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Chapter 168 Won’t Forgive Him So SoonThis time, Lu Boyan thought that Su Jianan would not forget things and forgive him so soon.

The sleeping Su Jianan fell into a dream.

In her dreams, the entire world had become a mountain forest. She had fallen into a foggy forest and could not find a way out. She could only stand on a peak of a high mountain and look at the boundless green plants.

Suddenly, lightning flashed, thunder roared, the wind howled, the torrential rain poured down without reservation as if they wanted to wash away the entire world.

No one came to see her, and no one could come to save her. She was drenched with heavy rain and felt like she had never been confused and helpless like this before…

In her memory, all her sufferings began after her mother died.

When her mother left, she realized that the world was full of sinister people, knowing that people were good or bad, knowing that human nature was beautiful, but at the same time, dark and dirty. All the ugliness and evilness came to her, and she saw them through crystal clear.

She missed the time before she turned 15 years old. During that time, she was naive to think that her mother would accompany her for a lifetime. She thought that the entire world was kind. She had not noticed that she loved Lu Boyan. Lu Boyan was far away abroad and would not bring any pain to her.

She wanted to go back to the past and returned to the days when her mother was with her.


Su Jianan whispered the most intimate name in the world. The tears oozed out of her eyes and directly flowed into Lu Boyan’s heart.


Lu Boyan held her hand and called her name, but she was caught up in the nightmare. She did not seem to wake up at all, only the corners of her eyes were getting wetter and wetter.

She was just less than half a meter away from Lu Boyan, but he felt a world away from her.

Lu Boyan didn’t know what she dreamed of. He could only hold her hand and wipe the tears from her eyes. It didn’t take long for her to calm down. Lu Boyan’s hand accidentally touched her face and withdrew because her cheeks were burning hot.

He subconsciously reached out and felt her forehead, and sure enough, she had a fever.

The nurse hurried in and took Su Jianan’s temperature. It was 38.7 degrees Celsius.

“Mr. Lu, your wife needs an IV to get rid of the fever.”

The cold needle pierced into Su Jianan’s blood vessels again. The liquid dripped down and melted into her blood.

She should have had a fever not long ago, but her cheeks already turned crimson, and her lips were red as if they were bleeding.

Lu Boyan frowned at Su Jianan’s red cheeks. He almost wanted to have the fever for her. The nurse added, “You can apply a cold towel on her forehead to help her cool down.”

Lu Boyan soaked and dried a cold towel in the bathing room and put it on Su Jianan’s forehead. However, it didn’t work. Her face was still red, and her lips were so dry that the skin almost started to peel off.

He poured a gla.s.s of water, wet Su Jianan’s lips with a cotton swab, and repeated this movement tirelessly until she had sipped a lesser half gla.s.s of water.

After the IV, Su Jianan started to sweat, and she began to mumble during her dreams. Lu Boyan wiped her sweat with a hot towel and inadvertently heard her calling his name. “Lu Boyan…”

He was slightly startled and could not believe his ears. When he stopped to listen carefully, he found that she was really whispering his name.

“Lu Boyan… Lu Boyan…”

Her voice was a little trembling, and she seemed to be crying with a sense of insecurity.

“Jianan.” Lu Boyan clasped her hand tightly. “I’m here.”

However, Su Jianan seemed not to feel him at all. She kept on calling his name, and then tears flowed out of her eyes again. Then, finally, she became quiet. She no longer said anything or called Lu Boyan’s name as if she had lost all her trust in Lu Boyan.

Lu Boyan put the towel back in the basin and looked at her with a faint light. The strange self-blame gradually filled his entire chest…

She must have dreamed of when she was on the mountain again. At that time, heavy rain poured, lightning flashed, and thunder roared. He knew how scared she would be.

The moment when she was the most terrified, she might have helped that he was with her, but he didn’t.

Su Jianan really fell into that dream again.

She dreamed that the boundless green color was still spreading as if to spread to the end of the earth. She thought she would never walk out this foggy forest.

Feeling helpless, she only remembered Lu Boyan, so she kept calling his name.

Lu Boyan, Lu Boyan…

Over and over, like when she was young, she called his name behind him, but he did not appear, just like when she was young, he would not look back at her.

She suddenly remembered that they were going to divorce.

Yes, Lu Boyan had already dumped her, so how could he show up here? He would never stay with her again.

Su Jianan fell to the ground powerlessly. She only felt tired and desperate, and this feeling was drowning her, drowning her in the vast foggy forest.

Perhaps, her life had really come to an end.

The next day, Su Jianan woke up with a heavy head.

The first thing she smelled was the disinfectant water, and then she opened her eyes. All she saw was white. They were not covered in green and she was no longer in the mountains.

She began to regain consciousness slowly. She felt pain on her body, but the most obvious one was on her hand. It was not pain, but something that was clutching to her hand tightly.

She twisted her head with difficulty and saw the familiar short hair, shoulders, and face.

He had bent over his body to squat on her bed in an uncomfortable position, but he slept so well. His lower eyelids were covered with a faint cyan color, and she could see that he just fell asleep not long ago.

