi had saved him once.


After the wolf was blasted away, the other wolves became furious and rushed toward Ye Li and Xia Xi.

However, Ye Li was already prepared to take action!

He raised his finger, and a terrifying golden aura enveloped it.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The golden aura, as if from a machine gun, swept out from Ye Li’s finger.

These savage wolves, only at the second-tier level, were no match for the attack of Ye Li’s One Yang Finger. They fell to the ground one after another, all killed in a single blow.

When Xia Xi witnessed this scene, her pupils couldn’t help but rapidly contract.

Golden aura… an SSS-level gene warrior!

She hadn’t even had time to see it clearly, and all the wolves were already dead.

Xia Xi’s face, which had been cold as ice, could no longer maintain its composure. She looked at Ye Li and saw that his face was calm as water, with an air of ease about him.

She had thought that Ye Li was truly just a first-tier Evolved Being, but she couldn’t have imagined that he was an SSS-level gene warrior.

Ye Li looked at Xia Xi, who was filled with astonishment, and calmly spoke, “Are you surprised that I saved your life?”

Xia Xi came back to her senses at his words. She stared at Ye Li for several seconds with a stunned expression before her surprised face returned to its cold and frosty state.

“Who are you?” Xia Xi asked coldly.

In her eyes, a person who appeared in the Falling Stone Mountain Range and pretended to be a first-tier Evolved Being was definitely up to something.

“I am called Ye Li,” Ye Li replied calmly.

Clearly, Xia Xi had never heard of Ye Li’s name.

“Why did you approach us while pretending to be a first-tier Evolved Being? What’s your purpose?” Xia Xi continued in a cold tone.

Ye Li smiled faintly and asked, “Is this how you usually speak to your benefactor?”

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