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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Repaying with her body?

Su Jianan was shocked a bit by herself. With her head shaking as if it were a rattle, she rebuked. “Noooooooo!”

She was doomed. When on earth did she end up so degraded?

“What are you saying no to?” Lu Boyan asked her comfortably.

Su Jianan was at a loss all of a sudden.

She would rather die than let Lu Boyan know what she was thinking about. Or the game would indeed end!

She put on a long face then and said, “Hundreds of millions is too hard for me. What on earth do, do you want me to repay with?”

Looking at her expressively, Lu Boyan quirked up the corner of his mouth and replied. “I will give you the answer in the future.”

All of a sudden, Su Jianan felt that Lu Boyan was a hunter who had successfully trapped his prey. The reason why he was staring at his little prey tenderly was not that he had wanted to set it free, but that he was thinking over how to fully take advantage of the little prey in one time…

She was all trembling—when she was back to the office, she would definitely get even with Jiang Shaokai! If not for Jiang Shaokai, how could she have ended up as Lu Boyan’s little prey?

After she was back to the police bureau, she saw Jiang Shaokai watching some doc.u.ment with his long legs crossed. Su Jianan went over and s.n.a.t.c.hed the doc.u.ment over. Replying with a “yoho”, Jiang Shaokai stared at her up and down and said, “What has Lu Boyan done to you?”

“He wants me to make compensation.” Su Jianan told Jiang Shaokai that Lu Enterprises had already suffered hundreds of millions’ losses and then she looked at him bitterly. “It’s all your fault! I had already owed him three million. And your one call ended up adding a few more zeros to the number of the debt!”

“You idiot!” Jiang Shaokai despised Su Jianan and replied. “For the sort of person like Lu Boyan, he is always in charge of the initiative and he is the one who has the final say on whether the cooperation deal is done or not. He dumped the cooperation partners like this and ran to your rescue then. When he went back, he would at most apologize to his counterparts and surrender some profit or whatever, and then the whole issue would be over. As for the losses or whatever, he is just hoaxing you. And you actually believe him?”

Su Jianan replied confusedly and asked, “Why would he deceive me?”

“You are so silly that you can be easily hoaxed.”


Su Jianan gave Jiang Shaokai a crack on his head with the doc.u.ments forcibly.

Jiang Shaokai opened the front camera of the mobile and said while putting his hairstyle in order. “As a matter of fact, you should owe me thanks. If it had not been me who had made the call over, shouldn’t you have been able to be certain of the fact that whether Lu Boyan cared about you or not?”

Su Jianan thought of Lu Boyan’s look when he hurried over all of a sudden. For that short moment, he lost all of his consistent elegance and calmness. Anxiety filled all over his eyes. He should be… concerned about her then.

As a matter of fact, every time when she met with a mishap, it was always Lu Boyan who came to her side in time. So were the time when she had been abducted by Brothers of Shao and when she was surrounded on the road by that group of high-school students.

But speaking of the fact that Lu Boyan cared about her, she always held a dreamlike sense.

It seemed that everything around had all become no true at all.

“Now what?” Jiang Shaokai stared at Su Jianan smilingly. “Are you planning to let go of the one you have had a crush on for so many years and s.h.i.+ft your sweet love to Lu Boyan?”

Su Jianan was lost for a moment and then glanced at Jiang Shaokai with hate. “You are indeed such a more and more active gossip.”

She went back to her seat and opened her computer, pretending to continue her report with a brave face put on. Actually, she had her mind fully stuffed with Lu Boyan, Lu Boyan, and Lu Boyan…

How could Jiang Shaokai not see through Su Jianan’s pretending? He sipped an espresso smilingly, while his eyebrows suddenly clinched together.

How f**kingly bitter it was.

But he had been drinking espresso for so many years. How was it today that he started to consider it bitter?

On this exact day, Jiang Shaokai finally was certain of something and also he was forced to give up on something.

Separated with Jiang Shaokai by just one table, however, Su Jianan had no idea about how great the waves she had brought to Jiang Shaokai’s world were.

After leaving office, Su Jianan went back home on time. Aunt Li, the servant came to her hurriedly.

