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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Occasionally, Su Jianan was willing to return to this home because she could still find traces of her mother’s life in the room where she had lived.

But they could only be found in this room. As soon as Jiang Xueli entered the house nine years ago, she changed the furniture and every decoration her mother bought. Fifteen-year-old Su Jianan stubbornly guarded the room, refusing to let anyone touch anything in it. As a result, Jiang Xueli slapped her in the face and she unceremoniously bit Jiang Xueli’s arm, leaving a bruise on it.

At last, Su Hongyuan compromised and moved to another room with Jiang Xueli. And this room was retained.

Back in the room, Su Jianan felt her mother still by her side. It seemed that as long as she stretched out her hand, it would be held by her mother’s soft and warm hands.

But the dusty furniture told her cruelly that she had lost her mother for a long, long time.

Su Jianan rolled up her sleeves and fetched a basin of clear water, carefully sweeping the room.

Unconsciously, it was nearly noon. With Su Jianan did the cleaning, the dusty room became bright and clean.

Su Jianan felt better now. Walking out of the room, she happened to see Su Yuanyuan gallop past the door and stop in front of Lu Boyan, who had just gone upstairs.

“Brother-in-law!” Delicate naked makeup and well-arranged chestnut hair made Su Yuanyuan look particularly pure and charming. “I like the necklace you sent to me, thank you!” she said.

She stroked the expensive necklace around her neck and her joy almost spilt out of her bright smile.

Lu Boyan replied insipidly, “You’re welcome.”

“What are you doing up here? There’s nothing to see on the second floor.” Su Yuanyuan grasped Lu Boyan’s arm involuntary and added, “Let’s go downstairs together and let mom and dad look at the necklace you sent to me!”

Lu Boyan frowned and wanted to shake off Su Yuanyuan’s hands. Su Yuanyuan, however, let out a cry and leaned against him, looking somewhat painful.

“Brother-in-law, please support me with your hands. I sprained my ankle the other day and I feel terribly painful now. I don’t know if I ran too fast just now.”

After finis.h.i.+ng speaking, Su Yuanyuan bent down to check her ankle. And because of this action, the shoulder straps of her dress slipped down accidentally. Just as the parts below her shoulders were about to be exposed…

“Injury in muscles and bones takes one hundred days to recover.” Su Jianan suddenly walked over and casually pulled up Su Yuanyuan’s shoulder straps, adding with a smile, “Yuanyuan, you’d better stay put and don’t run around. I’ll ask Aunt Liu to come up and help you down.”

When Aunt Liu went upstairs, Su Jianan looked at Lu Boyan with a bright smile. “Husband, I’d like to ask you a question.”

Her beautiful peach blossom eyes were sparkling. And when the intimate address jumped out from her pink lips without warning, Lu Boyan felt as if the tip of his heart had been scratched by a cat’s paw. However, he just replied with a single word as if nothing happened. “H’m.”

“I remember that you said… you only like natural beauties, huh?”

After that, she shot Su Yuanyuan a quick glance, as if she was referring to her. Right at this moment, Su Yuanyuan’s expression changed dramatically.

A faint smile crept over the corners of Lu Boyan’s mouth.

“H’m.” He gently pushed the long hair from Su Jianan’s cheek behind her ear with affection. “I like someone like you, my wife.”

“He called her wife?”

Su Jianan was terribly stunned and she stared at Lu Boyan in astonishment. It seemed to her as if his smile, playful and joyful, was about to be imprinted into her mind.

She suddenly felt her head go blank and could only vaguely remember the temperature and touch of Lu Boyan’s fingers brus.h.i.+ng her cheek.

Lu Boyan put his hand around Su Jianan’s waist and hugged her tightly, signaling her to come to her senses, otherwise, their drama of “the display of affection” would be exposed.

Su Jianan felt an itch on her waist and that was the feeling Lu Boyan brought her. Surprisingly, she did not hate it.

After she came to her senses, she finally realized that she and Lu Boyan were too intimate right now. Instinctively, she wanted to escape, but she was held more tightly by Lu Boyan.

She gave Lu Boyan a charming but warning smile.

Lu Boyan continued to make Su Jianan stay in his embrace with pleasure as if he did not receive her warning. Aunt Liu finally came to the second floor.

Su Jianan had no choice but to command Aunt Liu, “Yuanyuan’s ankle is bothering her. Help her down.”

Aunt Liu obeyed the order and helped Su Yuanyuan, who was reluctant to go downstairs and whose heart was still fluttering with fear, down.

Su Jianan took the stiff smile off her face and shot Lu Boyan an angry glance, saying, “How much longer are you going to take advantage of me?” The guy’s hand was still on her waist!

Lu Boyan frowned and there was actually a bit of grievance in his tone. “I didn’t expect you to be such a person,” he said. Then he pointed at Su Jianan’s hand, which was still in his arm, and continued, “Obviously, it’s you who take advantage of me much longer.”

d.a.m.n it! Su Jianan withdrew her hand quickly. Lu Boyan released her at about the same time as well.

Su Jianan’s face was strangely hot. She no longer argued about that topic with Lu Boyan and ran downstairs.

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