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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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They arrived at the airport soon. The driver took Lu Boyan’s luggage to check in and while Su Jianan slumped inside the car, not willing to get off.

If she got off the car to see him off, it would seem that she was reluctant to let Lu Boyan go. She would definitely not get off the car!

Standing outside the car door and staring at Su Jianan with his eyes squinted, Lu Boyan did not say any words. However, Su Jianan felt somewhere chilling in her back inexplicably. Finally, she got off the car obediently.

“Do good in the end, send Buddha to the west!”

Holding her hands tightly, Lu Boyan walked towards the VIP Channel.

People were hurrying to and forth in the airport. From the elder lady whose age was over 40 to the sweet little girl less than 4 years old, they all looked at Lu Boyan affectionately the moment they saw him. Their eyes were both filled greatly with pinky light. However, when it came to Su Jianan who was beside him, their looks all turned into heated murderous ones instantly.

Su Jianan deemed herself so innocent. It was indeed Lu Boyan who had dragged her inside…

With the checkpoint drawing more and more closer, Su Jianan suddenly felt somewhat melancholy while looking at the men and women who said goodbye to their lovers with their eyes dimmed with tears.

This time he would leave for seven days. It was neither long nor short, however, it would be long enough to cause a storm of waves or whatever else.

Seeing Su Jianan going absent-minded, Lu Boyan scowled his eyebrows, dragged her upfront and warned her once again. “Don’t run around, don’t meet with Su Hongyuan alone in person.”

Su Jianan nodded and replied. “I do remember them.”

She was all obedient and tamed. But, the more she acted out like that, the more anxious Lu Boyan felt.

He didn’t believe that Su Jianan would be that obedient and do as what she’d been told.

Su Jianan felt somewhat uncomfortable by his staring and she blinked her eyes. “Don’t act it like it was separation and death. You go aboard for 7 days and that’s all.”

Lu Boyan smiled pleasantly. “Did you secretively calculate them out?”

Su Jianan tilted her head. “Brother Boyan, you definitely didn’t know the fact that I had always been ranked at the first place in mathematics!”

Did she need to secretively calculate them out? She didn’t even need to do the calculation, OK?

Lu Boyan quirked up the corner of his mouth and suddenly held the back of her head tightly. No sooner did Su Jianan feel lost all at once than the warm and soft sense of touch was spread between her eyebrows.

For this exact instant, it seemed that there had been a jolt of electricity current creeping through her body with “Chi, Chi, Chi” sounds. She could barely react at all.

“Wait for me till I come back.”

With his deep and charming voice, Lu Boyan was like a beautiful whirlwind which was rotating on and on in front of Su Jianan. Feeling herself being almost absorbed in, Su Jianan nodded her head confusedly.

Lu Boyan smiled, let go of her hands and went through the checkpoint.

Till the time when Su Jianan was completely sober, Lu Boyan had gone far away. Looking at his figure, she shuddered suddenly.

It was too horrible. In that instant a moment ago, it seemed that she had been drugged by Lu Boyan. If Lu Boyan had said “Give me your heart” at that time, she would supposedly have consented without any hesitation.

No, no, it could not go on in this way!

On her way back, Su Jianan gave Luo Xiaoxi a call. The moment when she was put through, the deafening dance music and men’s noise poured into her ears first. She frowned and asked, “Luo Xiaoxi, where are you?”

“Ba—bar!” Luo Xiaoxi howled excitedly over the phone. “Why did you have time to call me? Usually at this time, should you not be dating with your Boss Lu in a romantic atmosphere?”

There was something wrong with Luo Xiaoxi’s voices. She appeared to be too excited.

Su Jianan suddenly had a presentiment of trouble in her head and asked, “Which bar are you in? And with whom?”

“Qin Wei, the one who danced with me together on that day when you got married. He now was my buddy!” Luo Xiaoxi could not even utter a word out clearly, “I’m at ‘Muse’, are you coming over?”

With a sound of “bang”, Su Jianan could not hear Luo Xiaoxi’s voice anymore. What she heard instead was Luo Xiaoxi coughing heavily by fits and a few men beside her calling out. “All would be like this for the first time! You would be fine next time!”

She hung up the phone. “Uncle Qian, drive me to the ‘Muse’ Bar on Hengyuan Road.”

