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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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“It is something related to Luo Xiaoxi,” Su Jianan said, “her father only gave her two years’ time, could you please… hire a better tutor for her and arrange her to make a debut officially as early as possible?”

Lu Boyan seemed to be hesitant. After waiting for quite a while, Su Jianan still did not see that he had any indication of saying yes. Then she reached out to seize the cake back, “Just forget it if you would not help me, but I would not be unaccountably solicitous. Just give my cake back!”

Lu Boyan raised his hands and escaped Su Jianan’s s.n.a.t.c.hing with ease.

He was taking advantage of his own height, wasn’t he?

Su Jianan bit her teeth and jumped up. However, she still could not reach the cake in his hands. She was so angry that she gnashed her teeth with hatred.

But Lu Boyan was enjoying it.

When compared with the height of other females in the East, Su Jianan’s height had already been tall enough. However, when she did not wear the high-heel, she was still somewhat delicate to him.

She jumped up out of unwillingness in front of him, who looked like a strenuous wallaby. When she jumped unstably, she would touch him inevitably. He found out that actually, he did not hate this somewhat childish game.

The jumping f.a.gged Su Jianan out. She gasped and stared at this man who had been holding the plate with skill and ease, “Lu Boyan!”

Lu Boyan dug out a piece of cake with the fork and put it into Su Jianan’s mouth. “The tutor who is instructing Luo Xiaoxi currently is exactly the best one.”

The slight and sweet aroma overflew her teeth and lip. The soft cake almost dissolved in the tip of her tongue. Making sure that she had not heard it wrong over and over again, Su Jianan stared at Lu Boyan surprisedly—

He was eating the cake. It was difficult to see whether he was satisfied or not. But he did not throw the cake away along with the plate, which ill.u.s.trated that at least the cake had suited his taste.

She poured a gla.s.s of water for Lu Boyan. “It is also a request from my brother, isn’t it? Oh, the reason why Xiaoxi had signed a contract with Lu Enterprises was that my Brother had already turned to you. I knew it.”

“He asked me to conceal it from you.” While lowering his head, Lu Boyan was busy dealing with the cake. “Don’t ask further.”

Su Jianan curled her lip and said, “He was afraid that I would let Xiaoxi know that.” It seemed that she was referring to something else. “I hate the one most who regards being mild on the outside but wild on the inside as making contributions secretly.”

As expected, Lu Boyan’s motion paused for one second. But it was just for one second. Soon he seemed to have heard of nothing and continued to get the cake done.

Su Jianan thought he would be candid with the ice-cream thing. But he even did not have the intention of opening his mouth or talking.

He was the most characteristic one among the ones who were shy on the outside but wild on the inside.

She did not dog him anymore. She went to check what kinds of food materials were available in the kitchen so that she can get the dinner prepared.

The sun was setting in the West and the twilight merged into total darkness. This day was finally drawn to a close.

Before going to bed, Lu Boyan told Su Jianan that they would go to a place together tomorrow. Feeling so sleepy, Su Jianan replied vaguely and then fell asleep, without keeping his words in mind at all.

So on the second day, she did not wake up in time.

Lu Boyan had no choice but to enter her room by himself and wake her up.

Honestly, her sleeping habit was poor enough. After one night was over, her sheet was so messed up that it looked like that the sheet had already gone through pillage. Only one corner of the quilt was pressed under her body. While for the rest of the quilt, they all lay on the floor.

Lu Boyan walked to her bedside. She was sleeping soundly. Her breath was even and long. The thin dawn light flew over her cheek and lightened up her face which looked much thinner and more delicate.

He pushed aside the long hairs on her forehead and said, “Jianan, wake up.”

She seemed to have heard what he had said because she began to completely shrink into the quilt. It looked like she was going to run away from the “noise” in the outside world.

Lu Boyan called her again for a few more times. She even shrank into the bed much deeper, muttered and uttered out vague grumbles. Lu Boyan held her nose and said, “Time to get up.”

Su Jianan could not breathe and she consequently opened her eyes uncomfortably. While in a daze, she seemed to have caught sight of Lu Boyan. Then she reached out her hands and touched him, Ah, the feeling of touching seemed to be true enough.

“Bang bang!”

