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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Holding the mobile in her hands, Luo Xiaoxi smiled purposefully.

Something must have happened between Su Jianan and Lu Boyan! She knew Su Jianan too well.

However, they made progress even though having been married for just three months. There was no progress made at all instead even she had been going after Su Yicheng whom she liked for more than ten years. She was such a failure that she had disparaged all the respected ancestors of her ancient generations.

So she must grab the contract of Huaxing into her pocket today. She had to prove it to Su Yicheng that she was not that kind of conceited ladies who could only live on their parents. She just did not want to be engaged in the things which she had disliked and that was all. If she started to hold a serious att.i.tude, she could s.h.i.+ne brightly as well.

Before attending the appointment at noon, Luo Xiaoxi had done her makeup elaborately and had got changed with a suit of s.e.xy little red dress. Till then that did she drive her own little high-profile racing car to the hotel.

The interview location was set at the hotel, which was a pretty ambiguous thing. But due to the fact that the agent who had made this appointment with her was an already married woman and that her son was even attending the primary school, then she did not think further and temporarily considered it as a somewhat special way adopted by major companies to test their actors.

And it turned out that it was as what she’d expected.

After they had arrived at the cafe shop in the hotel, the agent whose name was May firstly elaborated her on the scale of the company and then told her that, though glamorous in appearance, as a matter of fact, this field was with much toil.

When feeling hungry in the dead of the night, other people could gather a few friends over and go to the large food stalls by the roadside, eating meats and drinking wines at their own free will. However, as for them, they were either on the rush to give performance elsewhere or exercising on the fitness equipment. They had to strictly keep their meals within control. They would be sentenced to death if the size of their pants surpa.s.sed 25.

Luo Xiaoxi nodded. “Sister May, I have known all about these and I can also endure these hards.h.i.+ps. I only want to be famous!”

Sister May then smiled. “What our company needs is the sort of young girl who is highly motivated and who is not afraid of hards.h.i.+ps just like you!”

Luo Xiaoxi raised the corner of her mouth a bit. “Then when could we start the interview?”

“Now,” May said. “Xiaoxi, I have to tell you first, the interview of our company is pretty special—neither do we need you to show off your body figure, nor do we need you to walk the catwalk. Because you have already pa.s.sed these tests. We need you to show out your capability and your determination to be famous.”

After taken into the private room, Luo Xiaoxi finally understood that in the end she still had to face the dirtiest aspect of this field.

Huaxing was going to negotiate a cooperation project with another company. And as for her job, she needed to ingratiate herself with the cooperation counterpart on the dining table to further expedite the cooperation. According to May, this was an opportunity for her to show her ability.

Luo Xiaoxi could not help herself sneering. “Even though the respected CEO of Huaxing teamed up together with you who is known as the golden agent, you still have no confidence in winning the contract, don’t you? Via doing this, are you going to sign a contract with me or just taking me as a temporary one to have a meal with them?”

It never occurred to May that Luo Xiaoxi would be that straightforward. Her look then was somewhat frozen. “As a newbie, you should be ready to risk yourself. Otherwise, at the current times when the beginners are of much greater numbers than the bamboo shoots springing up like mushrooms after rain, whereby do you think that you will be famous?!”

“Thanks for giving me this opportunity to show out my capability.” Luo Xiaoxi stared at May with her beautiful and slim phoenix eyes. She obviously was smiling. However, there was some coldness revealed in her voice. “Then you are going to suggest me to sleep with the cooperation counterpart, in order to prove how readily I am to risk myself, aren’t you?”


May’s speechlessness was equal to her acquiescence. Luo Xiaoxi was not in the mood to continue talking nonsense and turned her back to go away. Right at that moment, the door of the private room was pushed open all of a sudden. Su Yicheng walked in while cl.u.s.tered round by several other people.

There actually existed such a coincidence in this world. It actually was him whom the CEO of Huaxing had taken great pains to ingratiate himself with?

Su Yicheng also saw Luo Xiaoxi. A hint of something swept by the bottom of his eyes quietly. Then he took his eyes off instantly as if he had not taken any notice of what he had seen. It seemed that to him, Luo Xiaoxi was only a stranger.

A sense of loss clutched at Luo Xiaoxi. However, she had been accustomed to it. For all these years, this was the only thing that Su Yicheng had given to her.

Since Su Yicheng had not hoped to see her that much, then… she would stay behind and be an eyesore to him.

