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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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The light by the river dimmed. The night that had lost its light grew even darker. The city had fallen asleep.

Lu Boyan stood in the garden in the sky. There was a red spot of light on his cigarette held between his fingers. The thin smoke wafted up, pa.s.sing his sight and then disappearing.

Leaving behind the thick smell of smoke.

The last time he smoked had been the night after Su Jianan had been held hostage. She brought soup to visit Jiang Shaokai at the hospital and did not return until it was very late. It was as if she had forgotten that she was married and had a home and a husband.

He had been behind her in the day and had untied her. She rushed toward Jiang Shaokai. He called her name, but she cried for Jiang Shaokai.

Then, he wondered if Shen Yuechuan was right and that the person she liked was Jiang Shaokai.

If so, should he let go?

It seemed that he should. The Jiang Family’s background was clean and Jiang Shaokai had sufficient ability to protect her.

Compared to him, Jiang Shaokai was obviously more suitable.

But in his heart, he wanted badly to drag her back from the hospital and imprison her by his side forever. He wanted to make it so that she would only have him in her heart her entire life.

Reason and selfishness battled. He had never felt so irritated. Countless cigarette b.u.t.ts fell in the ashtray in front of him.

Su Jianan asked him what he was thinking after that on the way to the hospital.

What did she want him to say? How was he to tell Su Jianan that he was afraid that her expression would be one of joy and she would leave him without hesitation when he said that he would let her go? He was afraid that he would lose control and strangle her to death.

Or like just now, force her.

If the incident had not happened, he was not certain what he would be doing now.

He had already endured for too long.

The sound of the bathroom door being pulled open could be heard. Lu Boyan snuffed out his cigarette and returned. Su Jianan stood by the bed and looked at him, not knowing what to do. The red marks he had left on her neck earlier were still there.

The fire burned in his lower abdomen again. He looked away into her clear eyes and said, “What happened just now…”

“I’ve already forgotten it!” Su Jianan interrupted Lu Boyan decisively. She obviously did not want to remember the awkward incident.

“I apologize.” He said.

Su Jianan did not say whether she accepted it or not. She lifted the blankets and lay on the bed, turning on her side and facing the wall. Then, she thought about it and placed two pillows in the middle of the bed.

Lu Boyan watched her and a trace of self-mocking flashed in his eyes. He then walked into the study.

Su Jianan only turned around to lie on her back when she could no longer hear his footsteps. She looked at the tightly shut oak doors of the study, closed her eyes and slept.

It was even better than Lu Boyan was not in the room. She did not have to sleep so stiffly then.

She had felt tired long ago. Sleep rushed upon her shortly. She seemed to have fallen asleep, but also seemed to have returned to a few days ago as she slipped in and out of consciousness. She had ended up in the clutches of the perverted killer again.

She was lying on the floor alone, her hands and legs were tied up. The killer slashed the tip of her knife on her body, saying, “Shall I carve a beautiful picture on your body?”

“No…” She cried and shook her head desperately. “Let me go, let me go…”

The night was quiet, and her voice pa.s.sed through the oak door and into Lu Boyan’s ear.

Lu Boyan slammed his file shut and saw Su Jianan struggling in the bed. Tears flowed from her eyes without stopping. She pleaded, not knowing who she was asking to let her go. It was obvious that she was having a nightmare.

His heart felt as if it were p.r.i.c.ked by needles. He went over to hold her hand. She suddenly said something else, “Save me… Lu Boyan. Where are you, save me…”

Su Jianan usually bared her fangs and waved her claws in the day as if she had an inordinate amount of courage. But in her nightmares, she was as weak as an injured beast. Her slightly wavering voice made Lu Boyan’s heart hurt.

“Jianan, wake up.” He tried to rouse Su Jianan. “You’re having a nightmare.”

Su Jianan clutched his hand tightly like a drowning person hanging on to the only drifting wood on the surface of the sea. She called out his name again and again, “Lu Boyan, Lu Boyan… save me…”

Did she call her name like that in her heart when she was held hostage?

Lu Boyan’s heart softened. He laid on the bed and held Su Jianan in his embrace and patted her back lightly as if placating a crying child. And she miraculously stopped sobbing and pleading, curling up in his chest. The injured beast finally found a safe corner to lick its wounds.

There were still signs of tears in the corners of her eyes. Her long lashes were slightly damp. She looked extremely pitiful.

Lu Boyan heard himself sigh.

How could he let Su Jianan, who was like this, leave?

Lu Boyan woke up very early the next day. Su Jianan stayed in the same position as last night, curled up in his chest. He let go of her softly and she curled up as if she had been shocked but did not awake. She frowned and curled up like a shrimp in the blankets.

Lu Boyan only realized that something was wrong. Her face was too pale.

Su Jianan’s skin was pale and soft, but it was a paleness that was healthy. It would sometimes have a faint blush, and if she was teased, her cheeks would burn red. However, it was pale now as if the blood in her face had been drawn away. Even her lips had lost their usual fullness and s.h.i.+ne. Her face was like a lifeless piece of paper.

“Jianan!” He shook her shoulders, “Su Jianan, wake up!”

“Uh…” Su Jianan objected, dissatisfied. She curled up in the blankets and her frown grew deeper.

“Wake up!” Lu Boyan felt inexplicably anxious, his voice grew slightly higher.