She patted Lu Boyan’s face and said drowsily, “Go away, or I will tell mom that you are bullying me. Oh, no, you have been bullying me for a long time…”

She looked in a daze. It seemed that she did not know whether this was a reality or a dream. Her voice was a bit tenderer than when she was sober. Her plump mouth was tightly closed. The figure of her neck and collarbone was fully exposed, which was simply inducing others to break the law.

Lu Boyan could not resist this temptation.

His lips swept past her cheek and drew closer to her ears, “If you still did not get up, then I would let you experience what is a real ‘bullying’ now.”

Su Jianan felt that her ears were hot and itching. She intended to touch her ears, only to touch something warm and damp.

She opened her eyes and had a look, it was Lu Boyan again! Her fingers were clinging to his lips tightly and then she pressed at it. Oh, it was soft and it was for real!

It was for real!

She gasped in surprise, retrieved her hands and got up. “Lu Boyan, when did you come in?”

“The time when you were complaining that I had been bullying you.”

Su Jianan’s cheeks turned red. She uttered out an “ahem”. “What are you doing in my room?”

“Get up,” Lu Boyan said, “I told you last night that we were going to somewhere today before you went to bed. Did you forget that?”

It was not Su Jianan had forgotten it, but that right from the start, she had not kept it in mind. But, Lu Boyan also had taken her to a place yesterday and they had brought back a huge bag of traditional Chinese medicine. Today he…

“Take it easy.” Lu Boyan saw right through Su Jianan’s fear and said, “Visiting one doctor has sufficed. I will take you to Yun Mountain today.”

Yun Mountain was the most well-known tourism mountain in A City which had multiple entrances. Its east entrance and south entrance were located in the downtown area and were of convenient transportation conditions. The tourists came to visit it in an endless stream. While for its west entrance, it was close to the outskirt. So there were lesser tourists climbing up the mountain from here. For the most part, it was the citizens living in the outskirt who would choose to drive up to the mountain from here.

Su Jianan had climbed up Yun Mountain for many times. But it was the first time that she had went up the mountain all the way from the west entrance. Lu Boyan droved at a speed which was the slowest ever. She leaned over the car windows and looked at the tall, green trees on both sides of the road. “I hear that there is a mysterious clubhouse at the mountain top of the west entrance which is called Summit Clubhouse, is it true?”

Lu Boyan uttered a “Hum”. Su Jianan let out a sigh. “I just can not understand these capitalists of your type. The clubhouse is located at such a remote place and the members.h.i.+p requirements are so harsh. There are just still so many people who are fighting their ways to get the members.h.i.+p…”

“Mrs. Lu, it is me who runs the Summit Clubhouse, which also means that half of the Summit Clubhouse is yours.” Lu Boyan interrupted Su Jianan.

Su Jianan responded very fast. She gave Lu Boyan a look and changed her att.i.tude instantly. “The more mysterious the Summit Clubhouse is, the more attractive it will be. The harsher the members.h.i.+p requirement is, the more people would regard this place as a token of their ident.i.ties. Your marketing strategies are really awesome.”

Her deliberate compliment could not be more obvious. But it happened that Lu Boyan did buy it. He raised the corner of his mouth and said, “If you like it, you can bring your friends here anytime you want in the future.”

Su Jianan just heard that everything could exist in this place, even the ones which were beyond people’s imagination. However, it never occurred to her that besides the gigantic parking lot, there was even a parking ap.r.o.n. Several private jets actually did park there.

It was really amazing.

Due to the fact that Su Jianan had been exposed on the newspaper and magazine for a few times, the staff members had kept the appearance of the boss’s lady in mind deliberately. However, Su Jianan felt a little uncomfortable to be called Lady by them.

The clubhouse looked more like a hotel which was lavishly decorated. There were well-kept gardens, well-designed fountains, and magnificent, spectacular architectures on the highest mountain top, which seemed to belong to another world.

Lu Boyan led Su Jianan into a room on the fifth floor.

The carpet was thick and soft. The moment when the shoes stepped over, the sound was swallowed up immediately. There were mountain ranges rising up and down outside the whole large French windows. The interior design was s.p.a.cious, magnificent and extremely luxurious. Su Jianan finally understood why it was called as a token of the ident.i.ty here.

