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Chapter 5

Killing to Send a Warning

Yang Shuwan felt as if she had been slapped in the face. Her face burned hotly as all of her unseemly thoughts were suddenly exposed and seen through. In that instant, she felt like she had nowhere to hide.

Actually, she had long found Zhi Zi and asked her about the exact details of how Jia Jia had fallen down already.

However, even if Yu Youyao hadn’t pushed Jia Jia on purpose, she still had something to do with the incident.

Both of them were Old Madam’s biological granddaughters. It wasn’t fair that she only cared to dote on Yu Youyao.

Yu Youyao had only been unconscious for one day and one night. Her Jia Jia had been in a coma for two days and two nights, almost burning her life away.

The Old Madam was too biased.

Soon, Zhi Zi was tied up by an older servant. She knelt on the ground with a thud and took the initiative to talk about the exact details of Yu Jianjia’s fall. She wept and begged for mercy, “It’s my fault. I failed to catch Young Miss in time. Please spare my life, Old Madam.”

The servants in the courtyard finally understood why the Old Madam was so angry.

Third Miss had fallen down because of her own carelessness, and the maidservant beside her had failed to stop her fall. Eldest Miss was blamed for no reason, even causing her to suffer and almost lose her life.

Eldest Miss was Old Madam’s most precious granddaughter. How could she possibly take this lying down?

“You allowed the servants in the Residence to gossip recklessly about their young mistress, harming her reputation. It’s obvious that you can’t manage this household well.”

Of course Old Madam Yu understood that Yang Shuwan was most likely the one who had spread the rumors in the residence.

However, these words were meant to save Yang Shuwan some face.

But as it turned out, Madam Yang was already thoroughly frightened. She quickly exclaimed, “Mother, I’ve learned my mistake…”

Old Madam Yu turned around and said to Nanny Liu, “Madam Yang is still young and naive. You should help her to manage the household from now on.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Shuwan felt like she had been struck by lightning.

Was Old Madam trying to take away her power as the household manager?

No, that would be unacceptable.

Nanny Liu was also stunned for a moment. Then, she reacted accordingly, lowering her head and replying, “Yes, Old Madam.”

Old Madam Yu swept her gaze over the people in the small courtyard. “Those servants did not abide by the rules. They gossiped about their masters and even deceived them. Each of them will be caned twenty times and then sold. All of you should watch carefully and remember their plights, so that you will learn from this.”

Everyone understood that the Old Madam was trying to send out a warning. She was using a different method to rebuke them. Instantly, they were filled with genuine fear and trepidation.

Madam Yang, in particular, was kneeling in front of the Old Madam, who did not even bother to look at her. The ground made of limestone was cold and hard. Within moments, her knees were hurting and stiff. Even her bones were freezing.

“I’m tired. Nanny Liu, help me back to my room.” Old Madam Yu looked exhausted.

As soon as they left the yard, the sound of the servants being struck with planks could be heard, as well as their wails of pain and cries for mercy.

Old Madam Yu sighed slightly. “Madam Yang is too unbecoming. I had originally planned to just reprimand her a little. If she were more sensible, she would have admitted her mistake obediently and I would not have pursued the matter further. However, she dared to try and fool me in front of the servants. Her mouth is full of lies and her words are full of excuses. She doesn’t show the slightest bit of respect as a daughter-in-law.”

Nanny Liu agreed completely.

Usually, Old Madam was magnanimous and never treated her daughter-in-law harshly. In any other family, if senior members of the family were lecturing their daughter-in-law, she was expected to only lower her head and listen obediently. There would be absolutely no room for her to give excuses.

Old Madam Yu did not look too well and her body was also s.h.i.+vering. It was worrying.

Nanny Liu changed the topic. “As the saying goes, one who survives a great disaster is bound to have good fortune in the future. Although Eldest Miss suffered this time, she seems to have become more sensible.”

However, this did not have its usual effect on Old Madam Yu. Usually, the moment her precious granddaughter was mentioned, her face would light up with happiness. Instead, she remained silent for a while before saying, “I heard that recently, the palace is releasing a batch of palace servants who have reached the mature age. Go and ask around. Yao Yao isn’t young anymore, so it’s inevitable that she would need a capable nanny by her side to guide her in learning some rules.”

Since the stepmother had so many schemes, she also had to start making plans for Yao Yao as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Yu Youyao was soundly asleep.

She dreamed of a white jade pool that was about the size of a fish tank in her grandmother’s house. Beside the pool, there was a flawless white jade tablet that stood tall. On it was engraved the Buddhist scriptures of Sanskrit. It was none other than the “Medicine Master and King of Lapis Lazuli Light”, also known as the “Sutra of the Medicine Buddha”.

Yu Youyao placed her palms together and recited one of the sutras. “May the body be clear as lapis lazuli, bright inside and out, clean of impurities, bright and boundless, majestic with virtue. May it live in peace, stay in good health.”

After she finished reciting, she was dazed.

Yu Youyao had seen these strange words in her grandmother’s house and knew that they were in Sanskrit. However, she had never learned them before, and did not recognize them at all.

However, she had indeed recognized that this was the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha and had even recited the sutra on the white jade tablet.

What was going on?

Yu Youyao knitted her brows and c.o.c.ked her head to the side, unable to think of a reason. Instead, she saw a white jade lotus suddenly emerge out of the white jade pool.

Its lotus leaves floated on the surface of the water, covering most of the white jade pool. They looked just like white jade, beautiful and flawless.

The lotus stem continued to stretch and grow. On top of it, there grew a small and exquisite blood red lotus bud. Yu Youyao watched it intently. The bud trembled slightly, then let out a soft “click” sound as the tightly shut bud gently stretched, one petal at a time, until all 36 petals bloomed fully. The fragrance of the lotus floated in the air and refreshed the mind.

Yu Youyao stared blankly at the lotus flower and its 36 petals. “Isn’t this the same blood red lotus flower that was on the child Buddha’s forehead?”

She had worn the jade pendant since she was young, and she remembered every detail on it clearly. Although this was bigger in size, it was exactly the same as the one on her jade pendant. She definitely remembered it correctly.

At this moment, the lotus swayed lightly, and a crystal clear dewdrop coagulated on a petal.

Yu Youyao looked on eagerly. She licked her lips, suddenly feeling a little thirsty. The dewdrop looked luscious and delicious to drink.

She reached out her hand to touch the lotus flower, then pressed the flower toward her and pushed her head forward. She stuck out her little tongue and tasted the dewdrop, licking it into her mouth.

She smacked her lips twice. Other than the fact that it was especially fragrant, there did not seem to be any other taste.

Feeling that it was getting hot, she swung her chubby little legs and at this, she woke up.

She was perspiring profusely and it was uncomfortable as her clothes were stuck to her body. She sniffed and smelled a disgusting stench that seemed to come from her.

Yu Youyao lowered her head and pouted, on the verge of crying. “Chun Xiao, my body stinks. I’ve become stinky Yao Yao.”

Coincidentally, Chun Xiao walked into the room at that moment, with the medicine that she had brewed. When she heard Yu Youyao, she was shocked. “Young Mistress, your throat has recovered?”

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