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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Han Ruoxi walked toward Su Jianan watched by everyone.

Her powerful aura seemed natural. And the sounds of her clicking heels were threatening.

Su Jianan could feel it-

If Han Ruoxi were really a monster in a game, then she would be the final boss.

Everyone could not help but focus on them. They wanted to see how the drama between the rumored girlfriend and the wife would play out.

Han Ruoxi took off her Prada shades with well-manicured fingers, revealing her exquisite features. Those who were seeing her in real life would be hard pressed not to be shocked. Her features looked as if G.o.d had made them according to the golden ratio. They were so perfect that those looking would forget to breathe.

Tang Yulan had once told Lu Boyan and the “wedding banquet” that Su Jianan had grown more beautiful. Then, Lu Boyan’s reaction had been so bland it was as if he was drinking plain water.

Su Jianan now understood. Compared to someone of Han Ruoxi’s caliber, she… was indeed like plain water.

“Miss Su, I apologize on behalf of Xuanxuan for her rash behavior.”

Han Ruoxi’s beautiful eyes were cold. And even as she apologized, she behaved as if she were a queen, superior to others.

In such a situation, if she replied “It’s Alright”, Su Jianan would definitely lose to Han Ruoxi. However, Su Jianan was not a person who could be so easily bullied.

Those who were watching all antic.i.p.ated Su Jianan’s reaction.

“I accept your apology.”

Su Jianan was graceful, and the smile in her almond-shaped eyes was beautiful and mesmerizing. There was a hint of warning in her tone, warning Han Ruoxi not to commit the same offense again. Her manner became strong and was comparable to Han Ruoxi’s imposing manner.

The corners of Lu Boyan’s lips twitched imperceptibly. It looked like his little wife was really no push over.

Only Han Ruoxi was not surprised. According to her investigations, Su Jianan began to be independent in college. She even went abroad alone to study forensic science and even had a general pract.i.tioner license. She entered the police bureau after returning to her home country and helped in solving several large cases. She was only 24.

Would such a woman be so easily kneaded and molded like a bun?

Facing her match, Han Ruoxi’s compet.i.tiveness rose.

“Boyan, could we find a quiet spot to talk about the endors.e.m.e.nts?”

Han Ruoxi ignored Su Jianan completely, calling Lu Boyan’s name intimately… She was obviously declaring war against Su Jianan!

Su Jianan would lose completely if she watched Lu Boyan walk off with her. But what could she do? Act coy and hound her husband so that he would be afraid and not leave?

Su Jianan refused to do something so low-cla.s.s. Furthermore, didn’t the ancients say that a gentleman is always ready to help?

Lu Boyan put down his red wine gla.s.s and said, “Let’s go to the lounge.”


Han Ruoxi smiled and strode towards the lounge with Lu Boyan. Everyone looked at Su Jianan pityingly.

Su Jianan only looked at the ceiling and thought, “Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi already dare to be so obvious. So why don’t they admit that they’re together? It’s so hard to understand the thoughts of socialites.”

“Why are you zoning out?”

Lu Boyan’s unhappy voice rang. Su Jianan looked at him subconsciously. She did not know when he stopped and looked at her with a frown. However, he reached out for her and said, “Come with me.”

Su Jianan stared at him with her almond-shaped eyes and put her hand in Lu Boyan’s confusedly. She whispered, “I’m giving you and your girlfriend a chance to be together alone. What are you doing? Do you think the lights in the lounge are not bright enough and you have to bring another one?”

Lu Boyan suddenly recalled that his mother often said that Jianan was an understanding child.

“You are indeed understanding.”

He said with a vague teasing smile.

Su Jianan blinked. Was Lu Boyan praising her? But why was his tone so weird?

To those watching, this matter was too complicated-

“I thought that Su Jianan really did not have any reaction. She already knew she was going to win. She knew that Lu Boyan would definitely take her along!”

“Ohho, Han Ruoxi was defeated effortlessly for the first time…”

Han Ruoxi did not turn around but maintained a proud and cold manner. Her pale hands clenched into a fist…

She could not accept this!

