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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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A while later, the waiter sent a box of things over. Luo Xiaoxi opened the box and found out that they all were white cigarettes, slim and long.

Somebody asked her whether she would like to take one and said that that thing would make her happy. She nodded confusedly. Then that guy handed one over and also lightened it up for her. “Have you ever used it before?”

She shook her head. That person taught her patiently, from inhaling to puffing out the smoking rings. He also said, “You are very beautiful. You must be extremely s.e.xy and glamorous when you smoke.”


Luo Xiaoxi smiled, wasn’t that kind of glamorous but not coquettish women that Su Yicheng was falling for!

She shoved forward and sucked one puff in brutally. Then she felt as if totally falling into another world.

Her head was dizzy. All of a sudden, the light was blurred and dreamy. The human faces which were close at hand became somewhat not clear. All the voices turned into background music, noisy and far-away.

For this moment, the only thing that was clear was herself. It seemed that she was the only one existing in the world.

However, she didn’t know who had taken away all the strength of her legs. She was totally weak and feeble. It seemed there had been a pair of hands beneath her body which was lifting her up, lifting her up…

She was away from everything, from this world and from the pain of watching Su Yicheng and other women go together in pairs.

It felt so good…

The moment when Qin Wei came back, he saw Luo Xiaoxi lying on the sofa and holding a lighting cigarette. A strange and distracting smile was on her face. Her charming and fascinating figure was fully shown. The looks on several men showed that they were anxious to rush to her.

He did not have time to care about the wounds in the corner of his mouth and howled with prominent veins. “Which motherf**ker did this!”

The man who gave the “cigarette” to Luo Xiaoxi shrugged his shoulders and replied. “It was this girl herself who would like to try it out!”


Qin Wei s.n.a.t.c.hed the cigarette away, snuffed it and knocked it on the tea table for a few times. As expected, some fine powder was pouring out.

His face changed color all of a sudden. He hit the man right on the face with one fist. “F**k you, I told you she’s my sister! Let me show you what will happen to you if you still cannot understand human language next time!”

He held the s.p.a.ced-out Luo Xiaoxi up. At that right moment, Luo Xiaoxi’s mobile rang.

It was tough for her to still know that it was a call from Luo Xiaoxi. She could barely hold her mobile steady after she was connected and said a few lines. The mobile fell on the ground with a bang. She started to cough all of a sudden. Qin Wei patted her face and said, “Are you feeling lousy or not? Do you know who I am? Luo Xiaoxi, stay with me!”

“Lao Qin, were you not super awesome before?” Someone made fun of Qin Wei. “How little was the thing inside the cigarette? What are you f**king anxious for?”

“What the f**k do you know?” Qin Wei roared furiously. “She has not tried it before!”

Neither was Luo Xiaoxi that kind of person.

She was just too sad today, so sad that she needed to escape from reality with whatever something.

Luo Xiaoxi opened her eyes all of a sudden and smiled at Qin Wei. For herself, she didn’t even know how similar she was to a coquettish young girl when she smiled like that. A group of people whistled and asked one after another, “Elder Qin, Can I take care of your sister tonight?”

“You all get the f**k off!”

Qin Wei regretted taking Luo Xiaoxi here for drinking. This poor girl could make more trouble than anybody else.

Soon Su Jianan arrived. The driver had already informed the manager of this bar in advance. The moment when she walked in, she was led by the waiter to locate Luo Xiaoxi out instantly.

“Yo? Lao Qin, is she your the other sister?”

Seeing Su Jianan who was without any make-up and yet unworldly, a group of men kicked up a fuss instantly, yelled at Qin Wei and urged him to introduce her. They made no disguise of their l.u.s.t at all.

Qin Wei sneered at heart. He did not tell this group of people who Su Jianan was. If they dared to hit on her and then they still could carry on in City A, then he would write his last name upside down!

Su Jianan was not interested in these people in the bar at all. She lifted Luo Xiaoxi up. “Uncle Qian, kindly give me a hand.”

“Hey, don’t go!” The somewhat more courageous one went forward and intercepted Su Jianan. “Beauty, since you already come, you have a drink with us before leaving.”

