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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Chapter 179 Don’t You Ever Want to Marry Someone Else

Su Jianan had slept on the same bed with Lu Boyan for quite a few times. However, this was the first time that she was already in his arms when she was still wide awake.

It was indeed embarra.s.sing that she got b.u.t.terflies in her stomach right now.

She suddenly remembered the first few times when she woke up and found herself in Lu Boyan’s arms; she flushed and almost wanted to crawl back under the bed. She apologized to Lu Boyan that she had a bad sleeping pattern and innocently took all the blame.

Nevertheless, thinking about it now, if Lu Boyan did not want her by his side, how could Lu Boyan, such an alert mind, let her roll into his arms? He could just push her away in the blink of an eye, alright?

Thinking about it more carefully, there was not a slight repulsion on his face when she woke up by his side; instead, there was a pure delight!

It was he who took advantage of the other, but the next day, he always acted like that she had violated him. Moreover, she actually felt guilty under his scolding gaze due to innocence.


Su Jianan did not know who she was feeling speechless for.

However, one thing that she could not deny was that as long as by Lu Boyan’s side, she felt at ease.

The memory of the years when she lost her mother, the thunder and heavy rain on the mountain that day could no longer disturb her in the sleep.

“You’re still not sleeping?”

Lu Boyan’s voice rang over her head.

Although Su Jianan slept poorly last night, she slept on the plane for three consecutive hours this morning. Plus, she hadn’t done anything physical today, thus she was not sleepy at all.

“I have a question for you.” she said.

Lu Boyan wrapped her soft black hair around his fingers. “Go ahead.”

“Since you can hold back for more than ten years, why did you suddenly agree to marry me?”

After that, Su Jianan looked up and stared at Lu Boyan calmly.

“They said that you didn’t have a boyfriend, and sooner or later you’d have to find someone to marry.” Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows. “In this case, I’d better marry you. Otherwise, cras.h.i.+ng a wedding will not only cause trouble but also will end up in the news.”

Su Jianan was dazed for a while before she realized—Lu Boyan was saying that if she dared to marry someone, he would take her away in the wedding…

He was completely a top-notch rascal, alright?

However, there was no denying that when the usual gentleman-like Lu Boyan suddenly started to cause trouble because of her—what she felt the most was secret happiness.

“What if—I married someone I love?”

Finis.h.i.+ng the last word, Su Jianan’s heart started to uncontrollably race.

Lu Boyan stared deep into her eyes. Su Jianan thought that he would say something like “If you really love him, then I will grant you happiness”.

Nevertheless, the truth was—

He narrowed his eyes and said one word at a time, “Unless that person is me, you can’t marry anyone.”

“…” Actually, it was him.

Su Jianan suddenly felt that Lu Boyan had seen through her biggest secret, and her heart under the chest suddenly became energetic, as if to jump out of her chest.

She stared at Lu Boyan for a few seconds and hurriedly looked away. “Tyrant.”

Lu Boyan did not agree with Su Jianan’s comment. “Do you really love someone?”

Su Jianan subconsciously wanted to deny it; however, thinking that Lu Boyan had long known it, she instead nodded. “Yes, I always love that one to death.”

Lu Boyan squinted. “Who is he?”

“Moi!” Su Jianan smiled. “I’ve always loved myself very much since I was little!”

Lu Boyan could obviously see through she was giving him the c.r.a.p. That being said… he didn’t seem to have taken her words to heart.

According to his tyrant style, shouldn’t he be forcing the name out of her mouth and then destroy the rival?

Or, did he not care at all and not take the person she loved as an opponent?

In fact, Lu Boyan did care. The reason was that he had confidence in himself.

He believed that one day, Su Jianan would tell him those words herself.

He lowered his head and kissed Su Jianan between her eyebrows. “I’ve also loved you very much since you were little. Stop it and go to sleep.”

Su Jianan froze as if she were jabbed in an aperture point and nodded in a trance.

She had to admit that sometimes… she could not compete with Lu Boyan at all, and without a warning, she could not even put up a fight in front of him. Moreover, Lu Boyan’s weapon was as simple as a kiss or a lovely whisper of love.

For the rest of her life, Lu Boyan would probably have her in the palm of his hand.

In this case, she might as well lean against his chest and spend the rest of her life peacefully.

Thinking like that, Su Jianan found a comfortable position in his arms, closed her eyes, and miraculously fell asleep without her knowing it.

Lu Boyan listened to her breathing getting longer and longer and knew that she already fell asleep; therefore, he tightened his arms around her and also closed his eyes.

In contrast to them, Su Yicheng, who was tens of kilometers away from the hospital, could not fall asleep so easily.

He had always suffered from insomnia and even suffered more recently. Finis.h.i.+ng the work late at night, he felt more clearheaded and have to pop a few sleeping pills to lie on the bed. After a while, he felt drowsy in the head and heavy on the eyelids.

Before falling asleep, he remembered the time when he slept the deepest. It was on the day when he watched a game at Lu Boyan’s place and then sent Luo Xiaoxi back to her apartment.

He fell down on Luo Xiaoxi’s bed and was soon drowned in drowsiness and tiredness. He was like a wandering person who finally found his home. He did not need sleeping pills or any self-hypnotizing, instead, he quickly and naturally fell into a deep sleep as during the carefree childhood.

Unfortunately, he could not go to Luo Xiaoxi yet.

However, someone could.

The next day, in the Luo Family.

Luo Xiaoxi got up late today so she rushed through her breakfast, without even the time for a gla.s.s of milk. Mrs. Luo had the auntie give Luo Xiaoxi a small bottle of milk to drink on the way.

