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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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After the last bar on the bar street rejected Luo Xiaoxi, she finally understood that she had really been banned by Lu Boyan.

“d.a.m.n it!” Luo Xiaoxi grew mad at the manager and said, “I’m Luo Xiaoxi! The daughter of Luo Enterprises’ CEO, Luo Xiaoxi!” Do you know that stopping me from entering is stopping you guys from earning money?”

“Ms. Luo…”The manager looked at her awkwardly, “Mr. Lu has ordered us to bar you from entering. We…we have no choice as well. Luo Enterprises shouldn’t be offended, but Lu Enterprises should not be offended even more!” They would rather not earn Luo Xiaoxi’s money…

Luo Xiaoxi could not bear to make things difficult for the manager anymore and got into her new sportscar angrily. She sped all the way to find Su Jianan.

Su Jianan did not care about it at all and only said, “Luo Xiaoxi, unrequited love cannot be the reason for you to drink until you’re drunk every night. Can’t you go do something serious? My brother’s girlfriends are all able to be a little woman and a successful career woman at the same time. You’re not even within the criteria that he likes, how would he choose you?”

“I don’t need to be a successful career woman.” Luo Xiaoxi hummed and then said, “Actually, I have long concluded that your brother’s ex-girlfriends are those who s.h.i.+ne brightly. Jianan, if I can also s.h.i.+ne brightly, do you think he will notice me?”

Jianan paused for a moment and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Luo Xiaoxi and said, “I’ll tell you in the future.”

With that, she ran away like a gust of wind.

Su Jianan knew Luo Xiaoxi too well and only thought that she was seized by a whim. Luo Xiaoxi could do anything, and she would not be surprised by anything earth-shattering. But whether she could last until the end…that was hard to say.

Once she got bored with it and she discovered something novel and fun, she would give up. Giving up were just two words to her.

The only thing she had persisted in was liking Su Yicheng.

Su Jianan did not know whether it was Su Yicheng’s fortune or misfortune.

She only saw Luo Xiaoxi again three days later.

Su Jianan had just knocked off when Luo Xiaoxi called. “Remember to watch Huanan TV tonight at 8!”

“Don’t tell me you got into trouble and was interviewed.” Su Jianan could only think of this possibility.

Luo Xiaoxi laughed secretively, “You’ll know then! Remember to tune in!”

Su Jianan suddenly felt a little antic.i.p.ative. She changed into comfortable home clothes and sat on the sofa with a large cup of ice cream. She switched on the television and flipped to Huanan TV.

The tv station was…streaming a modeling compet.i.tion live!

Su Jianan almost choked on her ice cream as she stared at the television screen incredulously. She then saw Luo Xiaoxi emerging from the back stage.

She was wearing a bikini that showed off her good figure. She walked on the catwalk confidently and bubbly. The brilliant smile on her face was a little cold and seductive and the male judge below the stage stared at her, mesmerized.

Luo Xiaoxi took out her mobile and called Su Yicheng. “Brother, Huanan TV, Xiaoxi.”

Su Yicheng was still in his office. He switched on the television, and the first thing he saw was Luo Xiaoxi’s slender straight legs. Then, it was her curvy body.

He did not know if the director of the TV station had done it intentionally, he moved the camera to the audience for a few seconds. The men stared at Luo Xiaoxi and swallowed, not hiding the shock and desire in their eyes. Luo Xiaoxi maintained her smile on stage, and wherever she looked, the spot would grow noisy and she would smile even more happily.

She enjoyed such raw adulation?


The television remote was crushed by Su Yicheng. He ripped off the plug of the television viciously.


“Brother, can you please accept Luo Xiaoxi?” Su Jianan sighed. “She said she wanted to s.h.i.+ne brilliantly for you to see. Please, she already has quite a few bright spots. Don’t make her keep digging for them.”

Su Yicheng sat on the sofa and ma.s.saged his temples. “She’ll lose all interest soon. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried about her.” Su Jianan prompted Su Yicheng intentionally. “I’m just worried about that circle. It is as dirty underneath as it is bright on the surface. There were so many men who wanted to prey on Luo Xiaoxi who was young and fresh. You know that. Anyway, you figure it out.”

Su Jianan hung up. Luo Xiaoxi had already finished her catwalk and other models partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion walked out. Their figures and appearance were all stunning, but Luo Xiaoxi shone brighter.

Luo Xiaoxi seemed as if she really shone on the stage. She attracted the eyes of everyone and amazed everyone.

Su Jianan dug into her ice cream and thought, perhaps Luo Xiaoxi had really found her right straight?

“Young Madam,” Uncle Xu walked up to her and said, “A man with the surname Su is here to look for you. He said that he’s your father.”

Su Hongyuan!

Su Jianan put down her ice cream and looked out of the door warily. She said after a while, “Let him in.”

She did not know why Su Hongyuan would come to find her at a time like this, but she believed that Su Hongyuan would not dare to hurt her in the Lu’s house.

Su Hongyuan smiled as he entered wearing an expensive suit. He said, “Jianan, the sayings were right. Girls would always side their husbands. Even I, your father has to press on the doorbell and get your agreement before I can enter.”

“Mr. Su, you’ve remembered wrongly, haven’t you?” Su Jianan smiled coldly and continued, “I already told you at the charity gala that day that we no longer have any relations.h.i.+p. It is rather funny that you call yourself my father now.”

