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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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There was an old city area in City A. The old moat meandered through the middle of the old city area, splitting the time into two like a sharp knife.

On one side of the river was 21st-century modern buildings, lined with commercial buildings and convenience stores which were open 24

On the other side, the old buildings in A city, the bluestone roads, the courtyards, and the brick walls and tiles were well-preserved. No modern atmosphere was present here, as if this side of the river was stuck in a time a hundred years ago.

An old house here was worth a townhouse in the high-end apartment complexes.

Suddenly, people started to come in and out of an old house whose door had been closed for 14 years. They were all young people wearing black T-s.h.i.+rts and military pants and boots. When they met people, they did not say h.e.l.lo. They walked by with their heads down and acted in a relaxed manner.

The neighbors guessed that these people were bodyguards responsible for protecting the real owner of the house.

The owner here was Kang Ruicheng.

Basking in the sun and enjoying his morning dim sum, Kang Ruicheng smashed his teacup listening to his subordinate’s report.

“Loser!” He sullenly roared, “I want you to find a woman, and you can’t find her!”

“Brother Kang, the thing is… there were too many women in the amus.e.m.e.nt park that day.” The subordinate was in an awkward position. “You only say that it is a wonderful woman. How do we find it?” She did not show up in the camera footage either.” He didn’t know what happened to the fierce and b.l.o.o.d.y Kang Ruicheng. From some time ago, he suddenly wanted them to find a woman’s whereabouts, and it was almost driving them crazy.

If it were possible, Kang Ruicheng would have sent someone to find the woman who had bandaged his wound on the very day. After returning, he was caught up in The person who went to look for the woman did not try his best. Now he had extra time and had sent his most trusted and most capable subordinates, but they could not find her in any way.

“Find her! Try harder!” He stroked the scar on his hand. “If you can’t find her one meter under the ground, then you should try to dig her out 10 meters under the ground!” I don’t believe that a little woman can fly and hide forever from me!”

“Brother Kang, it’s just a pretty girl, isn’t it?” Dongzi tried to persuade Kang Ruicheng, “City A is a place famous for its beauty. Now we are back, why don’t we try to find another one?”

“Another one my a.s.s!” Kang Ruicheng kicked Dongzi in the leg. “She is different. Find her. I don’t care how much money you spend and how many people you send. Find her for me!”

“Got it!” Dongzi nodded. “Brother, give us some time. We must find out for you.”

Kang Ruicheng roared. “Now, fast!”

“Yes!” Dongzi ran away almost on all fours.

The few people who stood by the side saw it and did not dare to move. The atmosphere in the yard was stiff to the extreme, and Kang Ruicheng found it even harder to tolerate. He kicked at the table and tumbled it. The tea set flopped to the ground and was shattered into pieces. Finally, he felt better.

Facing the increasingly bright suns.h.i.+ne, he had the woman appear in his mind.

She said she was married, huh, he didn’t care. Anyway, what he was best at was to steal the thing he wanted from someone else’s hand.

Su Jianan, who was being chased after, was unaware and was packing her luggage in the guest house of Sanqing Town.

The small town in the south was full of strange dialects, but there was a healthy atmosphere of vivid life. Su Jianan took out the toiletries and laid them out. She hung up the clothes and then went to make the bed.

She found that the mattress was hard. Deep down, she was worrying that if she could fall asleep at night.

She suddenly missed the bed at home, soft and comfortable. When she lay on it, she felt like sleeping on a cloud the mattress that her mother used to arrange for her when she was a child.

However… she would soon leave there, and it would no longer be her home anymore, right? At best, she stayed there for half a year as Mrs. Lu.

“Jianan, did you finish?” Someone knocked on the door. “We’ll go get lunch.”


Su Jianan locked the door and went out with Captain Yan to a nearby restaurant.

In a simple town where people’s life was easy, the restaurant’s decoration was also simple, but the taste of the dish was excellent. Nevertheless, Su Jianan still had no appet.i.te. She ate a few mouthfuls of meal and put down the chopsticks.

The captain of the local police station’s vice squad treated them to dinner to especially thank Captain Yan and the team for coming all the way from City A to a.s.sist the local station in solving the case. The captain saw Su Jianan put down the chopsticks, and then he asked. “Miss Su, is the dish not appetizing?”

“Yes, they are appetizing.” Su Jianan smiled and shook her head. “I am full.”

“You eat so little.” The captain touched his ear. “Would you like to look at the menu again and order a few dishes that you like?”

Su Jianan still did not know how to cope with the sudden enthusiasm of the captain. His team members started to joke. “Captain, I didn’t eat much. How did you just notice that Miss Su didn’t eat much?”

The captain of the vice squad was actually blus.h.i.+ng, and his team took advantage of this opportunity to tease him harder. Su Jianan thought it was going out of control and then she kicked at Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying handled too many of this kind of situation for Su Jianan. She made an “OK” gesture to her and cleared her throat. “I will tell you the truth—Our Jianan misses her husband!”

The information in this sentence was too much, and the members of the vice squad fell silent. Looking at their captain strangely, they lowered their heads to their meals silently.

Su Jianan got up. “I’ll go make a call, you take your time.”