Uncle Qian helped to hold Luo Xiaoxi up with his one hand and he already had gripped the men’s hands with his other hand. “Young man, our Young Madam is not the one who you can hit on.”

Even Su Jianan didn’t know that Uncle Qian would be that skillful and she was left speechless quietly. While for the young man, he was reluctant to lose to an old man who seemed to be of over fifty years old and he called his bad companions over to help him give Uncle Qian a good lesson.

The group of men probably thought that they would definitely beat Uncle Qian. They were eager to move forward. Su Jianan was afraid of Uncle Qian’s getting hurt. She thought she would show out Lu Boyan if she had no choice, which would still daunt these people more or less.

Right at the moment—

With a bang, there came a sound of broken bone, which was succeeded by men’s miserable cries.

It was not Uncle Qian who had raised his hands. Su Jianan was at a lost for a moment. She looked over and found out that it actually was Su Yicheng who was followed by a few bodyguards of Lu Boyan’s.

“Brother?” She was confused. “How did you end up being with them?”

Su Yicheng glanced at Luo Xiaoxi with no expressions in his deep eyes. “You take her out at first.”

Hearing Su Yicheng’s voice, Luo Xiaoxi opened her eyes suddenly and threw herself at Su Yicheng. “Su Yicheng, everyone says you are awesome. Could you please turn the time back to when I was at Junor Two?”

She met Su Yicheng for the first time when she was at Junior Two and fell for him at first sight, which however had cost her whole life.

If the time could have been dated back, if she had known that she would lead such a painful and degenerative life in the following ten years, she would definitely choose not to run into Su Yicheng.

It would be better if she had never run into him in her entire life.

“Could you please let me go back to the time?” She smiled with tears in her eyes and promised devoutly. “I promise I won’t run out to see you and you also do not need to endure my hounding for so many years. Let us go back together and be strangers to each other. So that I could fall for other people…”

This was the first time that Luo Xiaoxi had cried in the presence of Su Yicheng. While Su Yicheng hated seeing Luo Xiaoxi this way, those lines “Be strangers and then she could fall for other people” of hers were extremely irritating.

“Luo Xiaoxi.” He pinched her beautiful cheek. “If you think that I would love you dearly if you are insulting yourself in this way, then you are wrong. You buying wines, drinking, and smoking would only make me loathe you more.”

Luo Xiaoxi let go of Su Yicheng. She cried one moment and laughed the next. She was like a delicate rag doll going out of control.

Su Jianan suddenly felt sorry for Luo Xiaoxi.

She heard a lot of people declare with below lines, I have no regret over loving him once, if going back once again, I would still choose to be in love with him, which though would be of no result at all.

But these words could only be uttered by the people who had got what they’d wanted once. Only they were qualified to say that.

For ten years, Luo Xiaoxi had no choice but to see Su Yicheng hanging out with his girlfriends one after another. She had never got the number slip of love from beginning to end.

She finally spoke out the words of giving up today. Maybe she was really so painful that she was tired.

Su Jianan put her arms around Luo Xiaoxi and went out. No sooner had she arrived at the doorway than she heard the sounds of fighting and smas.h.i.+ng. She disregarded it and placed Luo Xiaoxi in the back seat with Uncle Qian’s help. However, Luo Xiaoxi was restless. She was like a child who was losing her temper, kicking and screaming capriciously at the back seat.

“Su Yicheng, I want to go back…”

“I don’t want to get to know you anymore. Loving you is no fun at all and there are no possibilities, even for just a little bit…”

“Su Yicheng, Su Yicheng, Su Yicheng…”

Till the time when Su Yicheng came out, Luo Xiaoxi was still crying out his names. He gave her a slight look. “Jianan, you take her back to your home. Don’t leave her alone tonight.”

“Are you worried about her?”

Su Yicheng smiled disdainfully. “The cigarette she had taken is the one with good stuff added. What I am worried about is that she may kill herself arrogantly.”

Su Jianan’s look changed all of a sudden. She asked. “Who gave that to her?”

With his smile stained with dark coldness, Su Yicheng replied. “Of course it was those so-called “brother” of hers.”

“I cannot take her back to my home and accompany her crying for the whole night if she continues acting like that. You give her a good coaxing.” Su Jianan said.

