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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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It was true that Su Jianan did fall asleep, but it was just a light one. It was not long before she felt that the car had stopped. She also opened her eyes. As expected, she was home. Uncle Xu was holding a pair of shoes and waited outside the car door.

She pushed the car door open. Uncle Xu laid down the pair of shoes and said, “Young Madam, are you alright? Oh, yes, Mr. Su is here.”

“My brother!?” Su Jianan smiled brightly out of surprise, “of course I am fine!” She put on her shoes and ran into the room, without paying any attention to Lu Boyan who was behind her.

Uncle Xu sighed sadly, “Young Master, it seems that when it comes to impact on Young Madam, you cannot beat Mr. Su.”

Lu Boyan got down from the car with a sullen look. By contrast, Su Jianan was much happier.

“Brother!” As soon as Su Jianan saw Su Yicheng, she just ran at him and b.u.mped into Su Yicheng’s arms all of a sudden. “How could you come.”

“Mr. Pang called and informed me that you had been abducted, how could I not come?” Looking Su Jianan up and down carefully, Su Yicheng inquired, “Were you hurt? What had Shao Mingzhong and his brother done to you?”

“Don’t worry, I am fine!” Su Jianan took a turn for Su Yicheng to look at. “Shao Mingzhong and his brother are actually tigers made of paper!”

Su Yicheng smiled and shook his head. “What did you do to them?”

“Just getting them tied up…” Su Jianan said with much regret. “It was inconvenient for me to beat them a good a.s.s while wearing a dress.”

“As for beating people, I will be of your service. You don’t need to do it by yourself,” Su Yicheng said while stroking his sister’s hair. “It is late, now you go upstairs to take a shower and go to bed early.”

Having been obedient and always did what Su Yicheng’d told her, Su Jianan went upstairs tamely. Su Yicheng watched her figure disappearing around the corner of the stairs. The tenderness on his face was frozen inch by inch and turned into bone-poking coldness.

At that right moment, Lu Boyan walked in from outside. Su Yicheng said, “Boyan, let’s talk.”

These two men were both sweetheart dream lovers of numerous women in A City. They matched each other as for their appearance and ability. There also existed so many similarities when it came to their respective means of handling things. Having already guessed out what Su Yicheng was going to say, Lu Boyan responded in advance, “It was an accident this time. There would be no next time, I promise.”

Lu Boyan never made a promise easily, but once he did, it would be one as good as gold. Knowing his style well, Su Yicheng smiled and said, “I will trust you for one more time. Moreover, regarding tomorrow’s news, I would not like to see any new coverage which would be against Jianan, neither do you. Am I right?”

“You don’t need to imply.” Lu Boyan answered. “I know what to do.” His eyes were as sharp as those of hawks.

Su Yicheng smiled contently, “It is late. I will not bother you. See you then.”

Of course, Lu Boyan would not escort Su Yicheng off out of courtesy. Instead, he directly went upstairs, entered the study room which was adjacent to the room and called through Shen Yuechuan’s phone.

“A great h.e.l.l of fuss had been made and the whole thing had been fully disclosed. I already received phone calls from so many media.” Shen Yuechuan asked, “What should we say.”

Lu Boyan simply ill.u.s.trated him the solutions. Then Shen Yuechuan knew that in any case should he protect Su Jianan specifically.

“No worries, I will handle it well.” Shen Yuechuan continued after some pause, “Oh, I forgot something, Ruoxi… seemed to be looking for you and it sounded very urgent. Would you like to call her back?”

Speaking of Han Ruoxi, another issue came into Lu Boyan’s mind, “It was strange of Shao Mingren to abduct Su Jianan and Ruoxi at the same time. You check it out.”

“Yes!” It was until this time that Shen Yuechuan was suddenly enlightened. “Though the news of your getting married was spread over, only those people who attended tonight’s banquet party knew that it was Jianan whom you got married to, isn’t it? No way could Shao Mingzhong and his brother knew that so quickly. So you mean… someone had arranged for them to do so? Who would it be? Han Ruoxi?”

“It was unlikely to be her.” Lu Boyan said, “Check up on Chen Xuanxuan.”

Shen Yuechuan nodded over the phone and agreed, “Based on Chen Xuanxuan’s intelligence level, it was highly possible that she would be that one. Maybe neither did Han Ruoxi know about this. Let me handle it. For this kind of small case, You will get my answer tomorrow morning.”

Quickly, Shen Yuechuan got the answer out from Shao Mingzhong within less than one night’s time. Abducting Su Jianan, Han Ruoxi together and forcing Lu Boyan to make choices was exactly the idea Chen Xuanxuan worked out for them.

Chen Xuanxuan personally thought that this idea was amazing!

“Not only could this make Su Jianan realize that to be Mrs. Lu was no easy thing, but also let her see the facts straight that you were the most important one in Lu Boyan’s heart!” Chen Xuanxuan said while holding Han Ruoxi’s hands cheerfully, “For tomorrow’s headline, it must be “Lu Boyan abandoned his sweet wife to protect Han Ruoxi. True love was tested out at a critical time!”

“Xuanxuan, you thought too lightly of Su Jianan,” Han Ruoxi said. “Moreover, you forgot the fact that she had a brother whose ability was no worse than that of Lu Boyan. When it came to tomorrow’s headline, which press office and magazine could have the courage to embarra.s.s her?”

Upon thinking, Chen Xuanxuan agreed with Han Ruoxi. “But we also did not suffer any loss. At that moment, you were Lu Boyan’s choice! This had fully proved that to Lu Boyan, you were far more important than Su Jianan. You should be happy about it!”

Han Ruoxi just smiled faintly.

Other people might not notice at that time, but she saw Su Jianan’s hands moving and it was obvious that Lu Boyan had also noticed her motion. It reminded her of the fact that Su Jianan worked in the police bureau. Consequently, it was not that hard for her to figure out that the motion Su Jianan had done were actually signals and code words.

Lu Boyan chose her instead at a critical moment, and it was just an outward presentation to deceive other people.

If she was really that important, why didn’t Lu Boyan stay and accompany her? He did not even pay her any glance before he pursued after Su Jianan. Why till now didn’t he ask her whether she was still afraid or not?

Lu Boyan protected her and instead he came to Su Jianan’s rescue regardless of danger.

Then who was the more important one?

“Oh, my, you are still waiting for Lu Boyan’s call!” Chen Xuanxuan pushed against Han Ruoxi. “You had been waiting ever since you fell for him. You had been waiting for him to pay attention to you, to make you famous, to love you back and to be in confession to you. You have seen the fore wishes come into reality. How about the left back ones? He married someone else! My own opinion would be that you should be more initiative and lay down your queen-style. And it should start with you making him a personal call on your own.”

Chen Xuanxuan forcibly pressed the mobile into Han Ruoxi’s hands.

Han Ruoxi admitted that it was true that her own self-esteem was doing mischief before. She thought that she was the only person in the world that could be worthy of Lu Boyan. So she never took the initiative. She was just creating gossips about affairs between her and Lu Boyan, which was to purposely make the whole world think that they were a perfect couple and then other women would step backward wisely.

But it never occurred to her that there was a woman called Su Jianan in the world who had become the wife of Lu Boyan quietly.

Now she felt a bit afraid. She was willing to take the initiative to call Lu Boyan…

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