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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 13: Entertainment Company

Jiang Huai saw that the atmosphere at home was peaceful and his parents were in a very good mood. He raised his eyebrows and prepared to bring up a recurring heavy topic.

“Dad, Mom, I really thought it through when I said I wanted to open an entertainment company last time. I really like this industry. Just let me do it.”

It wasn’t that Jiang Huai didn’t have the money to open a company, but if he dared to open a company, his father would also dare to make him close down in minutes, so he could only get his parents’ approval first.

Jiang Hai was afraid that his usual style of lecturing would scare his daughter. He only rolled his eyes at Jiang Huai and said angrily, “You don’t care about the company at home at all. You just fool around in the entertainment industry all day long and still have the cheek to mention opening an entertainment company to me!”

Tan Ming looked to her left and right. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare to interrupt.

It was rare for Jiang Huai to see his father not reprimanding him. He deduced the reason for that, and naturally could not let go of such a good opportunity. Hence, he continued to persuade Jiang Hai of his plan.

After a few rounds of being rejected, Jiang Huai was naturally defeated. When Tan Ming saw Jiang Huai sitting at the side unhappily, she could not help but remember her past. When she had filled in her university application wis.h.i.+ng to take her favorite acting course, it was unfortunately forcefully tampered with by the Tan family later on, who were afraid that she would steal Tan Si’s limelight.

Tan Ming didn’t have much contact with Jiang Hai, so she was still a little nervous when facing her father. She swallowed her saliva and mustered her courage to say, “Dad, I’ll learn the business of the Jiang Corporation well. It’s not a bad idea for Third Brother to try out in the industry he likes. Moreover, the entertainment industry is developing very rapidly now. It is also a promising field.”

The Jiang couple looked at each other. Jiang Hai’s serious expression towards his sons changed when he heard that. His face was filled with amiability. He looked at Tan Ming and said gently, “An’an, do you like this industry too? Then I’ll open a company for you.”

Jiang Huai widened his eyes and looked at his father. “Dad, you have double standards!”

After reprimanding him, Jiang Huai’s nimble mind started to get crazy ideas. Then, he smiled ingratiatingly. “Dad, then just let me open a company too. I’ll pay for Sister’s company!”

Tan Ming also hurriedly said, “Dad, I didn’t want to open an entertainment company. I just thought of my dream of being an actor once.”

Tan Ming told them about how her university major had been tampered with by the Tan family. She lowered her eyes slightly to hide her sadness and said in a low voice, “It’s really a pity that I can’t do what I like. Besides, my brother has been in this industry for so many years, but he still loves it so much. I believe that he didn’t choose to be a celebrity on impulse. He must have deep feelings for this industry, so his regrets will be even greater.”

Tan Ming was speaking up for Jiang Huai, but everyone’s attention was on the unfair treatment that Tan Ming had received.

When Li Mei heard this, she was furious. “I should have slapped that woman a few more times that day!”

Jiang Yan frowned. “I’ve been collecting evidence of the Tan family abusing An’an. I wanted to be merciful and let the Tan family go, but now it seems that there’s no need. I have to investigate the Tan family’s company and eliminate them completely. They won’t be able to even think about making a comeback in this century.”

Jiang Xun sneered. “Go ahead and investigate on your side. I’ll find someone to sentence to death.”

Jiang Huai snorted. “Isn’t Tan Si also in the entertainment industry? Let’s start with her first.”

Tan Ming knew that her family wanted to make up for their feelings for her for so many years. Every time this happened, she would feel so grateful that she felt that perhaps her hards.h.i.+ps earlier on were to let her feel twice as much kins.h.i.+p now.

Tan Ming changed the topic and asked tentatively, “Dad, what about Third Brother’s company?”

As a father, Jiang Hai was a little tyrannical. Although he allowed his three sons to do what they liked, at first, he used the excuse of cutting off their source of income, hoping to force them to go home and inherit the family a.s.sets. Later on, he had no choice but to completely sc.r.a.p that plan. Now that he heard Tan Ming’s words, he couldn’t help but reflect on himself.

Jiang Hai finally relented. “On account of your sister, I can agree to you opening a company outside.”

Jiang Huai was instantly revived. “Thank you, Dad! Thank you, Sister!”

Tan Ming was also happy that Jiang Huai got what he wanted. “Congratulations, Brother. In the end, Dad only agreed because he didn’t want you to have any regrets. I just mentioned it.”

Jiang Huai had a variety show scheduled that he wanted to postpone. He was fully focused on preparing for his next movie, but now that he knew about Tan Ming’s dream of being an actor, he changed his mind. “An’an, Third Brother will bring you to film a variety show. Since you want to act, we’ll use this as a platform to make yourself known first so that you can take on roles later.”

When Tan Ming heard this suggestion, it would be a lie if she wasn’t tempted. Li Mei also egged her on from the side. “That’s good. Mommy won’t be at ease if you enter the industry alone. You can ask your third brother to take care of you. I’ll bring the confinement nanny to take care of the babies and mix in with the staff. You can just feed the babies when you’re resting.”

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