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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Out of excitement, Su Jianan held Lu Boyan pretty tightly. She was abnormally excited, laughing and jumping at the same time. It was quite a while later that she realized that she had somewhat overreacted. Then she raised her head and looked at Lu Boyan sheepishly.

Lu Boyan was much calmer than her. He lowered his head and looked at her. The light smile deep inside his eyes was faintly discernible. He looked like a modest adult who was looking at a super excited child due to the fact that the child had got the toy he had been looking forward to for a long time.

And her hands actually were circling around his waist!

She withdrew her hands back rapidly in the way that the rubber band bounced itself back. Two streams of scarlet colors floated on Su Jianan’s both white cheeks, “Let’s, let’s go. It should be other people’s turn to play tennis.”

Lu Boyan handed the racket to the ball boy conveniently, held Su Jianan’s hands and walked towards the rest area under the sun umbrella.

If at previous times, Su Jianan would have thought of it as a natural thing out of habit. However, after experiencing what had happened a moment ago, she always felt that those people in the rest area were all looking at her, especially Luo Xiaoxi who was heartless. She smiled ambiguously. It seemed that she had peeked through the big secret between Su Jianan and Lu Boyan.

Su Jianan simply lowered her head to hide her blus.h.i.+ng and followed behind Lu Boyan blindly.

There should come the compet.i.tion of Su Yicheng&Zhang Mei playing against Qin Wei&Luo Xiaoxi next.

Luo Xiaoxi today did not haunt over Su Yicheng the way she had done at previous times. The atmosphere between these four actually remained to be in a relaxing and comfortable state. But being an insider, Shen Yuechuan placed his long legs on the table, “Actually, it is the rally between these two couples that is really worth watching.”

At this time, the waiter of the clubhouse sent over the iced beverage to these a few macho men and gave Su Jianan a gla.s.s of freshly squeezed juice added with ice instead. Su Jianan took one gla.s.s and intended to drink the juice inside. However, the juice was taken away before it had reached her mouth.

Her hands were still of the motion of holding the gla.s.s. She looked at Lu Boyan confusedly, “Well? You also like drinking grapefruit juice, don’t you?”

Lu Boyan did not even bother to look at Su Jianan. He put the gla.s.s back on the waiter’s tray, “Change it with another gla.s.s of juice without ice added for her.”


The waiter went back while carrying the grapefruit juice added with ice. Then Su Jianan started to realize that she had been just over her period. If she followed the doctor’s advice, indeed she would not be suitable yet to drink the cold beverage. However, it was Lu Boyan who had thought about that for her instead.

She uttered a sound of “Ahem”, turned her head to look towards the tennis court somewhat awkwardly and somewhat sweetly.

Mixed double already began.

As for Su Yicheng and Qin Wei, there was not second to none. The key to the final victory lied in Luo Xiaoxi and Zhang Mei.

As what Lu Boyan had said, Zhang Mei’s playing skill was pretty awesome. She was quite of the grace of a professional tennis player, who would catch the ball accurately and serve the ball cunningly. It seemed that she had intended to use up Luo Xiaoxi’s physical strength. She served her every ball towards Luo Xiaoxi’s direction, which made Luo Xiaoxi rushed around the whole field. And she coped with Luo Xiaoxi’s fighting back with ease.

“Who do you think will win?” Su Jianan asked.

Lu Boyan replied, “It is obvious that Zhang Mei is better than Luo Xiaoxi when it comes to tennis playing.”

Su Jianan watched for some more while and shook her head, “Xiaoxi will win.”

So far, Luo Xiaoxi almost had hit the ball out after catching the ball awkwardly every time. But Zhang Mei did it with skill and ease. Lu Boyan did not understand why Su Jianan would a.s.sert that Luo Xiaoxi would win. He raised the tip of his brow curiously and said, “Are you sure?”

“While at college, Xiaoxi was at the tennis club and she was also the club’s vice leader. It was she who had taught me how to play tennis. In the soph.o.m.ore period, she competed at the City Tennis Tournament on behalf of our college and won the singles champions.h.i.+p, the tag team champions.h.i.+p and the mixed doubles run up.” Su Jianan was pretty convinced, “So it is impossible that she will be beaten by Zhang Mei.”

However, when judged from the performance in the first half, Luo Xiaoxi actually was not that awesome as what Su Jianan had described. Lu Boyan pondered for a while and said, “Is she studying Zhang Mei’s moves?”

Su Jianan smiled, “I don’t know what she is thinking. But she definitely will recover the score.”