Boss Peng of Huaxing introduced her smilingly to Su Yicheng. “Boss Su, this is the new model who is going to sign a contract with our company—Luo Xiaoxi. It is a bore that we, several macho men discussing business together. After all, it is a good thing that we have got the companions.h.i.+p of beauty, isn’t it?”

Holding a hint of smile in the corner of his mouth, Su Yicheng did not express his opinion. It seemed that he was always sober and refined. n.o.body could figure out his sentiment at all.

The more he had acted in this way, the more Luo Xiaoxi would like to play with fire.

Luo Xiaoxi raised her charming smile, wriggled her slim waist and walked over. She then drew the chair out for Su Yicheng and said, “Boss Su, have a seat.”

Su Yicheng gave Luo Xiaoxi a deep look and said, “Thanks.”

It never occurred to May that Luo Xiaoxi would change her mind all of a sudden. She let out a sigh of relief. Boss Peng also did not expect that Luo Xiaoxi would be that smart. He smiled contently and asked the waiter over to order the meal.

Before the course was finally served, the red wine, white spirit, and imported wine had all been sent in at first. Boss Peng waved his big hands. “Xiaoxi, you propose a toast to our Boss Su! After Boss Lu of Lu Enterprises had got married, there existed only one golden bachelor in A City. It is an honor to you to have dinner with Boss Su. You should be more sincere.”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled. “Of course I will.”

Fetching a bottle of wine made in National Treasures Cellars, she first filled up the wine cup of Su Yicheng and then filled her own cup to the full brim st.u.r.dily.

It was rare for a girl to be that bold, forthright and ready to take the risks on the banquet. Having been somewhat startled secretly, Boss Peng made up his mind immediately that it would be best if he could get the cooperation with Cheng An Group done this time, even if he could not… He would definitely have to get Luo Xiaoxi’s contract signed.

A person who was the best of all like this, he would rather enjoy her by himself than see her falling into other people’s hands.

While on Luo Xiaoxi’s side, she raised the wine cup and said, “Boss Su, I will empty my gla.s.s first.”

When the white spirit flowed through her tongue point and slipped into her throat, she felt herself burning. The strong smell of liquor choked into her breath. It seemed that even her stomach was about to be on fire.

Fortunately, Luo Xiaoxi had already been accustomed to drinking the spirits. She turned the wine cup upside down with her countenance betraying nothing, which was to signal that there had been no drop left. Then she smiled while tilting her head, “Boss Su, your turn.”

Su Yicheng smiled and drank up a whole gla.s.s of white spirit as if he were drinking the plain boiled water.

Luo Xiaoxi left her criticism unspoken. He was such a pervert!

The courses were served one after another then. Boss Peng gave Luo Xiaoxi a look and then Luo Xiaoxi took his hint readily without explanation. She then refilled Su Yicheng’s bowl with the serving chopsticks. While her voice was so sweet that it could melt people’s bones. “Boss Su, you must feel tired after a whole day’s work. You should eat more.”

In the end, she held Su Yicheng’s hands affectionately and said in a low voice. “The dishes I have refilled in your bowl are all your favorites. Do me some favors. I am going to sign a contract with Huaxing.”

Su Yicheng replied mockingly. “Do you know that you are acting as the one who accompanies me to have a meal?”

“Since the target is you, I am willing to sleep with you if I have to.” Luo Xiaoxi gave Su Yicheng an extremely enchanting smile ambiguously and re-sat properly as if nothing had happened.

The dining table was very big. So Boss Peng who sat on the other side did not hear what Luo Xiaoxi had talked to Su Yicheng. But judging from Luo Xiaoxi’s countenance and bearing, he could see that she was not that affectedly bashful as other newbies. While for Su Yicheng, he was obviously not against her.

He had guessed it right. Drinking and women are great weapons of negotiation on the dining table. While for the girl who was at Luo Xiaoxi’s level, few people could say no to her.

Taking the bottle of red wine imported from France, Luo Xiaoxi filled both Su Yicheng’s cup and her own cup. “Boss Su, I still have to be taken care of by you more in later days, so I here propose another toast to you.”

The small half cup of red wine was emptied immediately. Luo Xiaoxi’s inherent white face turned whiter. While her eyes became somewhat misty.

Her thin and white-skinned shoulders were fully exposed. The red dress had outlined her attractive curves. And she actually bit her red lip with her delicate teeth recklessly, blindly and stared at Su Yicheng smilingly, which had made herself look like a coquettish young girl.