“You sent Yuanyuan to jail on the charge of leaking the privacy of others, and used the excuse of a.s.saulting the police to send your aunt there too.” Su Hongyuan’s face darkened. “You’re still angry after this?”

Su Jianan heard the underlying current and said, “You’re here to get me to retract my charges and let them return home? If that’s really the case, I…”

She would definitely not agree to it!

“Of course not.” Su Hongyuan smiled and interrupted Su Jianan. “I’m here to tell you that you and Lu Boyan do not have to continue acting any longer.”

Su Jianan hid her shock and kept her gaze calmly on Su Hongyuan as if she had not understood what she was hearing. There was not a hint of emotion that was revealed on her face.

“Jianan, you’re really like your mother. You’re even more outstanding than her.” Su Hongyuan said. “Look, if I did not know about it, I would have been tricked by your expression.”

Su Jianan remained calm and said, “What do you know? Would you mind sharing with me?”

“You and Lu Boyan do not have feelings for each other. You only got married, I guess, to scare me.” Su Hongyuan said, his eyes fixed on Su Jianan. “Are all the things I said correct?”

“I don’t even know about all these things.” Su Jianan laughed. “Mr. Su, you’re really well-informed.”

“I know you studied criminal psychology abroad. Don’t try to wage a psychological war with me.” Su Hongyuan lost his patience and said with a frosty expression. “Will I come look for you without evidence?”

He had something in his hands!

Su Jianan understood Su Hongyuan. He would never fight a battle he was not confident in. She only wanted to know where Su Hongyuan heard that she and Lu Boyan would divorce in two years.

Su Hongyuan took out his mobile and played a phone recording.

“Lu Boyan promised me personally that he and Su Jianan would divorce in two years.”

“I don’t want to see Lu Boyan have such a hard time acting as if he were in love.”

Han Ruoxi’s voice was very cold and seemed to be mocking Su Jianan with every single word.

Su Jianan looked down and something seemed to flash past her eyes.

She admitted defeat in this confrontation with Su Hongyuan. She had lost to Han Ruoxi’s statement, “Lu Boyan is very tired.”

She finally knew that Lu Boyan did not care about her. He was just acting very realistically.

Furthermore, he was really tired of acting.

Su Hongyuan saw Su Jianan looking down and lit a cigar. He said in the manner of someone who was in control of the situation, “I suspected the truth behind your marriage, but I have never thought that Lu Boyan would be willing to marry you and lie to me, and would act so well. However, it seems now that the person he truly loves is Han Ruoxi. He’s only just giving you two years. I almost believed that he really cared about you.

“Jianan, you and Yicheng cannot win against me!” A ferocious expression appeared on Su Hongyuan’s hypocritical face. He stood up and said, “Yicheng cannot suppress my Su Enterprises! Also, nine years ago, I was the one who let your auntie appear before your mother.”

Su Jianan’s mother was ill then. The doctor had instructed not to aggravate her but Su Hongyuan had intentionally made Jiang Xueli appear before her?

Su Jianan understood something and she leaped at him, her eyes red. “You did it intentionally. You wanted to kill my mother intentionally!”

Su Hongyuan laughed sinisterly like an antagonist who had gotten his desire and left.

Hatred soared in Su Jianan’s heart, filling it completely. If she had a knife in her hands, she might even rush up and stab Su Hongyuan.

But her rationale would not allow her to do so. Her chest rose and fell violently and she felt as if she could not breathe.

Tears suddenly flowed from her eyes.

She did not know if it was because of her mother’s death.

Or because of the statement, “Lu Boyan is very tired of acting.”

This was the first time Uncle Xu saw Su Jianan crying. He hurried over with the phone and said, “Young Madam, Young Master is looking for you.”

“Tell him I’m busy.”

She wiped the tears off her face and ran upstairs.

Actually, Lu Boyan was the one who was really busy. He was in the middle of his meeting when Uncle Xu suddenly called and said that Su Hongyuan had come. He did not know what Su Hongyuan said, but Su Jianan was behaving oddly. He asked Uncle Xu to pa.s.s the phone to Su Jianan.

“Young Master, Young Madam doesn’t want to answer the phone. Uncle Xu said awkwardly. “You think of another way to contact her?”

Lu Boyan frowned and then hung up the phone and announced that the meeting has ended for now. Then, he took his mobile and left the meeting room.

A bunch of overseas workers looked confusedly at Shen Yuechuan who had just hurried to New York from Nepal. They asked him with their eyes, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing!” Shen Yuechuan said with a smile. “Everyone has times when they miss their wives, right? Furthermore, our Boss is still a newlywed.”

The news of Lu Boyan’s marriage had spread both in and outside the country. Everyone’s expression became one of understanding.

They were newlyweds, and it was normal for them to feel that being apart for a few days was like being apart for a few years.

To Lu Boyan right now, every pa.s.sing second indeed felt like years.

Su Jianan refused to answer his call and she did not pick up her mobile when he called.

Lu Boyan’s frown grew deeper. His heart felt as if it was being wrung by an invisible hand. He felt annoyed and anxious for some reason.

His fingers scrolled on the mobile screen and he dialed Su Jianan’s number again…

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