Su Jianan opened her eyes, which had lost their usual s.h.i.+ne. They had also lost their focus. Lu Boyan’s voice grew more anxious, “What’s wrong?”

Her stomach hurt badly but it was already an old illness of hers.

She had been too busy before her period arrived. She had not rested well and had not been careful with her diet. She would suffer next few days. There had been several times she had been admitted to the hospital because of the pain.

After that, she knew what was wrong and would take special care before her period. She ate well, drank well and slept well. She had not hurt for over the last six months. But she had been taken hostage a few days ago and had fought with Lu Boyan. Accidents kept happening. Her period had come early and it was more painful than it had ever been.

She tried hard to sit up. Her gaze met Lu Boyan’s and then s.h.i.+fted away. She shook her head and said, “I’m fine.”

She bore the pain and went to the bathroom. When she went out, she was already more awake. It was just that she could barely bear the waves of pain in her abdomen.

Lu Boyan held her hand, “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Su Jianan thought about it for a while before she was able to make a complete sentence, “You should know about menstrual pain right? It’s not an illness, so don’t waste medical resources. I will be fine after a day’s rest.”

She fell back onto the bed again. She felt very tired but was too much in pain and could not fall asleep. She could only close her eyes and rest.

Lu Boyan poured her a gla.s.s of warm water and asked, “Are you hungry? I’ll get someone to send breakfast up.”

Su Jianan muttered her ascent. What was sent up was hot milk and bread fresh out of the oven that was spread with fragrant and sweet jam. Su Jianan did not have an appet.i.te after eating two bites. She drank half a gla.s.s of milk and laid back onto the bed drowsily.

She heard the sounds of familiar footsteps stopping by her bed in her drowsy state. A warm and dry palm laid on her forehead. She knew who it was and she closed her eyes and smiled. “I don’t have a fever. You should go to the office.”

“Call me if anything happens.”

“… Mm.”

Her voice was very soft and she seemed to be falling asleep. Lu Boyan got up and left the room quietly. He got his secretary to come over and take care of Su Jianan. Only then, could he go to the office with a peace of mind.

The secretary was female and more or less understood the tortures of period pain. However, she had not expected Su Jianan to be so much in pain. No wonder Lu Boyan was worried and wanted someone to take care of her.

She was like a child in her sleep. One would not think that she was the wife of the CEO of Lu Enterprises. Lu Boyan ordered her to let Su Jianan rest, so the secretary did not dare to bother her. She took her laptop that was on silent and sat in the living area to send emails. She left the door to the room open so that she could hear it when Su Jianan moved.

Su Jianan was not that deeply asleep. She could vaguely hear every move. She suddenly woke up at noon. A layer of sweat had appeared on her forehead. She got off the bed and the secretary suddenly appeared at the room door. “Madam, you’re awake.”


“Boss Lu was worried about leaving you alone, so he got me to keep you company.” The secretary smiled. “How do you feel now? Are you still in pain?”

“I’m much better. Thank you.”

Su Jianan brought a set of clothes into the bathroom to change. The secretary looked at her retreating back and felt that it was a pity that the nightdress she had picked out carefully was not of any use last night. Then, she thought that Mrs. Lu’s figure was really good.

They had only met briefly last night and she had only thought that Su Jianan was good looking. But now, she felt that Su Jianan was perfect from head to toe. She had long legs and a slender waist. Her lines were exquisite but she did not flaunt it like those women who showed off their s.e.xiness. She did not expose herself. No wonder Boss Lu liked her so much.

Su Jianan came out after changing. The hotel had sent up both hers and the secretaries’ lunch. It was bland and tasty and looked exquisite. Her appet.i.te was whetted and the secretary said, “Boss Lu must have gotten the hotel to prepare this especially.”

“Hmm?” Su Jianan did not understand.

“Heh heh, think about it. How would a five-star hotel like this have such bland dishes?”

Perhaps because they were of similar ages and Su Jianan did not put on airs, the secretary was quite causal when speaking to Su Jianan. Su Jianan did not mind as well. She looked at the dishes in front of her and her lips suddenly curled up.

The secretary continued, “Boss Lu really cares about how you feel. I said that it wasn’t that good to leave you in the hotel alone last night and he immediately left work and came back.”

“He came back early yesterday?”

Su Jianan was a little surprised. She thought that Lu Boyan had been done with work early when he appeared at 11 at the park even though she knew that he would be busy until 12. So he had come back intentionally.

No wonder he had not only not answered, but he had also asked her another question with a deadpanned face. She was afraid that he would get angry so she did not continue asking.

“It’s not just Boss Lu, he even let the others knock off early.” The secretary smiled. “Special a.s.sistant Shen said that you are our savior. Oh right, let me gossip a little, you and Boss Lu… you must have dated secretly for many years, right?”

Su Jianan asked curiously, “Why do you feel so?”

“Because he hasn’t had a girlfriend all these years!” The secretary said, “The rumors out there say that Han Ruoxi is his girlfriend. But everyone in the company knows that Han Ruoxi is making Boss Lu create rumors with her. Earlier, the news of Boss Lu getting married suddenly spread and we guessed that he has been dating you secretly for years!”

“No.” Su Jianan said. “But we knew each other when we were very young.”

“Wow!” The secretary exclaimed. “So you’re childhood sweethearts. No wonder!”

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