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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Su Jianan seemed to have seen worry flash through Lu Boyan’s eyes, but she had not managed to catch it. So she did not dare to be sure and did not dare to feel happy about it.

She pointed to the back of her head. Lu Boyan stood up and reached out to press it. She breathed heavily in pain. “It hurts, press lighter.”

Lu Boyan’s frown grew deeper. “Why didn’t you say so in the day?”

He pulled Su Jianan’s hand and they walked out of the house.

“Hey, Lu Boyan!” Su Jianan could not get out of his grasp and could only be pulled along by Lu Boyan. “Where are you taking me? Is the first aid kit in the back garden?”

“To the hospital!”

“I’m wearing my pajamas!”

Lu Boyan only halted his steps then. He turned around. Su Jianan was wearing a pair of loose silk pajamas. The night breeze blew softly, and her slender and straight calves were revealed. Her exquisite figure could be made out vaguely through her pajamas.

A hint of unnaturalness pa.s.sed his eyes and he looked away. “Go change. I”ll wait for you outside.”

“It’s too late. Tomorrow, I…”

Su Jianan was going to say that she’ll go to the hospital alone tomorrow. Lu Boyan looked at her coldly, and she swallowed the rest of her words spinelessly and went to change before following Lu Boyan to the hospital obediently.

There were not many cars on the highway late at night. Lu Boyan drove quickly and Su Jianan stole looks at him. She discovered that his side profile was just as cold and sharp as before as if he were undefeatable.

Could it be that the loneliness she saw when he was smoking on the sofa just an illusion?

In order to ascertain it, Su Jianan carefully asked, “What were you thinking about earlier?”

“Thinking about things.”

His tone was devoid of emotion. It was obvious he did not want to talk about it. Su Jianan nodded to show she understood and then shut up.

The car was silent after that. But it was fortunate that the hospital was not far away.

It was the most expensive private hospital in A City and was like a five-star hotel. It had a 24-hour western restaurant and also a screening room with a better sound system than the theaters. There were all sorts of entertainment facilities in the garden and the entire hospital was covered with high-speed Wifi. It was said that the wealthy people of A City were only willing to patronize this hospital.

The hospital was well lit even in the middle of the night like a high-cla.s.s estate.

Su Jianan had long heard of this place, but she had not had the chance to take a careful look before Lu Boyan pushed her to the doctor. The doctor smiled at her politely and said, “Mrs. Lu, please come with me. We will give you a detailed examination.”

She looked at Lu Boyan subconsciously and asked, “What about you?”

Lu Boyan frowned and said, “I don’t need an examination.”

Su Jianan was speechless. That was not what she meant.

The doctor had understood Su Jianan’s intentions and said to her comfortingly, “Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu is asking where you’ll be waiting for her.”

Lu Boyan took a deep look at Su Jianan and said, “I’ll be at the cafe at the door. I won’t leave.”

The doctor smiled warmly. Su Jianan’s face felt slightly hot and she followed the doctor with her head hung low.

She was not afraid that Lu Boyan would leave. She just did not want to stay in the hospital alone.

Nine years ago, her mother had died in the hospital. Ever since then, she disliked the hospital for some reason. This was also why she chose to become a medical examiner after her graduation and not a doctor.

But how would the female doctor know all of this? She looked at Su Jianan enviously, “Mrs. Lu, the relations.h.i.+p you have with Mr. Lu is just as good as they say on the news.”

Su Jianan only smiled and did not speak.

How would she tell the doctor that she and Lu Boyan only had a relations.h.i.+p on the news?

Without having troublesome procedures such as queuing and paying, the examination was done quickly. After it ended, Su Jianan followed the doctor in search of Lu Boyan.

Lu Boyan sat in the cafe while the doctor told him in detail, “Mrs. Lu’s pain was caused by a heavy impact. The examination shows that it is not serious and that she’ll heal quickly with the use of medication.”

“Thank you.”

Lu Boyan took the medicine that the doctor handed him. He held Su Jianan’s hand and led her out of the hospital.

It was already dawn and all was quiet. Su Jianan allowed Lu Boyan to take her hand and walked beside him. She suddenly felt that she could not have made a better choice than to agree to marry Lu Boyan.

At least, her life would not be empty with the memory of Lu Boyan holding her hand late at night.

When they reached the car park, Lu Boyan unlocked the door. Su Jianan made a move toward the back seat. Lu Boyan pulled her back and asked, “Don’t you know it’s very impolite to sit at the back when there are only two people?”

Su Jianan blinked and replied, “It’s more comfortable to sleep in the backseat…” It was already dawn, did he think that everyone would not be tired like him?

Lu Boyan seemed to be startled. He let go of Su Jianan’s hand and found a blanket, throwing it onto the backseat for her.

Su Jianan smiled. She wrapped herself in the blanket and fell asleep on the backseat.

The car was expensive, so the driving experience was definitely superb. There was not a single sound in the car as it drove in the quiet night. It was so quiet that Lu Boyan could hear Su Jianan’s shallow breathing in the backseat.

She would stay by his side quietly only when she was sleeping. And it was only at such a time when Lu Boyan could feel that Su Jianan was his wife.

At this time, she belonged to him completely.

Lu Boyan slowed down unconsciously.

He greedily wanted to prolong this time.

But the road had to end and they arrived home before long. Su Jianan seemed to have sensed it and she opened her eyes blearily and got off the car herself.