What happened next totally matched what Su Jianan had expected. Luo Xiaoxi was like a ferocious beast which had woken up all of a sudden. When Zhang Mei acted fast, then she would act much faster than her. When Zhang Mei served the ball cunningly, then she would do that in a more cunning way. Previously it had been Zhang Mei who had made her run around the whole field, now she beat Zhang Mei so badly that Zhang Mei even did not where to run to.

Luo Xiaoxi was always not that easy to be trifled with.

She gradually leveled up the scores which she had previously fallen behind. The first half ended when the two sides’ scores stood tie.

“Luo Xiaoxi, you are amazing.” Qin Wei handed the racket over to the ball boy, took the mineral water and opened it. Then he handed the water over to Luo Xiaoxi, “I thought you would really have been beaten by other people like a monkey.”

“Go to h.e.l.l.” Luo Xiaoxi wiped off the sweats bursting out on her forehead, “I am exhausted. If she had not been against me in the first half time, I would not have made any truly hard calls. While in the second half, you better take it easy. I want to win! I have never been beaten in the tennis court!”

Qin Wei gave Luo Xiaoxi a high five smilingly, “Take it easy. I definitely will not let you lose.”

Luo Xiaoxi glanced at the other side of the net. Zhang Mei was fetching a towel and handing it over to Su Yicheng. For such a simple move, this woman actually could play it in an elegant and graceful way, which gave out a sense of thoughtfulness. While Su Yicheng took the towel over naturally and wiped off his sweat. It was unknown what he had said to Zhang Mei. Zhang Mei smiled then while covering her mouth in a bashful but not petty way, who was extremely enchanting when seen far away.

“In contrast, Xiaoxi, you are somewhat impatient.” Qin Wei said smilingly, “As for this Zhang Mei, she is known as the most professional secretary in A City. If you want to fight over Su Yicheng with her, I guess it may take some effort.”

“It won’t be much more than the efforts which I have taken while chasing after Su Yicheng over these years.”

Luo Xiaoxi was determined to win solemnly. She brought Qin Wei together and interchanged the field with Su Yicheng. Then the second half began.

It was a crucial time to determine victory. Luo Xiaoxi dared not to be negligent at all. She took strict precautions against her opponents and attacked aggressively, who was like a wild beast which only knew about edging forward and which was fearless.

Su Jianan watched the compet.i.tion, took a sip of the grapefruit juice without ice added that the waiter had freshly sent over and said, “Back to the time of partic.i.p.ating in the City Tennis Tournament, Xiaoxi won the champions.h.i.+p in this exact same way.”

Lu Boyan replied, “You two share some commonness in your characters.”

Su Jianan was startled, “What are they?”

“Not willing to admit being defeated easily.”

It was just that Luo Xiaoxi’s not willing to admit being beaten was of an aggressive style, which would be more like a kind of clattering haughtiness. She stood in the highest place and announced to the world that she would not lose. So even having been refused by Su Yicheng frequently, she would still continue chasing after him.

While for Su Jianan’s not willing to admit being beaten, it was a kind of stubbornness. For example, when she ran into the pending criminal cases and when she was told by other people that the cases could not be solved, she would still hide in the lab silently and carry out her experiments, inference repeatedly until she finally restored the process of how the whole case had taken place.

This was also the reason why they would have been good friends to each other for ten years even they were totally different in their external personalities.

Su Jianan smiled, “Mr. Lu, it turned out that you had known me so well.”

Lu Boyan raised the tip of his mouth, “If I did not know my own wife, then whom should I know?”

Su Jianan’s cheek heated up. She signaled him to watch the tennis compet.i.tion. She also had a look at the score on her own, which showed that Xiaoxi had taken the lead, but Zhang Mei only fell behind her for one score only.

It might be until the last moment that the answer of who would win and who would lose between these four people would be finally revealed.

Unexpectedly, Luo Xiaoxi seemed to have gone mad all of a sudden. She hit the b.a.l.l.s with all her might. She played tennis much more forcibly than the national players did in the games. If the girl who endured her attack were not of extremely valiant physical strength, she would definitely be overwhelmed.

This was Luo Xiaoxi’s explosive forces.

Su Jianan smiled towards Lu Boyan, “Xiaoxi would definitely win the game.”

At this time, Zhang Mei hit Luo Xiaoxi’s ball back and then gestured out a posture of suspension. However, Luo Xiaoxi’s attention then was all focused on the ball. Qin Wei intended to pull her to stop. But it was too late. She waved the racket mercilessly. Then the tennis ball of olive green color flew back at Zhang Mei again–

However, Zhang Mei was so exhausted already that she had thrown the rackets away. The tennis ball flew right at her face. Su Yicheng’s face changed color. He threw the rackets away and ran over. But there was not enough time for him to pull Zhang Mei away.


