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Absolute Resonance

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A torpedo-like spear barreled onwards through the air, explosions of resonant power propelling it even faster as it flew on, straight and true.

Jing Taixu’s Wind Demon’s Wrath.

While the moth in Ao Bai’s eyes was still disoriented, the spear landed square in the center of the area that Sun Dasheng had opened up for them, where the silver dragon scales were more scarce.

Wind Demon’s Wrath took the work a step further, scouring the remaining scales clean off with its abrasive energy. All that remained now was a clean, silvery layer underneath, a resilient, final layer of protection that looked to be weaved out of countless silver threads.

Ao Bai’s quasi General Stage-strength defensive dragon-general resonance art was indeed a tall challenge for the four of them to take down.

But there was still Li Luo’s attack left.

The wheel of watery knives sparkled as if it were crystal, beautiful and deadly.

Reworked into its current form, the tiger-general resonance art was probably as strong as any low grade dragon-general resonance art!

It slammed into Ao Bai’s chest with a satisfying crunch.


The serration struggled to break past the last line of defense, cutting through the stubborn, silver threads one by one.

Ao Bai sensed the danger and bellowed. Silver light exploded across his body, activating the scales covering the unharmed parts of his armor. They also dissolved into silver light and converged at the vulnerable point that was being attacked.

“Lu Ming!”

Li Luo was delighted at this turn of events. He had managed to force all of Dragon’s Bulwark to one single spot, leaving the rest of Ao Bai’s body vulnerable. Without the protection of the silver dragon scales, it was time to strike.

At Li Luo’s cry, a silhouette rose up behind Ao Bai.

Lu Ming had been carefully preparing for this moment, although she had privately doubted whether the moment would ever arise. She had doubted Li Luo could overcome the gap between them and a quasi General Stage cultivator.

It was a challenge that demanded power, not just a clever presence of mind in battle that Li Luo had shown as his greatest strength so far.

And again she had been proven wrong. Li Luo’s attack was stronger than anything he had ever shown them before!

“This guy can modify resonance arts…? That’s some scary talent,” she thought to herself. As a dual resonance user herself, she too had dabbled in mixing different powers in ways that others had yet to experiment with. She understood the power potential that lay in that aspect, but Li Luo’s creation was truly inspirational.

He had all but created a new resonance art for himself.

As surprised as she was, Lu Ming did not miss the opportunity by even a beat. The moment Li Luo created the opening, she was pouncing as quickly as a cat, appearing on Ao Bai’s right side.

Her slim fingers were crackling with electricity as she jabbed a hand to clutch at Ao Bai’s throat.

If she managed to land the hold, she could electrocute the moth into powder.

Sensing danger, the moth beat its wings violently and desperately. A spurt of blood flew out from Ao Bai’s eyes and landed on Lu Ming’s hand.


The blood smothered out the electricity instantly, neutralizing the attack and eating away at Lu Ming’s hand. It was clearly destructive.

The moth’s own ability to attack came as a surprise to Li Luo and Jing Taixu, and their hearts sank upon seeing the attack fizzle. If Lu Ming was injured, then their entire plan would have come to naught.


Lu Ming wavered and then vanished.

An illusion!

Li Luo and Jing Taixu’s eyes widened as one.

Lu Ming was truly the soul of caution. With this additional step, she had cheated out the moth’s final defense!


At the same time, another figure appeared on Ao Bai’s left. Crossing two fingers, she landed a precise dab onto Ao Bai’s temple.


The electrical energy ripped through Ao Bai’s head, rocking it backwards. His eyes started to hiss, and they could see the moth flying haphazardly within, banging against the sides of the head as the electric power began to wrap around it.

Although the moth had controlling powers, it was weak by itself, and helpless against this direct attack.

A few moments later, it sizzled into a fine, red powder that trickled out of Ao Bai’s eyes.

Lu Ming sprang back, her beautiful eyes watching Ao Bai carefully.

Li Luo and Jing Taixu held similarly cautious stands.

Ao Bai coughed up blood, and his face suddenly turned pale.

“I’ve… troubled you guys,” he said hoa.r.s.ely.

The attackers heaved sighs of relief, including the injured Sun Dasheng, who was still recuperating. They were glad to have Ao Bai back with them.

It was Li Luo who spoke up. “Senior Ao Bai, this was not your fault. That moth was too strong, and there was nothing we could have done about it. But just in case, I suggest you don’t move around just yet. Just gather your strength there.”

Ao Bai managed a weak smile. “That prudence is my only option, Junior Li Luo. Don’t worry, my resonant power is completely spent, and I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.”

Although he had been under control, he had watched Li Luo and the others fight to take him down. He knew that it had been a hard-fought victory, and they were be almost as tired as he was.

Jing Taixu, Sun Dasheng, and Lu Ming nodded wordlessly, approving of Li Luo’s prudence.

“There are three more cleansing dew points to be set. I’ll have to leave it to you four,” Ao Bai said, struggling to a sitting position and stowing his trident.

“Just wait for our good news,” Li Luo rea.s.sured him cheerfully. Throwing a look to the other three, the four of them regrouped, giving Ao Bai a wide berth, and then hastened on to the next point.


High on the tower, a crimson-clad figure whirled around in surprise.

“The ghost moth’s been destroyed? Those four Resonant Master kids took down a quasi General? Truly elites, these kids are. Full of surprises,” he murmured to himself.

He smirked for a moment, then turned back to watch the Bloodtailed Other’s fight.

“Just as well, it’s about time anyway.

“Any longer and those eight Heavenly Pearl kids won’t last.”

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