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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 4: Indulgence

Seeing this, Li Mei quickly stepped forward and pulled Tan Ming into her arms. She wailed again. Recalling the information sent over by her secretary just now, she could not forgive herself for taking so long to find her daughter. “My poor An’an, it’s all Mom’s fault. It’s Mom’s fault that you suffered so much because I wasn’t by your side!”

Her mother’s warm embrace and comforting words tugged at Tan Ming’s heartstrings. Her pain from the grievances that she had endured from the Tan and Si families overwhelmed her like a flood at this moment, and tears flowed uncontrollably.

This scene made the hearts of the Jiang family’s men ache. A few minutes pa.s.sed, but Li Mei was still very emotional. Her body even twitched.

Jiang Hai rushed forward to comfort her. “Wifey, we’ve found An’an. It’s fine now. Don’t be too emotional. An’an is still waiting for us to seek justice for her.”

Tan Ming was shocked and asked in concern, “Mom, are you alright?”

Hearing her call her “Mom” warmed Li Mei’s heart. After listening to her husband’s words, Li Mei gradually controlled her emotions. “Mom is fine. Don’t worry.”

Jiang Hai sighed softly and said, “Because we couldn’t find you, your mother always couldn’t sleep. As time pa.s.sed, her body’s immunity deteriorated and many health problems arose.”

This was the first time Tan Ming felt such kins.h.i.+p. She was very touched. “Dad, Mom, thank you for not giving up on me all these years.”

Jiang Hai patted Tan Ming’s head lovingly. “Silly child, we are a family. Back then, I named you Jiang An because I wanted you to be safe and sound. Although you have been missing for so many years, it’s a good thing that you held on till our family could reunite.”

Tan Ming felt her parents’ love. She turned around and saw a tall and handsome man in a suit standing beside her parents. Her heart skipped a beat and she could roughly guess the other party’s ident.i.ty.

When Jiang Yan saw his sister’s gaze, he took the initiative to step forward and introduce himself with a smile, just like when he first saw his baby sister when he was young.

Tan Ming glanced at everyone and called them one by one. Everyone was delighted to hear that.

Li Mei wiped her tears happily. Although she was worried that Tan Ming would still miss her adoptive parents, she still suppressed her nervousness and asked, “An’an, when you’re discharged, can you come back to Jingdu City with Mom and Dad?”

Tan Ming was stunned for a moment. She had only just signed the divorce agreement with Si Cheng and had yet to get the divorce certificate. She had to settle this matter before she could leave. “Mom, I plan to divorce the children’s father, so I have to stay for a while longer.”

Other than the Jiang couple, everyone else was shocked by Tan Ming’s words. Jiang Hai took the opportunity to briefly explain what he had found out.

When Jiang Xun heard that, his temper immediately flared up. “Sister, don’t be afraid. It’s good that you’re divorced. Come home and stay with us. We’ll take care of you for the rest of your life! If he dares to delay the divorce, I’ll beat him to death!”

Tan Ming smiled bitterly and said, “He can’t wait to divorce me at the Civil Affairs Bureau as soon as he can. He won’t waste time.”

When Li Mei was reading the information previously, she hated Si Cheng so much and gritted her teeth in hatred. How dare a small family like his mistreat her daughter? “He’s the one who’s blind! It’s good that you’re divorced from him. Sea City is so far away. It’s not easy for Dad and Mom to come see you. When we return to Jingdu City, Dad and Mom will introduce you to someone better. If you don’t like him, just like your second brother said, our Jiang family will take care of you ourselves.”

This was the first time Tan Ming felt protected. She smiled and enjoyed her family’s care.

The first month after a woman gave birth was the most important. Tan Ming had already planned to be self-reliant, but because of the arrival of her biological parents, she would be treated like a princess who could get whatever she wanted.

She stayed in the hospital for a week. After Jiang Ling repeatedly expressed that Tan Ming was fine, Li Mei finally agreed to let her daughter be discharged.

The Jiang father and sons had work to do and returned to Jingdu City first. Li Mei stayed in Sea City to take care of Tan Ming and keep an eye on the progress of the divorce settlements.

Tan Ming brought her mother home.

After Si Cheng recovered, in order to make it easier for him to get to work, he brought Tan Ming to live in a large apartment in the city. He also brought over a servant from his old residence.

Auntie Zhang glanced at Tan Ming when she saw her coming back. At first, she was too lazy to pay attention to her, but when she saw the person behind Tan Ming, she took a few more glances.

Realizing that the other party was dressed in ordinary clothes that weren’t even branded, Auntie Zhang frowned, without bothering to hide it. “Young Madam, why are you bringing any sort of person back?!”

Previously, she had only read about Tan Ming’s experiences over the years in the doc.u.ments. Now, Li Mei truly experienced how Tan Ming was treated in the Si family. Without the support of her family, as a wife who was forced to wed as an attempt to change the luck of the sickly man, she had no dignity at all. Even the servant dared to criticize her, the mistress of the house.

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