Suddenly, before anyone could do anything, a masked man rushed out of the lounge. Only his eyes could be seen.

The man suddenly flashed out the knife in his hand and pointed it at Han Ruoxi’s neck.

“Ah!” Han Ruoxi yelled hoa.r.s.ely. The other guests were all shocked and backed away for their own safety.

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes, and a cold glint emerged in his eyes.

Even though the gangster was wearing a mask, he could still recognize the man. He was Shao Mingren, the a.s.sistant manager of Shao Enterprises that had gone bankrupt not long ago after losing in a compet.i.tion with Lu Enterprises. He also had a brother called Shao Mingzhong, who was the general manager of Shao Enterprises.

“Kidnapping?” Su Jianan quickly regained her senses. She tried to remove her hand from Lu Boyan’s grasp and said, “I’ll go call the cops.”

“Don’t go anywhere.” Lu Boyan held her hand tightly. “It’s not safe here right now.” Shao Mingzhong might be here as well. They just did not know where he was hiding and bidding his time.

Su Jianan did not know that there could be another kidnapper. She pointed to Han Ruoxi, who was placed on the neck by the knife, “It is true that Han Ruoxi is not safe. Let me go, I will contact the Captain Yan.”

“Lu Boyan!” Shao Mingren suddenly called his name. “Come here! Otherwise, I’ll disfigure Han Ruoxi!”

There were startled shouts coming from those by the side. Han Ruoxi’s face immediately paled. Lu Boyan looked over, and Su Jianan took the opportunity while he was distracted to escape his grasp and ran.

Her mobile phone was placed in a deposit box outside. She had just asked the person at the counter to get it for her when she felt a sudden coldness at her neck. Then, a man’s voice could be heard from behind her. “You want to call the cops? Mrs. Lu, you’re really naive!”

Su Jianan’s heart chilled. She finally understood why Lu Boyan said that it was not safe here. “There’s more than one of you?”

“Is it possible for just one person to kidnap you and Han Ruoxi?”

Shao Mingzhong’s blade moved up and down on Su Jianan’s throat. It was as if he would make her slender pale neck bleed in the next second. The man at the counter was paralyzed in fear.

However, Su Jianan showed no signs of fear. Instead, she laughed and said, “Are you sure that you want to kidnap me?”

“You still have the mood to question me. Shouldn’t you beg me to let you go?” Shao Mingzhong’s blade moved closer to Su Jianan’s skin. “Are you not afraid of death?”

“I wouldn’t marry Lu Boyan if I was afraid of dying.” Su Jianan pursed her lips and continued, “Speaking of which, would you let me go if I begged you?”

Shao Mingzhong smiled with interest, “What do you think?”


Su Jianan did not wish to say anything.

If begging worked, why would these people kidnap her?

“Ah, it seems that you’re more interesting than Han Ruoxi. I want to see how Lu Boyan would choose.”

Shao Mingzhong pushed Su Jianan into the banquet hall and yelled Lu Boyan’s name arrogantly. “Lu Boyan! Look who’s this!”

Lu Boyan turned around with a sense of doom. Su Jianan had indeed fallen into Shao Mingzhong’s clutches.

In a second, Lu Boyan’s gaze turned so cold, ice seemed to be dripping from it. He asked, “What do you want?”

Shao Mingzhong laughed sinisterly, “Back then, you forced me to make a decision. Now, choose between your ex-girlfriend and your wife. Keep one, and we will take the other.”

“Let her go.” Lu Boyan walked toward the man coldly. His expression was darker than that of the grim reaper. “Otherwise, you won’t just be bankrupt.”

“We are gambling with our lives here today! The worst that can happen to us is death!” A sense of revenge welled up in Shao Mingzhong’s heart. “You know without us saying what would happen to the person we take with us. Right?”

With that, Shao Mingzhong’s hand drifted up to Su Jianan’s face, hinting at things silently.

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