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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Lu Boyan would never be with Han Ruoxi, or they should have been lovers and even couples for many years. Just because Lu Boyan had no feeling for her, they only had an affair between them.

That was what Su Jianan meant.

Han Ruoxi admitted that Su Jianan’s words triggered pain in her heart. A chill flashed within her beautiful eyes, and her hands, which were hanging on her side, were slowly clenched into fists and then slowly unclenched.

For so many years, in order to be with Lu Boyan, she really did her best.

Because she had known that there would not be any other woman around Lu Boyan, she had cleverly approached him at a moderate way, which was enough for everyone to misunderstand that they were very intimate but would not arouse Lu Boyan’s disgust. In this way, she could permeate Lu Boyan’s life for a long time.

Just as she had expected, the major media all alleged that she was Lu Boyan’s girlfriend and that she would become Mrs. President of Lu Enterprises. When she had contracts with others and became the spokeswoman of some brands, the big bosses dared not to have any improper thoughts on her but wanted to please Lu Boyan through her.

She once thought that one day, Lu Boyan and she would have a happy ending.

However, he suddenly got married.

At first, she thought that it didn’t matter as there were no authentic feelings between Lu Boyan and Su Jianan, so, she still had a chance.

However, Su Jianan didn’t seem to be as simple as she imagined. Su Jianan, a seemingly aloof woman, was even far prouder and stubborner than her.

Han Ruoxi thought it was ok since the compet.i.tion between them would be more interesting and attractive if they were evenly matched.

“Xuanxuan.” Han Ruoxi put on her sungla.s.ses and said, “We’d better not disturb Mrs. Lu for half a year has pa.s.sed. We should do good things without taking up the time that she can be called as Mrs. Lu. Su Jianan, we don’t necessarily need to quarrel here. I will never give up Lu Boyan, and you should be careful.”

Su Jianan smiled calmly. “Come on then.”

Han Ruoxi sneered and was obviously confident. She turned away from the clothing store.

“Tsk-tsk.” Luo Xiaoxi patted Su Jianan’s shoulder with amazement. “I didn’t know that you can be so fierce. In the entertainment circle, even the big directors have to somewhat respect Han Ruoxi. You really decided to compete with her for Lu Boyan?”

“Why not?” Su Jianan said, “just because she is a superstar and even some famous directors have to give precedence to her, I should surrender and give up husband? Am I a fool?”

“But now you’re in a disadvantaged situation.” Luo Xiaoxi was very anxious. “Boss Lu and you are in a cold war, and if Han Ruoxi intentionally entices Boss Lu now, then…”

“Am I at a disadvantage?” Su Jianan put back the pajamas picked by Luo Xiaoxi and took a black s.e.xy one directly. “I live together with Lu Boyan in the same house, and our rooms are less than ten meters apart. We meet every morning and evening, and we have a marriage certificate. Now everyone knows that I am Mrs. Lu… obviously, I have more advantages.”

Luo Xiaoxi showed a stupefied look and stared at the s.e.xy pajamas in Su Jianan’s hands before signing with amazement. “Jianan, you are so desperate!”

Su Jianan ground her teeth and took the pajamas to pay for it.

When they left the mall, they carried many big and small bags in their hands. Luo Xiaoxi told Su Jianan to wait for her on the side of the road while she went to the parking lot to drive her car out.

The sun was bright, so, Su Jianan went to a patch of shade and soon saw Luo Xiaoxi drive her red Ferrari out. She put the bags in the trunk and then sat on the pa.s.senger’s seat. “Let’s go…”

The car swayed violently with a cras.h.i.+ng sound before she could finish her words. Due to inertia, she was pushed forward by the force and almost fell from her seat, getting her forehead b.u.mped onto the car heavily…

She felt so dizzy that she could see the stars in the day, and worse still, the elbow of her right hand was in pain.

“Jianan!” Luo Xiaoxi was so scared that her face blanched, and she unfastened her seatbelt to hold Su Jianan’s shoulder. “Did you get hurt?”

Su Jianan raised her hand and gestured Luo Xiaoxi not to touch her. She supported her right hand with her left hand and could barely sit straight. There was a bruise on her forehead, but she still answered, “Nothing, I didn’t get my bones broken.”

“No, you got injured!”

Luo Xiaoxi rushed out of the car angrily and found that behind her car was Chen Xuanxuan’s car. Chen Xuanxuan sat in the driver’s seat and looked at her with a triumphant expression. “I just want to test which one is better on crashworthiness between my Lamborghini and your Ferrari. Oh, be at ease, I will be responsible for your repair costs.”

“Did you know that Jianan had not worn a seatbelt yet when you crashed our car with your car?” Luo Xiaoxi shouted like an angry lion with anger burning in her eyes. “Chen Xuanxuan, about this accident, this isn’t over.”

Chen Xuanxuan did not expect that Su Jianan would get injured, and her face turned pale at once. She wanted to say something, but Luo Xiaoxi had turned away.

The moment Luo Xiaoxi got on the car, she fastened Su Jianan’s seatbelt and said, “Hold on for a moment, and I will take you to the hospital.”

She started the car, and the red Ferrari ran at a high speed in the traffic like a flexible dragon.

Luo Xiaoxi pondered for a moment before she asked Su Jianan, “Do we need to call Lu Boyan?”

“No.” Su Jianan held her right hand, and her face was already pale with pain. “My injury is not serious, and he is very busy, so, forget it.”

