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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Meeting Luo Xiaoxi’s father in King’s restaurant, Su Yicheng heard the things he had expected.

“Xiaoxi likes you, but you are not suitable. The Qin family is the best family for Xiaoxi. I’ll marry Xiaoxi to Qin Wei. They are quite suitable in personality. After marriage, I believe that Qin Wei will take care of Xiaoxi.”

The old man arranged his daughter’s life as an experienced manager.

Su Yicheng’s heart sank. “Marry Luo Xiaoxi to Qin Wei and Qin Wei will take care of Luo Xiaoxi?”

When he first married Jianan to Lu Boyan, he felt as if a piece of meat had been taken from his body. He thought it was the limit of pain. Now, the place where he was. .h.i.t was the heart, and his heart kept sinking.

The pain was acceptable, but this was too much. He would not accept this anyway.

No! Absolutely no!

The voice inside Su Yicheng’s heart had never been so angry. He would never let Luo Xiaoxi marry Qin Wei, not over his dead body!

“Uncle Luo, I will not accept this, and Xiaoxi won’t either.” He looked at the elder in front of him, his eyes and tone as calm as ever. “I am going to be with Xiaoxi, and even you, her father, can’t stop it.”

“Of course I will not stop you.” Mr. Luo smiled. “It’s normal for young people. They love people freely. It’s not like things in the past when marriages are arranged. I understand that.” However, I am sure that you will not last long, and even if you are together now, you will not end up together in the end. Yicheng, the person who’ll marry Xiaoxi must be Qin Wei.”

Su Yicheng just smiled and stood up. “It’s not. Even if it is not me, it will not be Qin Wei. Uncle Luo, I’ve said everything I wanted to. I’ll leave first. I have already have my a.s.sistant foot the bill. You can take your time.”

He walked out of the restaurant, and Xiao Chen asked, “Boss Su, are you going to meet with Ms. Luo?”

Initially, Su Yicheng wanted to see her right away, but he could not help being disturbed by what Mr. Luo had said. He rubbed his brow irritatedly. “I’ll go home first.”

At this time, Luo Xiaoxi just called Ada. She wanted to know how Su Yicheng looked like when he came back today.

“He doesn’t look very good.” Ada said, “I told Boss Su that you have been there, and his reaction was very dull. Ms. Luo, have you two quarreled with each other?”

Luo Xiaoxi was disappointed and mumbled a few words before hanging up the phone. She stared at Su Yicheng’s phone number for a long while and wanted to dial the number several times, but eventually, she gave up the idea.

No, she could not call him today. Maybe she would wait for a few more days. Su Yicheng was so busy, and he would not always remember that thing every day, wouldn’t he? He would gradually forget about it and no longer be mad at her!

What she didn’t know was that Su Yicheng was lying in bed, unable to sleep.

“You and Xiaoxi’s personality are not suitable. Even if you are together now, you won’t end up together in the end.”

What Qin Wei and Mr. Luo said kept echoing again and again in his head, and he thought about them carefully, he found that what they said did make sense in a way. When he and Luo Xiaoxi hung out together, they often ended up quarreling with each other. If two people who were only good at quarreling and not good at keeping each other’s company, how could they stick together for a long time? Even if they had sparks for each other, they would get exhausted in the end.

However, stick together for a long time…?

What shocked him even more was this idea. When did he actually think that he would be with Luo Xiaoxi for a long time this time? He only wanted to have a try with her in the first place.

The more he thought, the greater pain he felt on his brain. Su Yicheng got up and opened the bedside table and swallowed two sleeping pills. Then, great drowsiness soon came pouring down to make him finally fell asleep.

On the next day, they launched the latest issue of “Vogue”.

Vogue was the best-selling fas.h.i.+on magazine in China. The editor-in-chief was a big shot in the fas.h.i.+on industry. Its readers varied from the company employees who have just entered the society to the senior white-collar workers, and then to the ladies in the upper society. The magazine was popular among countless fas.h.i.+on-conscious girls. When Luo Xiaoxi’s several pictures came out, the reader’s response was unusually strong. She was in the trending topics on the very same day.

In the first set, Luo Xiaoxi wore a bright red knee-length skirt and revealed the curves of her body in the carefully-tailored dress. Her slender legs were bare. However, compared with her attractive body, her unique temperament looked more attractive.

Many people could try this kind of bright red color, but not everyone stood out in this color. The flamboyant, enthusiastic, and straightforward red color suited perfectly with Xiaoxi’s eyes and poses. She looked very good in the dress and made herself the center of the picture, rather than the dress itself.

Big shot in the fas.h.i.+on forum often emphasized that people wore clothes, and should not be suppressed by the clothes they wore. Luo Xiaoxi had been a perfect interpretation of that sentence.

But if anyone thought that this was Luo Xiaoxi’s fixed image, then he was making a big mistake.

When they turned to the next page, they would find Luo Xiaoxi in an office lady style. White s.h.i.+rt, pencil skirt, and black leather bag. The suit did not look that strong but could immediately seize everyone’s eyes. Even her smile became crisp. On the next page, she became an elegant lady. Her temperament this time was totally different from when she was in that glamorous red dress. However, she still looked naturally.

So people who reposted her three sets of pictures on Weibo all commented: A person can actually live as three completely different people!

This issue of the magazine sold very well that the newsstand bosses were all busy selling them.