She was still sleepy and she stumbled into her room. She fell into bed and hugged her blankets tightly, looking as if she wanted to sleep for a century.

In her bleary state, she heard the sound of her door being opened and the sound of familiar footsteps getting closer. But she only wanted to sleep and could not be bothered with anything else.

Lu Boyan frowned as he looked at Su Jianan who was sprawled out. He took her blankets and said, “Lie down properly.”

Su Jianan opened her eyes suddenly and asked, “Lu Boyan? You… What are you doing?”

Lu Boyan opened the medicinal oil and asked, “What do you think I’m going to do?”

“I…” Su Jianan understood when he saw the medicine in his hands. She said with difficulty, “I think you’re going to apply medicine for me…”

“Lie down!”

Su Jianan did not dare to let her thoughts run wild and laid down obediently. After a while, she felt the cold medicinal oil dripping on her scalp and then, Lu Boyan’s hand on it, rubbing her wound.

He was not using much strength, but the wound hurt. She was in so much pain that her toes were scrunched up together and she made mewing sounds like a cat.

“Bear with it.” Lu Boyan said, “It won’t hurt in a while.”

Su Jianan held her breath and bore down, but the pain did not lessen. She scolded Lu Boyan, sobbing, “Liar!”

Lu Boyan had no choice but to use less strength. Su Jianan hummed comfortably, and after a while, sleep enveloped her…

He watched as Su Jianan fell asleep and stopped his hand movement. He flipped her over, changing her to a more comfortable sleeping position.

Su Jianan was completely dead to the world. She struggled a little when he carried her up, rubbing her chest against his. His breathing grew rough in that moment and he hurried to cover her with her blankets and turned to leave.

He did not know what he would do if he stayed for one more second.

The pain on the back of her head lessened. Su Jianan slept exceptionally well that night.

On the second day, it was almost 10 when she woke up. Lu Boyan had already gone to the office. Aunt Liu and a few others were cleaning in the living room.

“Young Madam.” Uncle Xu walked up to her. “Do you want me to heat up some breakfast for you?”

“No need.” Su Jianan promised to send lunch to Jiang Shaokai. She walked into the kitchen rolling up her sleeves. “I’m not very hungry. I shall just eat lunch.”

However, she would not eat lunch at home. She made lunch and brought it to the hospital to eat with Jiang Shaokai.

“How loyal.” Jiang Shaokai drank the thick white soup. “I haven’t taken the risk to save you for nothing.”

He had always salivated over Su Jianan’s dishes. He said that he would find a wife who could cook just like Su Jianan after he tasted her cooking the first time.

Su Jianan poured out all the soup in the thermos and gave it to Jiang Shaokai. “It replenishes the blood. Drink more.”

Jiang Shaokai did not reject the soup. He said while he drank it, “Oh right, have you heard? The murderer that kidnapped us was beaten up badly in the detention center and almost died.”

“Shouldn’t a criminal like him be closed in solitary confinement?” Su Jianan was startled. “How did he get beaten up?”

Jiang Shaokai shrugged. “I don’t know about this. Captain Yan told me when he came to visit this morning.”

Su Jianan would not feel bad no matter how badly the psychopathic murderer was beaten up. After lunch with Jiang Shaokai, she kept their utensils. Jiang Shaokai saw what she was doing and asked, “You’re going home now?”

“I’m going to buy groceries to make you fish soup tonight.”

Jiang Shaokai’s eyes brightened. “Then go quickly. Go go go! Oh right, buy more. Luo Xiaoxi might come for food.”

Su Jianan drove to the seafood market and bought two live fish. She gave them to the chef to clean when she got home and made a pot of fresh fish soup personally. Luo Xiaoxi indeed called and told her to make more food and bring it to the hospital. She was going to continue playing fruit ninja with Jiang Shaokai.

When Lu Boyan knocked off and returned home at about six, there was fish soup, a meat and a vegetable dish that were steaming hot placed on the table. He knew from a glance that Su Jianan had made them but she was nowhere to be seen.

Uncle Xu approached him and said, “Young Madam went to send food to Mr. Jiang at the hospital.”

“Has she been home all day?”

Uncle Xu said with an awkward expression. “No, this afternoon… Young Madam also sent food to Mr. Jiang.”

That meant that she had spent most of her time being busy for Jiang Shaokai.

Lu Boyan loosened his tie but still felt uncomfortable. He took off his tie and gave it to Uncle Xu, “Did she say when she’ll be back?”

Uncle Xu shook his head and said, “No.”

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes.

He was her husband, but she had without saying a word, ran off to eat dinner with another man.

Is it because he didn’t do anything, so she did not sense that they were husband and wife?

Or was it like what Shen Yuechuan said, that the person she liked for many years was Jiang Shaokai?

After eating dinner at the hospital, Su Jianan and Luo Xiaoxi went to the nearby streets to shop. As such, she returned very late. Uncle Xu and the servants had retired but she did not expect Lu Boyan to be waiting for her at the door.

He was still wearing his s.h.i.+rt and pants from the day. His expression was dark and she felt uneasy for some reason. “Lu Boyan, you… why are you standing at the door?”

“Why did you come back so late?” Lu Boyan looked at the time. It was past 11. “Does Jiang Shaokai need you to accompany him until this time?”


Without waiting for Su Jianan to say anything, Lu Boyan suddenly reached out and pushed her against the wall…

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