“Young Madam, I was packing up Young Master’s stuff, can you please come upstairs to see whether it is OK? I am not good at packing. It was previously Aunt Liu who had been in charge of this and it happened that Aunt Liu was taking a break today.”

Following Aunt Li into Lu Boyan’s room and taking a look, Su Jianan found out that actually the stuff was packed really in good order, but the relative outfits were completely wrong.

She smiled and said, “Aunt Li, you go and help me find a few transparent clothes bags. You leave this to me.”

As if having seen the savior coming to earth, Aunt Li nodded merrily and went to look for the bags.

Su Jianan put all the clothes in the luggage case back to the locker room and hung them up, rematching out two business suits and one leisure suits.

The moment Lu Boyan was at the room door, he then saw Su Jianan coming out from the locker room with his clothes, casting them all on the bed all at once and then bending over to pack them suits by suits.

She first folded the suits nimbly and matched out the s.h.i.+rts with the ties. Even for the cuff and the pocket square, she even picked them out and placed them ready. She carried out every step so carefully and conscientiously that she had saved a lot of trouble for him.

The golden sunlight poured from The French windows beside her and spread out in the room soundlessly. She was quietly and attentively dealing with his clothes. With the lines of her side face clear and graceful against the sunset and her long and long eyelashes looking like fluttering b.u.t.terflies while blinking, people just could not help getting their heartstrings tugged towards her.

Lu Boyan felt relaxed all over for no reason at all.

If every day afterward was repeated in this similar way, it seemed to be no nuisance at all.

Aunt Li came upstairs with the bags and she saw Lu Boyan standing at the room door instantly. His expression was rarely that soft and comfortable.

For all these years, Lu Boyan was like a working machine which was powered-up for 24 hours. It seemed that he was always busy and his eyebrows were always scowling. It was the first time that he had been that relaxed.

She glanced at Su Jianan inside the room again and suddenly she seemed to have understood something. Handing the bags over to Lu Boyan, she signaled him to give the bags to Su Jianan.

At that time, it happened that Su Jianan had folded all the clothes ready. Still not seeing Aunt Li come over, she urged randomly while lowering her head. “Aunt Li?”

Lu Boyan handed the bags over to Su Jianan. She took the bags over, put the already matched clothes into the bags, one bag for one suits. Then she placed them in the luggage case orderly. Till then did she let out a sigh of relief and stand up. She then saw Lu Boyan all of a sudden.

Her legs falling under her, she almost stumbled on the floor. Lu Boyan held her up agilely with a faint smile playing on his face. “I come back and that’s all. Is it necessary for you to be that happy?”

Having not recovered from the shock, Su Jianan asked, “When did you come back?”

“The time when you are out holding the clothes.”

It was not till Su Jianan thought back carefully and was certain that she had not done anything disgraceful that she let out a sigh of relief. “Aunt Li said she was not that good at packing, then I, just helped her conveniently. Don’t over-think.”

In fact, she did not want to help Aunt Li that much. She was worried that Lu Boyan would act with confusion over there or whatever others…

Lu Boyan circled her waist and cuddled her towards himself. “What would I think from your perspective? Umm?”

Su Jianan strove to push backward, in order to widen the distance between Lu Boyan and herself. However, her face heated up inevitably. She replied. “How would I… know what are you thinking about?”

Breaking herself from Lu Boyan’s trapping lightly, she ran out of the room with her head lowered.

Looking at the little prey’s figure which was like the wind, Lu Boyan raised up the corner of his mouth faintly and he was in an extremely good mood.

With his flight taking off at eight o’clock, he would leave after he finished dinner. The driver was already waiting for him outside. Uncle Xu took Lu Boyan’s luggage case downstairs and asked the servants to place them on the car.

It was until Su Jianan saw Uncle Xu and others busy preparing for Lu Boyan’s departure that she started to realize the fact that Lu Boyan was leaving. While it seemed there had been something surging continuously insider her heart and her heart had been gradually emptied.

How could it end up this?

“Young Master, all is ready.” Uncle Xu walked over and said, “Now you can leave for the airport.”

