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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Luo Xiaoxi woke up early the next day.

A depressing feeling came back to her the moment she opened her eyes. Su Jianan told her everything would be fine the last night, but it did not.

However, she could be clam now.

Luo Xiaoxi got up gently for fear of waking up Su Jianan. The doorbell rang just as she finished brus.h.i.+ng her teeth.

She saw Lu Boyan through the peephole.

“He is here for Su Jianan.” Luo Xiaoxi thought with envy. “She married the man she loved, who cared for her as well. Not like me, I screwed everything up.”

She tidied her hair before opening the door. “Come on in. Jianan is still sleeping.”

“Have a rest at home for a couple of days if you feel the need. I’ll let Shen Yuechuan tell Candy about this,” said Lu Boyan after entering the room.

Luo Xiaoxi thought for a while, head down. “Thank you so much, but I’ll be in the company for the training on time.”

Just now, she recalled that she went to Qin Wei with a knife last night. She meant to kill him, but fortunately, she did not lose her mind at that time.

She felt so strange with the impetuous and desperate girl she had been last night, so, she did not want to and should not stay alone that day.

“Don’t force yourself, but I would say it’s great if you will be there.” Lu Boyan put the breakfast he brought on the table and asked, “Would you mind if I enter your room to wake Jianan up?”

“No.” Luo Xiaoxi smiled. “Do as you please.”

Lu Boyan pushed the door and found Su Jianan still asleep. He called her name several times but received no response.

Su Jianan always had a wake-up call for every morning, but she left for the police office in a hurry yesterday, so, she forgot to bring her cell phone with her.

Lu Boyan pinched her nose and said, “Jianan, wake up, or you’ll be late.”

“Mmm…” Su Jianan turned over and covered her head with the quilt. “Just five more minutes, please…”

Lu Boyan raised his wrist to check the time and started counting.

However, in less than five minutes, Su Jianan suddenly opened her eyes.

What happened last night swarmed into her mind. She looked at Lu Boyan, who was standing beside her bed, in surprise. “Didn’t you go home last night? How could you be here so early?”

Lu Boyan put the bag he brought with him beside her pillow. “I spent the night in our apartment in downtown. I also brought your clothes here and breakfast for you. By the way, it’s seven fifty now.”

Su Jianan took Lu Boyan’s hand and checked the watch on his wrist—he did not kid her. She immediately got up and rushed into the bathroom with the bag Lu Boyan brought to her.

After the shower, when she changed her clothes, she realized that Lu Boyan had had someone pack up her underwear. Her face suddenly blushed, and she went out, head extremely low.

“Come to have your breakfast.” Lu Boyan called her. “I’ll drive you to work later.”

“Okay,” she answered and went over, dragging her feet. After that, she had Luo Xiaoxi sit with her for breakfast.

Lu Boyan had brought them some congee with pickled cuc.u.mbers, which were enjoyable to taste and triggered their appet.i.te. Luo Xiaoxi wanted to enjoy them, but she was too depressed to eat anything.

Su Jianan picked up a piece of c.u.mber to Luo Xiaoxi. “Xiaoxi, you have to eat something, more or less. You have many things to deal with. You need energy.”

Luo Xiaoxi nodded indifferently and started swallowing the congee bit by bit with her head down.

“Hungry but not feeling like eating anything, that’s having a poor appet.i.te about.”

Luo Xiaoxi felt as if her empty stomach were falling down in hunger, but she just did not feel like eating anything. “Jianan was right. I have to eat something. I need strength to deal with what ahead of me.”

Even Luo Xiaoxi had no appet.i.te, she still had two bowls of congee.

She raised her head from the bowl. “I’m full. I got to leave for work, enjoy your food.”

“Xiaoxi, you…” Su Jianan wanted to tell Luo Xiaoxi to take a rest at home for several days, but she gave up the idea after Lu Boyan signaled at her and watched Luo Xiaoxi go out with her car keys.

When Luo Xiaoxi entered the elevator, Su Jianan finally continued her words. “I worried that it was the wrong time for her to work now.”

“Don’t worry. She has come to herself now,” said Lu Boyan, “she refused to have a rest when I proposed so.”

“She wants to keep herself busy.” Su Jianan figured Luo Xiaoxi’s intention and sighed before continuing, “How come things became like this?”

Several days ago, Luo Xiaoxi was overjoyed by the possibility of starting a relations.h.i.+p with Su Yicheng, but how…things came to an end like that?

Lu Boyan fondled Su Jianan’s hair. “Don’t bother yourself. What happened has happened. You brother will make everything right.”

Su Jianan took his advice. If Su Yicheng did care Luo Xiaoxi, he would not leave her alone.

Relieved, Su Jianan cleaned up the table, wrapped the leftovers in cling film, and put them into the fridge. After that, she went to work by Lu Boyan’s car.

In Cheng An Group.

“Brother Cheng.” Xiao Chen tried to wake up Su Yicheng in the way he usually did in private. “Wake up, it’s almost nine o’clock. You have a meeting to attend half an hour later.”

After a busy night in company, Su Yicheng did not go to bed until it was almost dawning. He had only slept for two or three hours when he opened his eyes, and the dark circles below his eyes made him look even sleepier.

“Your breakfast is served outside,” Xiao Chen continued, “get up to refresh yourself and change your clothes. The meeting will be started soon after breakfast.”

Hands folded, Su Yicheng pressed between his eyebrows with both thumbs. “Xiao Chen, I have a job for you. You need to do it in secret without being noticed by anyone.”

“What’s it?” Xiao Chen looked at ease as he had done many similar things for Su Yicheng.