In fact, it was only an excuse. At this time, Su Jianan should help the captain to get around and go.

However, Xiao Ying’s words were like an invisible hand, holding her heart.

She thought about Lu Boyan and really missed him. At the moment when the plane landed at City Z’s airport, she was thinking of him when she was separated from Lu Boyan by more than 3,000 kilometers away.

But so what? They were going to get divorced.

Su Jianan walked along the sidewalk, aimlessly, only to get rid of the sad emotion in her heart.

At the intersection, she saw an old granny selling camellia. White flowers and light green vines, they could be worn on the hand like a bracelet. It was trendy among young girls.

She squatted down and picked up a bunch of camellias. The granny smiled and placed it on her wrist for her. She lifted her hand and looked at it. It was totally different from wearing jewelry.

“Grandma,” she asked, “How much is this?”

The old granny answered in the local dialect. Su Jianan shook her head to say that she couldn’t understand. Finally, the old granny gestured with one hand. Two yuan.

Su Jianan rummaged in her wallet and found some change, but still, she gave the grandmother a 100-yuan note and waved her hand to tell the old granny to keep the change.

The old grandmother said something that sounded like a few appreciating words in the local dialect, and then gave Su Jianan two more strings of camellias. Su Jianan only took a bunch and then went back.

Before she arrived at the hotel door, she heard Xiao Ying calling to her. “Jianan, hurry up, I almost called you!” Where have you been?”

Su Jianan raised her hand. “I saw a grandmother selling this and bought two strings.”

Her long black hair, white skin were s.h.i.+ning bright under the sun. When she smiled, there seemed to be suns.h.i.+ne in her smile. Her smile was even more beautiful than the camellia in her hand.

She was just walking, and she could enchant people when she did not say anything further or make any other move.

“What kind of medical examiner is she?” The members of the squad swallowed and sighed. “She’s clearly a movie star!”

“I agree. If Jianan becomes a star, she will soon be famous.” Xiao Ying smiled. “But she is no different than a star right now.”

“What does it mean?” Someone asked, “You just said that she is married, it doesn’t look like it.”

“Although she does not look like it, she is the one and only Mrs. Lu!” Xiao Ying blinked her eyes. “Her husband is called Lu Boyan!”

“Lu Boyan…” The members pondered on the name. “How come it sounds a little familiar?”

“President of Lu Enterprises.” The captain of the squad looked bleak. “I heard that he was married a while ago. I didn’t expect his wife to be Miss Su.”

Su Jianan came back and just heard the captain’s words. Concealing the sadness in her heart, she smiled and gave another bunch of camellia to Xiao Ying. “Are we supposed to work?”

“Then let’s go to the office to have a meeting.” The captain collected himself. “We will discuss the case first.”

Captain Yan nodded and agreed, and the team members, of course, went back to the police station on foot. The two girls, Su Jianan and Xiao Ying walked at the end of the squad.

“Well done, Jianan.” Xiao Ying patted Su Jianan’s arm. “Look at the captain, he’s obsessed with you.”

“Stop joking.” Su Jianan removed the camellia from her hand and put it in the bag. “We are here to work, be serious.”

Xiao Ying snickered and held Su Jianan by her arm. “OK.”

She no longer mentioned these things and was fully committed to her work.

The group of people had been busy until 8 o’clock in the evening. The two captains decided to call it a day. More than a dozen of them were all hungry. Captain Yan still remembered the lunch, so he said, “Captain, what special snacks do you have here? Introduce them to us, and I’ll treat you.”

“Then we should go to eat a barbecue.” The captain smiled. “We live by the sea, and are famous for our grilled oysters and all kinds of seafood.”

Everyone agreed, and Su Jianan approached behind Captain Yan. “Captain, you go first, I will go back to the guest house.”

“Why don’t you go?” Captain Yan said, “How fun it is to eat together!”

Su Jianan was afraid of such fun and shook her head. “I want to go back to the guest house to rest.”

“Alright.” Captain Yan knew that she had something on her mind and did not force her. “If you are hungry, buy something for yourself, or go to the small restaurant of the guest house.”

“I know.”

The guest house was near the police station. Su Jianan did not take a few steps before she arrived. She saw a fruit stand at the door. She bought some seasonal fruits and brought them back to the room for dinner. She really had no appet.i.te for meals and stuff.

There was no bathtub in the room. She simply took a shower and washed some fruit slowly. She turned on the computer and went online. The speed of the net was slow like a crawling turtle’s. She simply turned off the computer and lay down on the bed.

She did not know if it was because the bed felt too hard or not, she turned over and over and simply could not find a comfortable posture to fall asleep.

During the night, the town was much quieter than the city. When you looked up, you could even see the starlight. Su Jianan got out of bed and walked to the window, and then she remembered the night of City A.

At this time, Lu Boyan should have gone home to sleep, right?

How was he doing today? Did he ask a lawyer to write the divorce agreement? When he came home to find her absent, would he be a little bit unaccustomed?

“Lu Boyan,” Su Jianan looked at the stars and shed tears. “How can I miss you like this?”

She reluctantly wiped away the tears, pulled the curtains down, and lay on the bed again, but she still couldn’t sleep.

She wanted to go home, the home where Lu Boyan was at.

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