“That, Young Madam…”

Obviously, Lu Boyan had exhorted Uncle Qian with something. His face showed signs of reluctance.

“My friend had an accident there. I was just seeking her out and I won’t put you on the spot.” Su Jianan said very rashly, “If you don’t drive me over, and then drop me off at the front and I will order a car instead.”

Uncle Qian dared more not to drop Su Jianan off here and he had to say, “Young Madam, I will drive you over, but I have to follow behind you.”

Su Jianan nodded. “OK. Could you drive faster?”

She was really concerned about Luo Xiaoxi.

Ever since her falling for Su Yicheng, not only did Luo Xiaoxi learn drinking in the bar, but also she mastered the wine buying and drinking adeptly. Judging from her voice a moment ago, she seemed to have learned something new whatsoever.

For Luo Xiaoxi, she actually was afraid of pain and death. Moreover, she held pa.s.sions for beauty. Unless she was broken-hearted completely, never would she go for the wine buying and drinking to harm herself.

She played it to such extent this time. Something must have happened between Su Yicheng and her again.

Su Jianan was right to the point.

Two hours ago, World Garden Hote—

It was after Luo Xiaoxi had been sitting in the room idly for a half day that the pressing doorbell started to go off. Qin Wei signaled her to open the door.

She gave Qin Wei a hard look and loosened the bathrobe on her body. Pulling her hair into a messy status, she then pulled the door open lazily. “Lady, who are you looking for?”

There was a girl standing outside the door that was pet.i.te but with delicate features. Carrying a Chanel bag in her hands, she asked, “Is Qin Wei inside?” Her eyes brimmed with tears.

“Oh, he is taking a shower now.” Luo Xiaoxi turned her head lazily and shouted. “Qin Wei, someone is looking for you, a beauty.”

The girl cried and shouted backward with her misty eyes. “Cousin! You come and have a look!”

A woman walked over. Luo Xiaoxi uttered out a “F**k” in her heart quietly.

What the f**k, to her surprise, the cousin of Qin Wei’s girlfriend was actually Su Yicheng’s girlfriend, the woman who had worn the suits of Dior to an exceedingly fascinating extent in the bar, the one who had leaned on Su Yicheng and whispered to him intimately.

It was doomed and over. The game now was out of control.

But since that she had agreed to help Qin Wei fabricate the impression that they two had already booked a room to get rid of his little girlfriend, she could only brace herself to go on.

The cousin was calm. “Lili, let it go. He is indeed having an affair now. Men like this aren’t worthy of your heart.”

Lili was not willing to accept that. She lifted her hands and intended to hit Luo Xiaoxi.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Luo Xiaoxi closed the door lightly and pinched Lili’s hands tightly between the door and the frame. “Little Sister, don’t act rashly. If anything happens to you, I won’t take responsibility. Keep calm and talk things out!”

“You are shameless!” Lili called out her names loudly while bursting into tears. “Qin Wei is my boyfriend and you still hook up with him. You are such a shameless couple!”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled. “Why does it matter if you are together? As long as I like him, I would still move in on him even if you were married. Little Sister, you are so fragile. You better go home and find a dummy.”

Lili shouted and pushed the door forcibly, “Qin Wei! Qin Wei! You get out!”

It was also horrible of the little sister to explode like this way. Even Luo Xiaoxi could not hold her back. For a few times, the door was almost pushed open by her. Luo Xiaoxi then pushed it back desperately. Then unconsciously she saw Su Yicheng standing a little way off.

She was over. She was indeed doomed this time.

With Luo Xiaoxi forgetting to exert herself, Lili pushed the door open right away. The hard door plank hit on her forehead. But she just could not feel anything at all.

Qin Wei glared. “Luo Xiaoxi, you being that high, is it just wasting away? Where is your strength?”

Lili rushed in at this time and lifted up her hands, intending to give Luo Xiaoxi a slap. Seeing Luo Xiaoxi not responding at all, Qin Wei thought she had been hit into foolishness and came over to catch Lili’s hands straightly. Then he pushed the little girl away relentlessly.

Lili was incredulous. “Qin Wei, you…”

“You and I were no more than playing games.” Qin Wei totally didn’t take Lili seriously at all. “That night when I took you to book a room, I had said the same words to you and you also promised that you would never haunt me later on. Then what is it now you acting in this way?”