Su Jianan looked around and found the logo on the bedside table read “First Hospital of City Z”.

She was still in City Z, then… why did Lu Boyan show up here too?

Were they going to get divorced? Then why did he hold her hand so tightly on the bedside and look like that he stayed up all night for her?

Before Su Jianan came up with an answer, she saw Lu Boyan’s eyelashes fluttering, and she closed her eyes subconsciously to pretend in sleep.

It was also at this time that Su Yicheng pushed the door open and walked in. He looked at Su Jianan and Lu Boyan, who was lying beside the bed. He wanted to leave and wait for Lu Boyan to wake up, but he saw Lu Boyan raise his head.

“You woke up, right.” He walked over. “Go get washed and have breakfast in the hotel. I’ll call you when Jianan wakes up.”

Lu Boyan first felt the temperature on Su Jianan’s forehead. After confirming that she had recovered from the fever, he got up and left the ward.

Su Yicheng went to sit in front of Su Jianan’s bed. “Okay, stop acting.”

He watched Su Jianan grow up. When she was a child, she often refused to get up. The servants at home had no way to handle her. Almost every day, it was he who exposed her trick and dragged her out of bed.

Therefore, he knew too well if Su Jianan was sleeping or just pretending.

Su Jianan also knew that he must have seen through her. She hesitantly opened her eyes and did not dare to look at Su Yicheng. She whispered, “Brother…”

“How do you feel?” Su Yicheng said, “The doctor said that you had a broken leg and other minor injuries. Is there any pain?”

Su Jianan shook her head. “I don’t feel any pain…” She said that, bit her lips, and stopped in the middle of her sentence.

Su Yicheng knew what she wanted to ask and helped her sit up. “Lu Boyan came earlier than me. He came here from City A last morning.”

Su Jianan was stunned and looked at Su Yicheng in disbelief. “How could he come so early? At that time, the accidents hadn’t happened, but my flight was delayed because of the weather.”

“You’d better ask him yourself.” Su Yicheng fell silent for a while and then he asked, “Do you regretted proposing a divorce after this?”

Su Jianan bit her lip and didn’t answer. She slowly cast down her eyes.

After a while, she said with a low voice, “Brother, once you say something, you can’t take it back.” And… he has already agreed. Maybe the paperwork has been ready.”

Just when Su Yicheng wanted to say something, someone knocked on the door. The nurse walked in with a tray. “Mrs. Lu, I’ll take your temperature.”

The nursed pointed the electronic thermometer at Su Jianan’s forehead, and the temperature quickly showed up. The nurse smiled. “Thirty-seven, normal temperature, you don’t have to have an IV again today. You’ve been in the rain for so long yesterday, and we all thought that your fever would last till today. It seemed that Mr. Lu’s great care last night was useful.”

Lu Boyan’s great care?

Su Jianan looked puzzled at the nurse’s words, and then the nurse realized and said, “You have been sleeping for the entire night last night. You probably didn’t know. Mr. Lu stayed beside your bed until it was past three o’clock in the morning. He has been soaking a towel to help you cool down the entire time, and then he wiped the sweat on your forehead and fed you with water. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a man so thoughtful.”

While saying all this, the nurse left Su Jianan’s medicine. “After breakfast, remember to take these medicines.”

After that, the beautiful female nurse wheeled the cart out of the room. Su Jianan sat on the bed, dazed for a while. Then, she took her time to digest the nurse’s words. Then, when her eyes met with Su Yicheng’s, she suddenly felt uneasy.

Both Lu Boyan and she said that they would be divorced. However, what happened last night was too strange.

Su Yicheng suddenly smiled and said, “It’s not a bad thing that you two put on such a show.”

“What do you mean?” Su Jianan looked at the ceiling without an answer. “Brother, why do you think that Lu Boyan wanted to do this? He obviously could ignore me, the big trouble.”

Su Yicheng asked in reply, “Don’t you know why he did this deep down in your heart?”

Su Jianan fell silent, and Su Yicheng continued, “I tell you this. If you are a person who has nothing to do with me, I don’t care if you’re alive or dead at all, and I will definitely not stay up to take care of you all night.”

“You mean…” Su Jianan hesitantly fumbled with her fingers and just did not have the courage to say the answer out loud.

“What I mean is that you know everything.” Su Yicheng got up. “Well, I’ll let Lu Boyan come over. Bye.”

“Brother!” Just now, Su Jianan pretended to sleep because she didn’t know how to face Lu Boyan. Thus, she hurriedly stopped Su Yicheng. “Can’t you stay with me for a little longer?” Just a little longer.”

“When did you become so timid?” Su Yicheng caressed his sister’s head. “You’ll face this and solve it in the end.” Don’t be afraid, no matter what the ending is, you have me.”

“… What if I divorce Lu Boyan?”

“You are still my sister when you are divorced.” Although he knew that it could not happen, Su Yicheng still comforted Su Jianan, “Brother can raise you for the next few lifetimes, so I want you to do anything you want. I just don’t want you to make the wrong choice.”

Su Jianan understood her brother’s meaning, nodded, and watched him leave.

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