Then, Luo Xiaoxi gave up the idea of calling Lu Boyan and drove Su Jianan to the hospital with the fastest speed.

There were not many patients in the costly private hospital Su Jianan went. She had come here twice, so, the president and several doctors of the hospital recognized her. Seeing that she looked pale, they quickly arranged an examination for her.

Chen Xuanxuan followed Luo Xiaoxi to the hospital, and when she saw Su Jianan actually enter the hospital, she began to feel fearful. She called Han Ruoxi in a panic and told her the whole thing. “I didn’t expect that Su Jianan hadn’t worn a seatbelt, and I just wanted to vent my anger. I never thought that I would hurt her.”

“Well, things have already happened. Don’t be panic,” Han Ruoxi said, “I’m now at Lu Enterprises, so I can help you sound out Lu Boyan. You’d better go to apologize to Su Jianan. If she forgives you, you’ll be fine.”

Hanging up the phone, Han Ruoxi just came out of the elevator and went straight to Lu Boyan’s office.

Daisy stood up from her seat and signaled Han Ruoxi to stop. “Sorry, Miss Han, Boss Lu is busy now.”

Han Ruoxi raised her big black sungla.s.ses and said, “Tell him that I’m here.”

Daisy called and informed Lu Boyan of Han Ruoxi’s arrival, and Lu Boyan told her to let Han Ruoxi in.

“Can you tell your secretary not to stop me every time?” Han Ruoxi sat in front of Lu Boyan’s desk and said both seriously and jokingly. “Our time is very precious. You can earn millions in minutes, and I can earn six hundred thousand yuan per minute by attending commercial activities.”

“This is a rule. Sometimes, it is inconvenient for me to let you in directly.” Lu Boyan closed the doc.u.ment and continued, “Why did you come here to look for me?”

Han Ruoxi observed Lu Boyan’s expression and guessed that he didn’t know Su Jianan was hurt yet, so, she didn’t mention it but just said, “My contract with the company is about to expire…”

“You can talk about renewing the contract with our manager,” Lu Boyan said, “whatever you ask for, we will try our best to satisfy you.”

“Many managers of brokerage companies are talking about signing a contract with me.” Han Ruoxi played with her sungla.s.ses in her hands. “You also know how much value I can bring to the company. Can’t you say some words to retain me?” she asked in a threatening tone both seriously and causally.

Lu Boyan just smiled and said, “No matter what conditions other companies have given you, Lu Enterprises will only give you better ones. You have a well-established team in Lu Enterprises. Signing a new company means that you have to reestablish a group, and you should know clearly what you will be confronted with. Ruoxi, I always regard you as a smart person.”

“You already knew that I would renew my contract with the company.” The pride on the corner of Han Ruoxi’s lips gradually changed into self-mockery and helplessness.

“If it is not your expectation, the company won’t force you. When your contract expires, it means you are free and have rights to choose,” Lu Boyan said.

He was not afraid of her leaving the company. Even if she was gone, he could cultivate a lot of superstars like her… Han Ruoxi’s voice was slightly lower. “If I choose to leave, will our relations.h.i.+p change?”

“No.” Lu Boyan’s voice was faint. “We have cooperated with each other for so many years, so, our relations.h.i.+p as friends won’t be broken just because of such a negligible thing.”


Han Ruoxi carefully digested the word and then smiled bitterly.

Lu Boyan reminded her that they were only friends from the beginning to the end, and she understood what he meant.

During these years, she had been making up the illusion of their intimacy alone. They even hadn’t joined their hands together.

However, Su Jianan gradually overtook her and then became his wife, enjoying everything about him.

She was not reconciled to that.

At this time, Lu Boyan’s cellphone rang, and the phone was called by Su Yicheng.

Su Yicheng and he met more because of official business, so the conversations between them were almost in business occasions. They rarely talked on the phone in private time, unless… it was because of Su Jianan.

Lu Boyan answered the phone with doubts. Su Yicheng also suppressed his voice of anger. “Are the chain restaurants of the Chen Family found to be substandard in sanitation and disinfection?”

“Yes.” Lu Boyan frowned. “But the problems were not serious. The Chen Family paid bribes to the media and related inst.i.tutions ahead of time, so, the news was not disclosed. Why did you suddenly ask about this?”

“Nothing.” Su Yicheng smiled. “It’s just that the restaurant industry is a bit peaceful recently. I want to see a lively scene.”

Su Yicheng was not such a leisure person. In other words, Su Yicheng had no reason to do the thing which would make him an enemy of the Chen Family.

Lu Boyan had a presentiment. “What happened?”

“… Chen Xuanxuan crashed into Jianan’s car with her own car, and Jianan is still in the hospital now.”

Lu Boyan’s eyes were cold. He hung up the phone and stood up from his seat. Han Ruoxi had already guessed that he knew something. She dragged him while saying, “Boyan, Xuanxuan didn’t mean to hurt Su Jianan. She didn’t know that Su Jianan had not worn a seatbelt, please don’t …”

“You know that Jianan was injured before you came in?” Lu Boyan fixed his cold eyes on Han Ruoxi. “Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“I…” Han Ruoxi said, “I come to negotiate with you about renewing the contract.”

“The manager will talk to you. Don’t come to ask me about the affairs on work in the future.”

When the final words fell coldly, Lu Boyan had disappeared from the office. Han Ruoxi looked his back, and her hands gradually clenched into fists…

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