Of course, Su Yicheng would not say yes. He turned around and walked away. Su Jianan took his hands. “Can’t you just be tender-hearted towards her once in a while? She now is not sober and she won’t hound you.”

Su Yicheng thought for a long a time while scowling his eyebrows before he finally got on Lu Boyan’s car. He got off the car soon. Su Jianan didn’t know what had he done to Luo Xiaoxi. But Luo Xiaoxi had already stopped kicking and screaming. She was sleeping like a baby.

At that time, Qin Wei just came out from the bar. Fearing that he could not help himself going forward and fighting with Su Yicheng, he ignored him and went towards Su Jianan straightly. “When they gave the cigarette to her, it happened that I was not around. If I had known that, I would definitely not let her take the f**king cigarette.”

Su Jianan nodded. “I will take care of Xiaoxi tonight. Don’t worry.”

She did not intend to settle with Qin Wei. Luo Xiaoxi did have mentioned with her about Qin Wei more or less. According to her saying, for Qin Wei, he was not the same as other wretched men. At least, he had never thought of entrapping her.

“OK, I will set my mind at rest if she is taken care of by you.” Qin Wei glanced at Luo Xiaoxi inside the car and went off after picking up his own car.

Till then did Su Jianan walk to the front of Su Yicheng and said, “Brother, Why did you come together with Lu Boyan’s bodyguards?”

“Oh”. Uncle Qian uttered out a sound and explained. “Young Madam, I was afraid that something would happen. So I contacted Young Master while we were still on the way.”

Su Yicheng said, “It was Lu Boyan who asked me to bring his people over.”

For no reason at all, Su Jianan thought of the way how Lu Boyan squinted his eyes. She was almost trembling with fear.

Before Lu Boyan went through the checkpoint, he had already warned her not to run around. Then she turned around and went to the bar directly. If Lu Boyan had been in City A, he would have definitely flipped her forehead into swollen status.

Fortunately, now he was in the air!

Su Jianan thought she had already been off the hook and let out a long sigh of relief. “I will take Xiaoxi back to my home first.”

Su Yicheng pulled the car door open for Su Jianan. He unconsciously glanced at Luo Xiaoxi who was sleeping soundly. Before Su Jianan found it out, he had already retrieved his sight with no trace left. He didn’t get on his own car until he saw Su Jianan’s car on the way.

However, he did not drive off right away.

He opened the sunroof, took a cigarette out and lighted it up. Soon his a.s.sistant came out of the bar and got on the car. “I have figured it out. What had been mixed in the cigarette was just a pretty ordinary one, which would not cause any influence to Ms. Luo’s body. The dose was pretty small. You don’t need to worry about the problem of her being addictive.”

Su Yicheng replied with a “Hum” and lighted up another cigarette. His dark eyes looked pretty like the dark night outside the window, which was too profound to be understood.

“Brother Cheng, it is not that I am now meddling with your business.” His a.s.sistant said with his face wrinkled into a ball, “You have been smoking more and more mercilessly in recent days, which all at once goes back to what you did when we first started our company. If you continue smoking like this, you will be infected with lung cancer. Should I tell your sister about this, shouldn’t I?”

Su Yicheng was at a loss. Then he squashed out the cigarette smilingly.

All knew the fact that it was Su Jianan whom he loved the most and also the one he feared the most. In this world, Only Su Jianan could hold him back.

Back to the time when he first started his company, he was so stressed that he consumed two packs of cigarettes a day. People in his company all thought that if he continued smoking in this way, it was definite that he would lose his life to cigarette before he turned 45 years old. After Su Jianan knew about that, she took him to one place. When he came back, he almost quitted smoking.

No one knew what Su Jianan had done to him. However, people in the whole company all got one point: Only Su Jianan could hold him back.

He now thought back the means which Su Jianan had adopted to force him to quit smoking a few years ago. It came to him suddenly that actually, it was pretty pitiable of Lu Boyan to marry his sister…

Of course, that would only refer to the situation when he was tortured by Su Jianan.

“Xiao Chen, wake me up when we get home.”

He closed his eyes and slept in the backseat. Xiao Chen started the car soundlessly and drove him home.

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