Outside the president’s office of Cheng An Group, Su Yicheng’s secretaries were also browsing the magazine, and Ada tut-tutted. “Ms. Luo actually became a model, a model of Vogue! But… we didn’t know that she can easily pull off so many styles.”

“This is called versatility!” Another secretary said, “Like some stars, they can only play sobbing girls on screen with their deadpan faces, but some stars can play from high school girls to professional white-collar workers, and to rural women as well. Ms. Luo is the latter kind of star! And she has that innate style that says she doesn’t care about anything. She looked comfortable in any kind of photos, all of them!”

“Hey, I heard that Lu Enterprises’ best agent is behind Ms. Luo managing her. If she keeps it up, she will definitely be famous! Should we ask for a few signed photos from her while we can?”

“Hand me the magazine.”

A male voice that the secretaries were all very familiar with sounded. At that time, they were all taken back and then looked back. “Boss Su!” G.o.d, when did he stand behind them?

“It’s not working hours in the afternoon yet, you don’t have to overreact when you’re having a conversation.” Su Yicheng reached out and said, “Can I have your magazine?”

“Yes, you can!” Ada presented the magazine to him with both hands.

“Thank you.”

Su Yicheng took the magazine and went straight into the office. After sitting down and opening it, he suddenly felt that Luo Xiaoxi in the magazine was both familiar and strange.

When Luo Xiaoxi pestered him, she always laughed like a kid and would occasionally strike a s.e.xy pose to tease him. However, it was just a kind of mischief. She was not an open girl in her bones.

Now she appeared in the best-selling fas.h.i.+on magazine, so beautiful and in so many styles. She was s.h.i.+ning so bright that people could not take their eyes off her. Nevertheless, she was not looking at him the way she used to. She was simply showing herself like there was no one else in the world.

After listening to her father’s words last night, he wanted to wait and chewed on it. But now, intuition told him that he could not wait any longer.

“Ada.” He pressed the internal line. “Do I have any schedule for this evening?”

“Yes, you do.” Ada added, “You’ll be having lunch with Manager Tang from Seal company for some business matter.”

“Reschedule it for tomorrow.”

“But your schedule is full tomorrow…” Ada thought that Su Yicheng was weird lately. He was a workaholic and would finish all the things on the schedule in one day, but lately, he often rescheduled things. It was not easy to be a secretary.

“Then the day after tomorrow.” Su Yicheng said, “In short, it can’t be tonight, I have something important tonight.”

Ada. “OK. Then I will inform Manager Tang’s secretary.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Yicheng looked at the photo of Luo Xiaoxi in the magazine. He raised his lips and opened the file to start working.

When he was busy, everything became clear in his mind.

He didn’t want to have a try with Luo Xiaoxi. He really wanted to be with Luo Xiaoxi. If he could, he did not hate the idea of marrying her.

Luo Xiaoxi said that he only pitied her, but it was actually not. He was serious about her. Otherwise, when he heard that Qin Wei would marry her, he wouldn’t have rushed on the streets of j.a.pan to pick up a fight with Qin Wei. Yesterday, after listening to her father’s words, he would not have been rude enough to say that even if Luo Xiaoxi’s future husband was not him, it would not be Qin Wei.

Speaking of it, he rarely became physical for a woman, and Luo Xiaoxi had been the first woman.

After everything, Luo Xiaoxi still dared to say that he was not serious?

At five o’clock, Su Yicheng signed the last doc.u.ment and put the pen back in the pen holder. Today’s work was all over.

He got up and b.u.t.toned the suit jacket. Just when he was about to leave the office, Xiao Chen suddenly rushed in.

After working with him for so many years, Xiao Chen was the calmest of all his a.s.sistants. Su Yicheng rarely saw such expression on Xiao Chen’s face and he had a bad feeling. However, he still asked calmly. “What’s wrong?”

“Something big.” Xiao Chen was out of breath. “Boss Su, Qin Enterprise signed the deal with the j.a.panese company. More importantly, the plan Qin Enterprise gave to the j.a.panese company is exactly like ours, and not a single word was different from ours!”

Su Yicheng suddenly on that day, when he ran into Qin Wei on the street of j.a.pan, Qin Wei smiled so confidently.

It turned out that he had his trump card.

He returned to his seat, and his look was so cold at that instant. “Did you find out what happened?”

“I’m working on it.” Xiao Chen said, “But, these kind of things are obvious, aren’t they?”

Su Yicheng looked graver. “You mean, it was an inside job and someone leaked our project?”

“Boss Su…” Xiao Chen lowered his voice. “The people on this project are all your followers. Some of them even built the company in the beginning with you. Everyone is loyal to Cheng An Group. To stay in the company, Zhang Mei even bites the bullet and works in the Marketing Department. How can you suspect that they did it?

Su Yicheng glared at Xiao Chen. “What are you trying to say?”

“I just want to inform you that Ms. Luo knows the detail of the plan too.” Xiao Chen closed his eyes and reopened them, and then he decided to go all out. “And I heard that the Qin family and Luo family are planning on a unison marriage. Ms. Luo and Qin Wei have been close. I’ve had people checked. On the second day Ms. Luo translated the doc.u.ment, she posed for the Vogue photos you see today. And on that night, she spent the entire night with Qin Wei.

“Enough!” Su Yicheng finally could not take it anymore and shouted without his usual composure. “Get out!”

Xiao Chen did not say anything further and left Su Yicheng’s office.

Su Yicheng swept all the phones on the desk to the floor. All the phones flopped to the floor and shattered into pieces.

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