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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 14: Chasing the Entertainment Circle Dream

The Jiang family was also very supportive of Tan Ming chasing her dream of entering the entertainment industry. With the support of her family, Tan Ming decided to finally live for herself. “Alright, I’ll join Third Brother!”

After the matter was confirmed, the opening of the shop was naturally postponed. Tan Ming spent the next three days replenis.h.i.+ng her knowledge of wilderness survival.

In order not to expose Tan Ming’s relations.h.i.+p with the Jiang family, Jiang Huai used the name of the variety show to hold a fan group lottery and secretly gave the spot to Tan Ming.

Soon, it was the day of filming. The director used a live broadcast.

Because of the good work maintaining confidentiality, everyone only knew the celebrities who were partic.i.p.ating, but they didn’t know the partners of the celebrities. Even Jiang Huai’s true fans only knew the names of the fans on the winning list.

There were a total of six episodes of the program, and the guests for each episode were different. The live broadcast was scheduled for the weekend. Every day, the live broadcast would start at 7 a.m. and last until 9 p.m.

That was because the previous show was very popular. Other than fans, it also attracted many pa.s.sersby to watch it too.

There were a total of five groups of guests. Director Han asked everyone to gather at the pier by the sea. Jiang Huai and Tan Ming were the last group to arrive. When Tan Si and w.a.n.g Li saw Tan Ming, their eyes widened. However, remembering that this was a live broadcast, Tan Si secretly pulled w.a.n.g Li. The two of them controlled their emotions and could only pretend that nothing had happened.

At this moment, all the guests who were partic.i.p.ating in the show had arrived. Everyone started to introduce themselves. Other than Jiang Huai and Tan Si’s two groups, the other three groups were singers and celebrities, Yuan Jing, who was leading his younger brother, Yuan Shao, who was an 18th-tier actor. The actor, Bai Ling, was leading her agent, Lu Ting. The famous entertainment hosts, husband-and-wife duo, Zhou Yan and Hou Li.

The production team began to issue the first mission. They placed the card and an envelope on the table in front of everyone.

Of course, Tan Si would not miss such an opportunity to show her face. She hurriedly took the first step and picked up the mission card. After seeing all the cameras on her, she said, “Welcome to ‘Bring XX to the Wilderness’. Our first stop is a small island with ‘beautiful scenery’. Please board the s.h.i.+p immediately and head to our destination. Wis.h.i.+ng everyone a pleasant journey!”

There were many islands around Sea City. In order to stimulate the audience and keep their attention, Director Han deliberately chose an uninhabited deserted island. Other than the production team, no one knew about it.

Everyone boarded the yacht in two batches. Tan Si and the host were in the same boat. As the host was better at livening up the atmosphere, Tan Si was very cooperative with the intention of increasing her own popularity. She continued to maintain her gentle and pleasant persona.

The people on the other boat included Jiang Huai, Tan Ming, and the sports star, Bai Ling. As they were not familiar with each other, everyone fell silent after greeting each other.

The fans in Jiang Huai’s live-stream flooded the screen.

“To be honest, it’s like I’m watching myself in a state of social anxiety!”

“Hahaha, it’s so relatable. When I partic.i.p.ated in a tour group, the entire journey was so awkward that I practically dug out a big villa in my shoes with my toes!”

“My Brother Huai is either on the path of being vicious or silent.”

“Hehe, Jiang Huai, if you don’t know how to speak, just say so. It’s really funny that your fans even want to spam this live-stream!”

“The comments above, don’t think that I don’t know whose family you belong to. Your Tan Si is a two-faced person. Of course they don’t understand our Brother Huai’s straightforward personality.”

When Tan Si first entered the entertainment industry, she acted as the supporting actress in a drama starring Jiang Huai. However, the two of them did not have any scenes alone. However, with Tan Si’s hype, she managed to cut out a few scenes of the two of them looking at each other inadvertently. She found a marketing account to hype up the two of them, which disgusted Jiang Huai’s fans.

In the end, Tan Si came out and said that the marketing account had read too much into it and clarified that she and Jiang Huai were just ordinary colleagues. She successfully made her fans believe that Tan Si was too innocent and was targeted by the marketing account to spread rumors. Hence, she started a war with Jiang Huai’s fans. A portion of casual viewers also thought that Tan Si did not know she was maliciously marketed, so she gained another group of fans.

Therefore, the two families had a grudge against each other. The people from both sides were arguing with each other happily in the live-stream.

Jiang Huai took out his phone and entered the live-stream room to see the fans’ comments. When he realized that Tan Si’s people had come to cause trouble, he frowned slightly and said to the camera that was filming him, “Don’t look at those you can’t stand. No one in their right mind comes here to get scolded.”

Tan Ming turned around to take a look.

When the fans in the live-stream heard this, they gained strength to fight back. The screen was filled with “Brother Huai is mighty!”

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