She hurried out and did not expect to see Qin Wei.

Since that time she rushed to Qin Wei’s place with a knife and after the two separated in the police station, she never saw Qin Wei again. She added his number to the blacklist and did not know whether Qin Wei had tried to reach her or not.

The only thing she felt for him was hate. However, having been drowned in training, she was almost about to forget this man.

Luo Xiaoxi felt that was fine. She could just remove the person from her life like they never met before.

That being said, how could Qin Wei still dare to appear in front of her?

“Xiaoxi, I asked Qin Wei to drive you to the company.” Mr. Luo came out of the house. “He has waited for a while, so you should get on the car.”

Qin Wei opened the door of the pa.s.senger’s seat. “Xiaoxi, I want to tell you something.”

“Dad, I hope this is the last time.” Luo Xiaoxi suppressed her anger and strode out of the room. She then stopped at a spot three meters away from Qin Wei. “Say it now, ’cause I don’t want to be in your car.”

“Xiaoxi, can you mind your manners? How did I teach you when you’re were little?” There came Mr. Luo’s scolding tone.

Qin Wei said, “It is not convenient here. Besides, you are going to be late for training, aren’t you?”

Luo Xiaoxi threw the unfinished bottled milk into the trash can and sat on the pa.s.senger’s seat of Qin Wei’s car.

While they were at it, she might as well seize the chance to make things clear with Qin Wei. Otherwise, she knew for sure that it would not be the last time that her dad had done something like this.

Qin Wei sighed and took the driver’s seat to start the car. He did not say anything until the car drove out of the villa area. “I didn’t see you during this time because I want to give you some time to calm down.”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled coldly. “I have been very calm. Otherwise, you would have had a few scars on you.”

“Xiaoxi, I know that you think I’m despicable because I stole Su Yicheng’s plan.” Qin Wei shrugged. “But business is war. How you do things doesn’t matter because what matters is the result. Do you think Su Yicheng is clean after so many years in business? You just have not found out what he’s done.”

“Whatever means he used, it would not be as despicable as yours.” Luo Xiaoxi didn’t want to discuss Su Yicheng’s character with Qin Wei now. She had known Su Yicheng as Su Jianan did. “Didn’t you want to tell me something?” Are ten minutes enough for you?”

“I still believe that you’ll get hurt with Su Yicheng.” Qin Wei said, “You know how many exes he has better than me.”

Luo Xiaoxi sneered. “I think you’ll only have more of them than him.”

“But I’m clean now. In this aspect, Su Yicheng really can’t compare with me.” Qin Wei smiled, and his following words contained too much information—”Xiaoxi, your name is not on the top of Su Yicheng’s list.” Many women are more important than you. Even if you end up with him, you won’t be able to tolerate that.”

Luo Xiaoxi understood what Qin Wei meant, but only took it as a bluff.

She said one word at a time, “Even if you are right, I’m willing to.”

“I have made it so clear, but why do you still refuse to wake up?” Qin Wei shook his head. “Xiaoxi, you don’t have to worry about anything with me. You can continue to be yourself and live the rest of your life without any worries.” Why do you choose pain?

Luo Xiaoxi could not answer.

Those love experts brew a pot of soul soother and told women in the world to choose the person who loved you.

Nevertheless, she was like this since she was young. She would get anything she wanted. She would wait if they were out of stock, and she would buy them from others if they were no longer available. She never looked for an alternative and never settled for them.

When it came to love, she bore the same att.i.tude.

“I am willing to.”

Yes, it was as simple as that. She was willing to get hurt. Even if having her own way would mean hurting herself, she was willing to get to the end of the road to find out.

Qin Wei’s eyes sank and finally did not say anything further.

He would wait for Luo Xiaoxi to come back to him, and he believed that he would not wait for too long.

“Pull over.” Luo Xiaoxi could not stay with Qin Wei for another minute.

Qin Wei did not say anything and stepped on the brake. Luo Xiaoxi picked up the purse and pushed the door open. Standing by the road, she was trying to hail a taxi.

He got off the car as well. “Xiaoxi, as long as you have not married Su Yicheng, I will wait for you.”

“Don’t bother.” Luo Xiaoxi refused him without any mercy. “You can’t park here. Go, now.”

Qin Wei had to get in the car and drove away dismally.

She failed to get on a taxi during the morning rush hours, so she called Candy to fetch her. While waiting, she suddenly thought of something and dialed her father’s number, her eyes blazing with anger.

“Lao Luo, can we still be fine!” She was really angry. “I have said it many times. Qin Wei and I are impossible. Could you please not do this anymore, OK?”

“Su Yicheng is really not suitable for you.” Mr. Luo preached. “Xiaoxi, you have to believe me, ’cause dad knows the best. I can see at a glance if you two will last long or not.”

“Then I won’t even see Qin Wei, let alone for a long time!” Luo Xiaoxi took a deep breath. “Now I finally have a chance with Su Yicheng. Dad, I don’t want to give up.”

“Are you sure it’ll work? Are you sure he’s not playing you?” Mr. Luo’s voice went cold. “Recently, I’ve seen him with a young and beautiful girl. Has he talked to you lately?”

“My car arrived. Dad, I’ll go now.” Luo Xiaoxi dodged the question. “Oh, here’s the thing. I’m very serious about this. If you ever ask Qin Wei over, I won’t come back home then! It’s up to you!”

After she finished, she hung up the phone without hesitation and got into Candy’s car.

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