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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 5: Growing Up

Li Mei wanted to go forward and give this servant a lesson in knowing her place, but Tan Ming stopped her mother. She now had a family who loved her. She could not continue to be weak. She wanted to grow up, and she needed to grow up.

Tan Ming looked at Auntie Zhang coldly. “Auntie Zhang, this is my home. Do I have to call you first to ask for permission when I bring someone home?”

Auntie Zhang was secretly shocked. Why did Tan Ming, who had never retaliated, suddenly dare to talk to her like this? She, who had always had the upper hand, was determined not to be intimidated. “Young Madam, I’m just concerned about you. Madam specially sent me over to take care of you and Young Master. I have to report to Madam every night. If Madam finds out that you brought back some dubious people, I’m afraid it won’t be good.”

Auntie Zhang’s eyes were threatening. Tan Ming slowly took out her phone from her pocket and pressed a few b.u.t.tons. “Auntie Zhang, express what you just said again. I’ll record it here. When there’s a gathering at the old residence in a few days, I’ll take it to ask someone else’s wife. Is it that all the servants nowadays control their masters like this, or is it because only the servants of the Si family have more authority?”

Auntie Zhang’s eyes widened in anger. She wanted to say something but was afraid that she would really be recorded. The Si family cared about their reputation the most. Madam was naturally happy to see them bully Tan Ming in private. However, if she were to expose this, outsiders would only say that the Si family’s servants were not disciplined and bullied their master. Madam would skin her alive if she heard this rumor.

At the thought of this, Auntie Zhang could only glare fiercely at Tan Ming. Then, she took a rag and entered the kitchen.

Seeing the other party admit defeat, for the first time, Tan Ming felt overjoyed. She brought her mother to the bedroom.

Li Mei closed the door and looked at Tan Ming with heartache. “A servant dares to disrespect your authority. She’s really too much! If not for the fact that I’m afraid of exposing our family background and that the Si family will be like dogs that can’t be shaken off, I would have gone to the Si family today to tear them apart.”

Tan Ming held Li Mei’s shoulders and sat her down on the sofa. She smiled and comforted her mother. “It’ll be fine when we leave this place and stay away from them. There’s no need to waste time on their ident.i.ties.”

Li Mei nodded. “Hurry up and call that sc.u.mbag. It’s best if you can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau now.”

Tan Ming also wanted to resolve this quickly, so she called Si Cheng.

When the call was about to end, the other party picked up. The man’s impatient voice came from the receiver. “Speak!”

When Tan Ming saw Si Cheng’s att.i.tude, her heart still ached for a moment, but she quickly composed herself. “Let’s get a divorce. The Civil Affairs Bureau is still open now. Come and pick me up.”

Si Cheng could not believe Tan Ming’s sudden change in att.i.tude. When Tan Si heard the faint voice coming from the phone, she secretly rejoiced that Tan Ming knew what was good for her and voluntarily withdrew.

When Tan Si saw that Si Cheng did not reply immediately, she was a little anxious. She was worried that if Si Cheng changed his mind, her son would become an illegitimate child. That would not do!

Tan Si rolled her eyes and hissed softly. Si Cheng came back to his senses and saw Tan Si rubbing her stomach. He hurriedly asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? Where are you feeling unwell?”

Tan Si looked at Si Cheng with a blissful smile. “Our baby is kicking me.”

Si Cheng heaved a sigh of relief. He picked up his phone and replied, “I’m not that free. Take the marriage certificate and meet me at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

Of course, Tan Ming heard Tan Si’s deliberate voice. Si Cheng’s answer made her feel that the three years of effort she had put in was worse than raising a dog. At the very least, she would still see it wagging its tail in the three years. The warmth she once felt for him had completely dissipated.

After Si Cheng hung up, Tan Si said carefully, “Si Cheng, will you blame me for destroying your family? I really love you too much.”

Si Cheng pulled Tan Si into his arms and revealed a half-smile. “What are you thinking about? Without you, I wouldn’t be able to live with that woman.”

Recalling the scene back then, a look of disgust appeared on Si Cheng’s face.

Upon hearing Si Cheng’s words, Tan Si lowered her head and a smug smile appeared on her face. “Then hurry up and go do your work.”

Li Mei had to stay at home to take care of the children, so Tan Ming took a taxi alone.

There was no one else waiting in the office. The moment the two of them were there, they could settle it immediately.

The staff first did mediation, in accordance with the standard procedure. After realizing that the two of them were completely expressionless, he swallowed the words “Do you want to go back and think about it again?” and directly took out the divorce doc.u.ment for the two of them to sign.

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