Su Yicheng replied, “Start an internal investigation among our company to see if anyone who partic.i.p.ated in the project has linked with the Qin Enterprise.”

Xiao Chen was stunned for a while.

“Everyone in the company knew someone had betrayed the project, and rumor has it that the person is Luo Xiaoxi, except whom, no one else should be suspected. Moreover, everyone knew it would be a commercial crime to do that, so, no one would be so stupid to ruin their career.

“However, Su Yicheng still wants to dig into it.”

Xiao Chen asked uncertainly, “Brother Cheng, do you mean… we got a mole in our company?”

“That night, Luo Xiaoxi was drunk. Maybe she told Qin Wei about it, or maybe someone else took advantage of it,” replied Su Yicheng, “You must dig into the matter, and don’t let it out whatever you may find.”

“I see.” Xiao Chen nodded and left the rest room.

In an unbearable headache, Su Yicheng went into the bathroom, pressing between his eyebrows. When he came out again, he was shaved and neatly dressed with his hair tidied, looking an elegant and handsome man again, without any trace of exhaustion on his face.

Before leaving for the meeting, he checked his phone and found he missed two calls from Su Jianan. On the way to the meeting room, he called back.

“Brother.” Su Jianan answerd the phone quickly. “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing good.” Su Yicheng laughed and sounded delighted. “It’s common to be betrayed in business. I’m so weak to be defeated by such a little case.”

“But Xiaoxi is not well.” Su Jianan sighed. “She went to Qin Wei with a knife and was taken away by the police.”

Su Yicheng’s step paused. “Where is she now?”

“Lu Boyan and I bailed her out. He told her to have a rest for a couple of days but she refused and still went to the company for the training.”

Su Yicheng let out a sigh of relief after knowing Luo Xiaoxi was clear-minded. “I’ll call her.”

“Okay.” Su Jianan ended the call quickly.

Su Yicheng told Xiao Chen to delay the meeting for five minutes and called Luo Xiaoxi in the stairway.

At this time, Luo Xiaoxi was excising mechanically on a treadmill, and she seemed not able to catch the speed. Candy worried that Luo Xiaoxi would fell down, so, she called her name but she seemed not to hear her.


She almost jumped off the machine when her cell phone rang with Su Yicheng’s name on the screen. She dashed into an unoccupied room and shut the door before answering the phone. There was a long silence.

When Su Yicheng spoke up, a dozen seconds had pa.s.sed. “Xiaoxi, don’t do anything stupid.”

The tears she had held back in the morning finally gushed out from her eyes and splashed on the floor. “Mmm.” she sobbed.

“More than that,” Su Yicheng continued, “take care of yourself.”

“Why did it sound like a farewell? Is he planning to leave me and never call me again?”

Luo Xiaoxi cried out, feeling pins and needles from her forehead. She wanted to beg him not to leave her, but he hung up the phone in silence.

“This time, he left me forever.”

Luo Xiaoxi fell in a heap on the floor, crying loudly and bitterly. Her tears began to gush out from her eyes.

The girls who exercised with her were startled by her crying and all got down from the facilities, asking Candy, “What happened to Xiaoxi?”

Candy shook her head. “I don’t know, but it had to be a big problem to screw her up like this as she was always optimistic.”

“Let’s get in and comfort her.” Luo Xiaoxi was popular, so, at this time, everyone present worried about her.

“Wait.” Candy stopped them. “Keep exercising, girls. I’ll go.”

Just as Candy was about to push the door of the dancing room open, Shen Yuechuan walked in.

Shen Yuechuan was the most handsome man in Lu Enterprises in addition to Lu Boyan, after who get married, he became the man of the girls’ dreams. As a chief officer, he had to a.s.sociate with all kinds of people, which made him skillful to make girls laugh. Therefore, his arrival excited the girls, who addressed him in sweet voices.

After saying h.e.l.lo to everyone, he asked, “Where is Luo Xiaoxi?”

The girls fell into silence at once and pointed at the dance room, from where came sobbing sounds.

Candy walked over to them. “She appeared to be fine yesterday, what happened to her later?”

“Alas.” Shen Yuechuan shook his head with a sigh. “It’s a long story.”

“Could it be that something happened to her family?” Except for this reason, Candy could not think of anything that could screw Luo Xiaoxi down.

“If it was about her family, she would try to solve it as aggressive as a lion,” said Shen Yuechuan, “it’s about her own business. Do not irritate her or question her these days, she will be fine herself.” Shen Yuechuan believed that Su Yicheng would not stand by and watch her like that.

He continued, “I’ll go in to see if she feels better.”

Shen Yuechuan pushed the door of the dance room open and walked in only to see Luo Xiaoxi squatted down on the ground with her arms around her body. The floor right below her eyes was logged with her tears.

He handed her a tissue and tried to comfort her. “Don’t cry, Xiaoxi. Since you have come to your sense and partic.i.p.ated in the training. Why don’t you know how to take care of yourself?”

Luo Xiaoxi raised her head and looked at Shen Yuechuan, stunned.

“Take good care of yourself.” Su Yicheng had said the same words to her.

“Yes, I should take good care of myself and do the right things.” She would do as Su Yicheng hoped.

Luo Xiaoxi’s eyes gradually became radiant. Seeing this, Shen Yuechuan smiled. “Get up, good girl.”

Luo Xiaoxi stood up with Shen Yuechuan’s hand and dried her tears. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

Shen Yuechuan suddenly recalled why he came there—Su Yicheng called him and asked him to comfort Luo Xiaoxi.

He patted Luo Xiaoxi on the shoulder gently. “Everything will be fine, no more tears, okay?”

Luo Xiaoxi forced a smile and nodded before going back for training.

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