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After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

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Chapter 2


She resigned herself and accepted the call. A loud voice immediately rang out from the other end. “Boss! You here yet? Are you home yet? Did your real parents treat you well? Were you bullied?”

She was instantly bombarded with questions.

Lu Ning was used to this. She chuckled, but still replied earnestly, “I just got off the plane, I’m not home yet.”

She was standing at the waiting area outside the airport when, in the next moment, she saw a familiar car drive past her.

That was the Lù family’s car.

She knew that after they had swapped, the real young lady of the Lù family had been taken overseas by her biological parents for a holiday—and she was also returning today. This was also the reason why Old Zhu had called her to pick her up.

Lu Ning was a little out of it, but she was jolted back to reality by the unrestrained wails and howls coming from the phone.

“How can you be so heartless! You just left and you’re already ignoring me! Boss…”


Lu Ning rubbed her throbbing temples and quickly said, “I’m not ignoring you, I’m just looking at something.”

She was afraid that if she did not speak up, she would be sent away with a howl.

The other party paused when he heard her. “Boss, call us if you’re bullied at your new home! We’ll get rid of anyone in our way and rush over to support you!”


After responding, she immediately hung up.

If she allowed him to continue asking questions, she would probably end up wasting all her time here.

The words which Gu Zi just mentioned echoed in Lu Ning’s mind, and images of her biological parents appeared before her eyes.

It was not the first time she had seen them, but from now on she would be interacting with them under a different ident.i.ty. Lu Ning still felt a little uneasy.

There had been too much change in the past two months. Nevertheless, she was not afraid of a little trouble. Since she was here, she would take things as they came; there was nothing to be afraid of.

A black sedan came to a stop in front of Lu Ning. A young man in a suit got out of the driver’s seat and looked at Lu Ning, flas.h.i.+ng a service smile.

“May I ask if you are Miss Lu Ning? I’m Xiao Zou, a driver from Tujing Premier Taxis. Mr. Lu had requested for me to pick you up.”

With that, he made clear the reason he was here. Lu Ning looked at him, glanced at the logo on the car, and nodded. She had thought it might have been a taxi which her biological father had arranged for her.

Xiao Zou very courteously helped Lu Ning load her suitcase into the car, while Lu Ning opened the door and got in.


When he had driven past earlier, Old Zhu clearly saw that it was Lu Ning standing at the airport entrance.

He glanced over at the backseat.

s.h.i.+ Qingyue held Lù Yue’an’s hand while saying something. Both mother and daughter looked quite happy, and Lù Chuan would also respond to them from time to time. It seemed like a heartwarming scene of a family of three.

Old Zhu thought for a moment but did not say anything. He looked at the road ahead and drove silently, though inwardly he felt immeasurably sorry for Lu Ning.

He had chauffeured Lu Ning for so many years, but not once had he seen Lu Ning being treated as warmly as this.

The Lù family’s parents had never accompanied Lu Ning much since she was young. However, after finding their biological daughter and being reprimanded by the Old Master—coupled with their guilt of so many years—they treated their biological daughter who had just arrived better than anything. Yet, they never stopped to think that Lu Ning was the one who was always being hurt, nor was their compensation directed towards Lu Ning; n.o.body had bothered to ask about her psychological damage, and so the damage remained.

Granted, now that Lù Ning had become Lu Ning, she was no longer their responsibility.

However, people like him, who had watched Lu Ning grow up, did not come to accept this so quickly.

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