Luo Xiaoxi only knew that her head was dizzy and Su Yicheng who was in front of her had become somewhat blurring. She seemed to have seen his eyes turning somewhat darker, didn’t she?

He was upset. He would be like that if he saw her.

However, for today, she did not intend to be well-advised to leave. She leaned towards Su Yicheng completely and lied on his shoulders. “Why didn’t you drink?”

But she hardly realized that because of her posture, it seemed that her plumpness had been rubbing against Su Yicheng’s chest on purpose. Boss Peng sitting on the opposite side swallowed hard—with stunning beauty in front of him, if Su Yicheng had not taken the bait, then it would be absolutely absurd.

Su Yicheng pushed Luo Xiaoxi away. “You are already drunk.”

“No, I am not!” Luo Xiaoxi sat down properly. “If you don’t believe me, I can show you via drinking more!”

She then poured another small half cup of red wine and walked towards Boss Peng staggeringly, with her one hand lying on Boss Peng’s shoulders. “Boss Peng, I…”

Boss Peng said smilingly. “These contemporary young girls are much more awesome than those of our generation, much more awesome…” He had never looked away from Luo Xiaoxi’s chest.

Su Yicheng stood up abruptly and pulled Luo Xiaoxi back forcibly. “Boss Peng, we can talk about the cooperation the other days.”

Luo Xiaoxi felt dizzier and dizzier. She struggled for a few times and was finally took out of the private room by Su Yicheng.

There was a suite room which was not open to the public on the top floor of this hotel. It belonged to Su Yicheng. Luo Xiaoxi had known it all along. She also knew that for the so many girlfriends he had made so far, he had never brought them home, but to bring them all here to pa.s.s the night instead. She even had blocked here and ruined his several blissful nights before.

Now Su Yicheng was taking her up there and she was at ease. Anyway, Su Yicheng was above doing something to her.

Seeing her current look, Su Yicheng felt that there was some inexplicable anger rising into his heart. He dragged her into the toilet with almost rude motions, turned on the faucet and poured the cold water directly on her face.

It was at the end of the spring. The cold water was still permeated with biting coldness. Luo Xiaoxi s.h.i.+vered for a few strokes and she then felt that she was much sober. She stared at Su Yicheng angrily. “What are you doing!”

Su Yicheng pushed her against the wall. “Luo Xiaoxi, when are you going to stop your tantrum!”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled. “In your eyes, whatever I do, they are all monkey businesses, aren’t they? It’s a monkey business to bare my heart to you, and it’s a monkey business to go after you. But have you seen a person like me who had been s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g around for more than ten years?”

Su Yicheng let go of her. He thrust both his hands into the pockets and sneered. “You are exactly this kind of person, aren’t you?”

Luo Xiaoxi was choked with anger and she could not utter any words. Instead, she bit her teeth. “I am not! Su Yicheng, I will prove it to you that I am serious!”

She was not s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g around. She would show Su Yicheng a she who could s.h.i.+ne brightly.

She would let Su Yicheng know that she had been serious all along. She had been going after him conscientiously for that many years and she had been aspiring to be an amazing model conscientiously.

The sneer on Su Yicheng’s face was mixed with ridicule. “In order to prove to me, then you go to accompany other people to have a meal and drink wines? Luo Xiaoxi, you are not proving yourself via doing this, you’re degrading yourself instead.”

If he had not been the cooperation counterpart of Huaxing today, then it would be other people who had taken Luo Xiaoxi away. As for what would happen, he would also figure it out with his bare hands.

“Degrading yourself” these two words jangled Luo Xiaoxi’s nerves.

Yes, she was degrading herself. G.o.d had granted her everything at best, a well-off family financial situation, a pair of parents who loved her dearly and outstanding appearance…

But she could only fall for Su Yicheng idly. As for her going after him, she actually had been doing it for ten years. Even she would like to offer her own body on her own initiative, he just would not take it.

Yes, she was really, extremely degrading herself.

“Let’s go back to business.” Luo Xiaoxi smiled all of a sudden. “The reason why Boss Peng had asked for me to accompany you to have a meal is to get the contract signed after making you happy. If you sign the contract with Huaxing, then I can also become Huaxing’s contracted model. How could you consent to sign the contract?”

Su Yicheng’s two eyes were filled with ridicule. “Since you understand your purpose is to accompany me to have the meal, then how could it be possible that you don’t know the following procedure after that?”

“Accompany you, to sleep.” Pulling down the zipper of her dress, Luo Xiaoxi tore at Su Yicheng’s tie as soon as she moved forward. “Of course I know it.”

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