The tennis ball hit on Zhang Mei’s forehead heavily.

It was until this time that Luo Xiaoxi finally came to her sense. She looked at Zhang Mei who was covering her forehead and then looked at the tennis ball bouncing, jumping on the ground. Her brain blanked out all of a sudden.

“Luo Xiaoxi!” Su Yicheng’s angry voices. .h.i.t at her, “Didn’t you see her already calling for a suspension?”

His roaring made Luo Xiaoxi confused. She shook her head confusedly, “Yes, I did not.”

She had not seen that for real. However, from Su Yicheng’s perspective, her current look was unreasonable and indifferent instead. He sneered and went to check over Zhang Mei’s injury.

Luo Xiaoxi also went over and came across Su Yicheng removing the hand carefully which Zhang Mei had used to cover the forehead. Zhang Mei frowned. She ached so badly that she gasped continuously. A small part of her white forehead turned into a red color. She seemed to have been injured badly.

She said in an apologetic way, “Miss Zhang, let me send you to the hospital.”

Qin Wei ran over hurriedly and saw that Zhang Mei had been seriously wounded. He said, “Miss Zhang. sorry, Xiaoxi did not do it on purpose. I apologize to you for her. At that time, her attention was…”

“You apologize for Luo Xiaoxi?” Su Yicheng stared at Qin Wei coldly, “What is your relations.h.i.+p with her? Do you have the standpoint and qualification?”

Qin Wei was about to say something. Luo Xiaoxi caught him by the arm. He thought that Luo Xiaoxi was going to defend Su Yicheng. His heart was chilled all of a sudden. But he did not expect that Luo Xiaoxi roared suddenly.

“Su Yicheng, you should have been less eccentric here! Whereby could you speak to Qin Wei in that way? What is your relations.h.i.+p with Miss Zhang? I am wrong and I do apologize! I will be responsible for the medical expenses and I will shoulder all the responsibilities! If something does really happen, you could feel free to look for me at my home! You are rather baffling!”

She held Qin Wei’s hands and left upon finis.h.i.+ng her roaring, without catching sight of Su Yicheng’s eyes which almost would be mounted up with anger.

When they were out of the way, Qin Wei uttered a sound of “Yoho”, “The look of you getting mad is pretty frightening. Are you not afraid that Su Yicheng would hate you more because of this?”

Luo Xiaoxi replied with a “Humph”, “I am just that fierce. The fact that he does not like me had been ongoing for these many years. Who cares!”

“Don’t think that I don’t know anything. You were jealous of him defending Zhang Mei. But you could not vent your anger at Zhang Mei.” Qin Wei handed the water over to Luo Xiaoxi, “But I believed that you had not done it on purpose. Your attention at that time was all on the ball. I saw it all.”

Luo Xiaoxi’s voice was somewhat dull, “Thanks.”

Su Jianan had wished Luo Xiaoxi would win. But she never thought she would see a scene like this. She sent an ice bag to Su Yicheng and said, “Brother, you can send Miss Zhang to the hospital first.”

“You can keep playing. By the way, tell Boyan that I would leave first.”

Su Yicheng left with Zhang Mei together, which was seen by Luo Xiaoxi. However, she felt nothing at all. It happened that she walked back and then she was under the sun umbrella, where she saw Lu Boyan sitting over. She greeted with him smilingly, “Hi, boss! By the way, I will tell you one thing – it is related to your Jianan. She rarely wears short skirts. While in the soph.o.m.ore period, I took part in the badminton compet.i.tion and tricked her into being my cheerleader. That time she finally was dressed in a short skirt, which was rare. Then the male tennis players at our school rushed around the whole filed as if they had been insane. Our school made big bucks that day, which could be somewhat credited to your Jianan’s wearing a short skirt.”

Qin Wei thought if he let Luo Xiaoxi talk further, then she would become a crazy chicken. He took her away and got out of the way. It happened that Su Jianan walked back at this time.

Lu Boyan stared around at her up and down, if she were also by his side when he was playing the ball, whatever she was dressed with, she would still be a stimulant to him.

“Why do you look at me in that way?” Su Jianan blinked her eyes smilingly, “You just find out how extremely beautiful and young your wife is all of a sudden, don’t you?”

Lu Boyan raised the tip of his brow, “Regarding that, I found it out ages ago.”

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