Mu Sijue and Shen Yuechuan were both in the room. Shen Yuechuan sat randomly, who had possessed a look of solvency inherently. While Mu Sijue stuck up his long legs, who still gave people a feeling that he had been from a dark kingdom.

Both of them were obviously surprised that Lu Boyan would bring Su Jianan here. Shen Yuechuan ridiculed. “Boss Lu, there comes finally a beauty by your side.”

Su Jianan uttered out a “well”. “Were the ones he had brought here not the beauties?” She tilted her head and looked at Lu Boyan. “Darling, you don’t look like you’ve got a bad taste.”

Mu Sijue pressed his virtually gripping fist beside his lip, which, however, could not stop the smile from creeping on the corner of his mouth. Shen Yuechuan covered the corner of his mouth around with his hands, which looked like that he was whispering something to Su Jianan, “It was not the problem of taste. He had never brought any woman here before.”

Lu Boyan pulled Su Jianan back behind him and glanced at Shen Yuechuan with cold eyes. Shen Yuechuan stood up right away and said, “Ahum, the Young Master of Qin Enterprise and General Manager of CH are both here already. We can come over right away. Oh, yes, Jianan, the friend of yours whose name is Luo Xiaoxi came along with Qin Wei.”

Su Jianan was at a loss. “What are you going to do?”

“Playing tennis and discussing something meanwhile.” Lu Boyan asked, “Do you know how to play tennis?”

Su Jianan nodded. “Yes, I do.”

“Then follow me to get changed.”

Su Jianan was dragged into the checkroom. Mu Sijue and Shen Yuechuan went out with good grace.

Lu Boyan had planned to bring Su Jianan here long since. He had already asked someone to prepare the sports clothing, shoes, long s.h.i.+rt, and short skirt pant for her yesterday, which were of the same series of the same brand as those of his.

Su Jianan stared at the clothing up and down. “Why do they look like couple clothing so much?”

Couple clothing?

Lu Boyan stared at the clothing up and down and felt that they had looked much better.

Su Jianan had to get changed, comb her hair and wear the sunscreen. Consequently, she acted much slower than Lu Boyan. After getting changed, Lu Boyan waited outside for her and browsed through the magazine.

Su Jianan went out of the dressing room more than ten minutes later.

Her clothing style at usual times was relatively casual. However, it was without any sports element. This was the first time that Lu Boyan had seen her dressed in the sportswear.

She was dressed in a simple, loose and white gown, and an a.s.sorted skirt pant. Her slender and straight legs were fully exposed. She was wearing a ponytail now, which was in striking contrast to her usual bearing. The curly hairline on her smooth forehead was extremely beautiful, which made her small face look much cleaner and more unearthly.

The youthful sportswear like this made her look pretty much younger, who vividly was like an immature student graduating freshly from the college. She was completely tender and fresh. People could not help looking over at her.

Lu Boyan regretted bringing her here all of a sudden.

He should have hidden her inside the house for him to enjoy alone.

Hardly perceiving Lu Boyan’s gazing, Su Jianan walked to the front of him and said, “Let’s go.”

Putting the cap on her head, Lu Boyan brought her downstairs.

The weather today was really good. The breeze was gentle and the sun was not scorching, which was quite suitable for playing sports.

There existed some distance between the clubhouse building and the outdoor playground. Those ones who were too lazy to walk on their feet could choose to ride the electric vehicle for sightseeing of the clubhouse. The moment Lu Boyan and Su Jianan walked out of the building, an electric vehicle for sightseeing which was of four seats had driven over. Then Su Jianan saw Su Yicheng.

Dressed in a suit of sportswear, Su Yicheng sat on the electric vehicle. A beautiful and elegant woman was beside him who looked like a pretty perfect match for him.

“Are you going to the tennis court?” Su Yicheng also had seen the young couple and pointed at the empty seats on the vehicle. “Want a ride?”

“We are going to ride with my brother.” Su Jianan gave Lu Boyan’s hands a squeeze suggestively and said in a low voice, “I want to know whether the girl on the vehicle is his new girlfriend.”

Su Yicheng probably still did not know that Luo Xiaoxi also came here along with Qin Wei. If the girl he had brought were actually his new girlfriend, then a much more wonderful drama than a tennis compet.i.tion would be performed in the tennis field.

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