“Lili, have you seen him through yet? He is totally a sc.u.m.” The cousin was agitated. She dragged Lili away. “Don’t you keep him in mind in the future and you will not see him again!”

The sobbing Lili was dragged into the elevator. Still, Luo Xiaoxi was not responding at all. It was till then that Qin Wei found her staring at the man outside the door.

That man was Su Yicheng who was widely known to the whole City A. For all these so many years, is it Su Yicheng that Luo Xiaoxi had been falling head over heels for?

Qin Wei got some interest. He stepped back and looked on.

Su Yicheng walked over. “Luo Xiaoxi, I thought you were just unprincipled. Never did I think you even don’t have your bottom line.”

Luo Xiaoxi shook her head and intended to explain something, only to hear Su Yicheng sneer. “You can fall for someone and book a room to sleep with some other else at the same time?”

“It’s enough.” Qin Wei could not bear it anymore and came forward to drag Luo Xiaoxi back. Before he could say further, Su Yicheng already had taken a swing at him and hit right at his cheek.


Su Yicheng forced one line out from the split between his teeth. “This is for Lili.”


Qin Wei clenched his fist and burst forward with his eyes burning. Neither did Su Yicheng step back. His eyes suddenly became sharp and fierce. Luo Xiaoxi knew him too well. It was a signal of fighting to the end.

Luo Xiaoxi hugged Qin Wei without any hesitation. “No, let it go. Qin Wei, let’s just forget it, alright?”

Her eyes were already burning red. This was the first time that Qin Wei had seen her imploring with someone bitterly. Her slight shoulders were trembling slightly. Though she was 173 centimeters high, she looked so desperate and helpless.

Her cowardice made him furious. He dragged her back to the room and closed the room door with a bang.

Finally, as if having lost all of her strength, Luo Xiaoxi collapsed on the floor. Tears ran down drop by drop. The position where her heart had been was so cold as if it had been covered by snow.

“What are you crying for?” Qin Wei extracted a tissue out to wipe her face clean. “I have not settled with you yet. What do you mean by forbidding me to hit him back? Should I be beaten by him in vain?”

“…” Luo Xiaoxi dried her tears and burst into laughter suddenly.

“Luo Xiaoxi, you can’t do this.” Qin Wei was p.i.s.sed off. “You can’t do me wrong simply because you like him, can you?”

“Come on.” Luo Xiaoxi gave Qin Wei a despising look. “Are you still wronged after that delicately pretty little girl had been sleeping with you for one whole night? He has practiced close combat before and you are not his opponent. I am doing this for the sake of you!”

“I don’t give a d.a.m.n about it!” Qin Wei touched the corner of his lip and grimaced in pain, “You have to make it up to me.”

“I will buy you drinks. There will be bunches of girls waiting for you in the bar.”

“I am not going.” He knew what Luo Xiaoxi was thinking.

With her eyes turning red again, she said, “You just accompany me there. Not only did he hate me this time, but also he would definitely think that I was extremely dirty and low, I…”

“Go, go, go!” Qin Wei slammed out of the door grumpily. “Get changed and I will take you there!”

When they arrived at the Muse Bar which was well known in City A, they ran into a bunch of Qin Wei’s fair weather friends. Qin Wei introduced Luo Xiaoxi as his sister. Then this bunch of people got it instantly and stopped hitting on Luo Xiaoxi. They ordered various kinds of wines, placed them on the table and played the games, whoever lost would drink.

Luo Xiaoxi was not familiar with these games and she was losing continuously. The men who were more gracefully said, “Xiaoxi, you just finish one-third of the drink. You being that beautiful, we are willing to be taken advantage of by you.”

Luo Xiaoxi waved her hands right away. “Men and women are equal!” Then she drank up a whole gla.s.s of Hennessy.

“You are such a tough girl!”

A group of people exclaimed one after another. They drank more merrily accompanied by the noisy sounds of music in the bar.

Luo Xiaoxi tossed the dice in her hands. She laughed whenever winning, losing, drinking and seeing other people binging. Other people all thought she was happy. But actually, she was too sad.

She was so sad that she blocked her tears in her heart. Daring not to cry, she could only laugh them out and wiped them away.

See, then n.o.body would know she was crying.

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