“Hum.” Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jianan and his little prey was looking at him too. Her crystal clear peachy eyes looked somewhat confused. It seemed that she had not figured out what’d happened.

He held his little prey’s hands and led her outside.

It was until in the car that Su Jianan started to realize. “Lu Boyan, I can’t go with you! I have to go to the office tomorrow!”

Lu Boyan looked at her with his eyebrows scowling. “Seeing me off to the airport and you going to the office tomorrow, are they connected?”

“Ah?” Su Jianan blinked her eyes over. She had thought Lu Boyan was going to abduct her to the U.S…

“Or, do you want to accompany me there?”

“You have overthought!” Su Jianan said with a solemn look, “Why should I accompany you there?”

Lu Boyan smiled and neither did he haggle over with his little prey. He simply asked her then, “Have you kept what I said at noon in your mind yet?”

“What have you said?”

Su Jianan was totally lost.

Regarding at noon, what she remembered the most clearly was that Lu Boyan had scared her that it was due to her that Le Enterprises had suffered hundreds of millions’ losses, which possibly would become her nightmare.

Squinting his eyes and wearing a dangerous look, Lu Boyan pressed on towards Su Jianan. “Have you really forgotten them all?”

The familiar male smell crept towards her. For a few moments, Su Jianan’s brain was in a piece of blankness. Then her heartbeat started to lose control again.

It was until after she had been thinking for a long time that she began to remember dazzled. “You told me not to run about!”

Lu Boyan was a bit of content. “And others?”

“Others?” Su Jianan thought for a while and replied with a “hum”. “Are you going to remind me that I have caused hundreds of million’s losses to Le Enterprises and whatever others? You liar, I have known it all. You actually didn’t suffer that much loss!”

“Who told you that? Was it Jiang Shaokai?”

Lu Boyan doubted that Su Jianan would have become clever all of a sudden.


Su Jianan was silent. But her expression was solemnly like acquiescence.

“You actually would believe in Jiang Shaokai’s words that much?” Lu Boyan pressed on towards Su Jianan closer for a few more distances. His look became more dangerous.

Having got nowhere to step backward, Su Jianan had to push Lu Boyan away. “Of course I trust what he’s said, he is not that bad as you are.”

Neither did Lu Boyan get angry. He clutched Su Jianan’s hands instead. “Where on earth I am bad at? Hum, point them out for me.”

It was indeed vicious of him to behave like a hooligan in the current effortless way. However, where could Su Jianan point towards him?

She straightly pointed in an irresponsible way. “Here, here and here, you are all bad wherever!”

“…” Lu Boyan did not say anything and stared at Su Jianan with a smile on his face.

Su Jianan was confused, Lu Boyan shouldn’t have made a concession that easily. She looked at where she had pointed towards. Her face burned red like a fire instantly.

He eyes must have been blind!

She could have pointed towards his other parts and all would be good. Why did she just point at his that exact part!

Lifting up the corner of his mouth, Lu Boyan said, “Since that you had never used that part, how would you know it is bad?”

The evilness in his voice virtually could make people’s heart pop out of their chest.

“I…” For her entire life, this time was the time when Su Jianan felt the most embarra.s.sed. She closed her eyes and said, “Lu Boyan you go away!”

Lu Boyan looked at his little prey struggled in the corner with interest and he continued teasing her. “How about you trying it out after I am back from the business trip?”

Su Jianan opened her eyes and stared at Lu Boyan with her both cheeks blus.h.i.+ngly. “You are behaving like a hoodlum!”

“It was you who had started it.”

Su Jianan was speechless.

“You think back more carefully about what else I have told you.” Lu Boyan smiled “gently”. “If you still cannot figure it out, then I would do more than behaving like a hoodlum.”

Then could he turn into an authentic hooligan?

Su Jianan trembled and thought over the likewise words of “Don’t run around” for a long while. Then she asked uncertainly, “Come to you if I have problems?”

The look of satisfaction finally appeared on Lu Boyan’s face. He asked, “Would you forget that in the future?”

Su Jianan shook her head hard. After such a drama, let alone in the future, never would she forget it for her entire life.

Lu Boyan stroke the little prey’s head. “Good girl.”

The little prey was speechless.

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