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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Excitement and fear struck her together. She had never experienced something like this before, so she clutched Lu Boyan’s hands in a way that she never did before.

Before they could fully appreciate the beautiful sceneries at alt.i.tude, the roller coaster was about to rush down at a 90-degree angle.

“Ahhhh!” Su Jianan could not stop screaming again, and Lu Boyan wrapped her little hands with his, saying, “Don’t worry. We’re safe.”

Su Jianan had kept her eyes shut all the time. However, after hearing his words, she suddenly summoned the nerve to open them. At that moment, it dived down in an instant—

It was like falling off a multistory building, but her body was still chained to the spot in the train. The wind whooshed past her ears. As they were drawing nearer and nearer to the ground, girls broke into screams one after another…

It was such an amazing experience that Su Jianan had not come back to her senses until the train halted in its station. Then, she called Lu Boyan’s name. Feeling Lu Boyan’s hands clinging tightly to her, she suddenly smiled in the rus.h.i.+ng roller coaster train.

So many people were screaming, but only she was smiling because she was not afraid. On the contrary, she was feeling happy.

She had thought that she would never go to a place like this. However, Lu Boyan kept his promise more than 10 years ago. He finally brought her into this world of joy.

When it drove back to its station, Su Jianan did not quite collect herself yet. Thus, when Lu Boyan helped her remove the safety gear and supported her out of the train, she suddenly fell down.

Lu Boyan was quick to pick her up. “Are you alright?” His urgent tone betrayed his concern for her.

Su Jianan inhaled deeply and then was able to collect her wits. Then, she suddenly chuckled and grabbed his arms. She was bouncing out of happiness. “This is fun!”

Lu Boyan did not expect to see her so excited. He could not help but smile. “Which one do you want next?”

Su Jianan pointed to an orange railway not far away. It was the 10 Inversion Roller Coaster in the “Guinness World Records” book. It was 30-meter-high and its railway was nearly one-kilometer long. The pa.s.sengers would go through 10 different inversions on the train. This one would stir up more screams than the Dive Coaster.

“Are you sure?” Rarely, Lu Boyan suspected Su Jianan.

“I am!” Su Jian nodded hard and positively. “Well, don’t look down on me. Remember that I’m the person who’s able to pick up a scalpel in front of bodies. And, you said I can do whatever I want today!”

Hence, Lu Boyan could only go to line up with her. A few minutes later, they got on the train.

This time, Su Jian contained her excitement and let Lu Boyan teach her how to put on the safety gear. He showed her how to do it. They were just a few simple steps and she nailed it in seconds.

Lu Boyan reached out his hands. “Hold my hand if you’re feeling scared.”

This roller coaster got its name because it contained 10 inversions in total, including the Cobra Turn, the Boomerang turn, and etc. Though she was not a timid person, she somehow felt a little worried so she readily grabbed his hands.

At that moment, the train started. Just when it drove out the station, it went onto an upward slant. People burst into another round of scream.

Su Jianan held onto Lu Boyan’s hands tightly and also screamed at the top of her lungs.

She was the person who was good at concealing her feelings. In the past dozen years, she had buried too many happiness and sadness deep down in her heart. Now, she could finally let them out by screaming out so loud.

It turned out that this kind of challenging stimulation soon left her begging for more. Off the 10 Inversion Roller Coaster, she did not need time to collect herself anymore. Instead, she immediately dragged Lu Boyan to Motorbike Coaster, Dive Coaster, Shoot the Chute…

She was like a kid whose desire for adventure was completely aroused. She dragged Lu Boyan to those rides and attractions one after another. Moreover, she was always bouncing on the way as if she had more energy than she could spend.

After marriage, it was the first time that Lu Boyan had seen her so happy. Therefore, he completely listened to him. He only needed to stick by her side and accompany her by holding her hands tightly when she was feeling scared.

A young couple ran into them from time to time in the park, and the girl would always complain to the boy when that happened. “Look at her boyfriend! Tall, handsome, and sweet! And look at yourself in the mirror! Humph!”

“You should check that girl, alright?” The boy imitated the girl’s complaint. “That girl’s got pretty face and nice curves. She’s both coy and outgoing! Then look at you! You’ve got even prettier face and nicer curves! Humph!”

The girl finally burst into laughter and fished out some tissue papers from her bag to help her boyfriend wipe the sweat. The boy suddenly seized the chance to peck the girl. Then, the two cuddle up sweet like there was no one else.

Su Jianan recalled when she was so little, she could only fancy about Lu Boyan by the pictures of him printed in the magazines.

“No! I must make him pack back altogether today!”

She dragged Lu Boyan near the Giant Frisbee. Before they jumped into the line, she tucked at his hand. “I want water.”

Lu Boyan looked around and spotted a convenience store. “Get into the line, I’ll go get water.”

Su Jianan nodded obediently and felt happy even only looking at Lu Boyan’s back.

Lu Boyan came back soon and bought a kind of juice she liked. He opened the bottle and handed it to her. However, after a few sips, she found that Lu Boyan did not get any drink for himself. “Don’t you want to drink something?”

Lu Boyan directly s.n.a.t.c.hed the bottle which she had sipped on and took a drink. “I don’t want to carry two bottles.”

Su Jianan was dumbfounded, and she remembered that time when Shen Yuechuan and his friends visited them to watch football on their TV, Lu Boyan ate the little cake that she had touched.

At that time, she thought that Lu Boyan did not know that the cake had been touched. Looking at it now, he just did not mind having food or drinks that she had touched, right?

Out of nowhere, Su Jianan got the feeling that they were no different than other couples in the park. A smile slowly crept onto her face, and the sweetness and satisfaction almost escaped from the corner of her eyes.

Soon, they were in the front of the line. Thus, she dragged Lu Boyan onto the seat and start another round of screaming.

Spending the entire morning like this, Su Jianan was exhausted when she finished the last ride. She completely leaned against Lu Boyan and almost clung to Lu Boyan as tightly as a koala would do. “I’m exhausted. Let’s take a break.”

Thus, Lu Boyan took her to a restaurant, where they ordered some food while sitting by the windows. Then, they realized that outside the restaurant, it was an area full of attractions designed for children.

Thus, they could see so many kids between four and more than 10 years old. This was the age when they were the most energetic in their lifetimes. They were all seen as the apple of their parents’ eyes and were now playing in a dozen attractions. Their laughter could even be heard in the restaurant.

Su Jianan’s thought drifted away at the sight of this.

“Isn’t a family only complete when there is a kid? Like what Mrs. Pang said, a kid will make a family more like a real one.”

Those kids were all very naughty, and their parents were all carefully looking after them. Some mommies had not stopped wiping sweat for their kids all the time. However, those smiles on their lips said they were happy. Su Jianan suddenly kind of envied them.

At least, their marriages and families were complete.

The drinks were served first. Lu Boyan pushed the fruit punch Su Jianan had ordered in front of her. “A penny for your thoughts?”

“I just thought that—” Su Jianan smiled. “14 years ago, if you hadn’t gone abroad on that day, and if you had brought me to this park, would you have been like those parents?” “Would he have kept his eyes on me all the time to look after me and save the clumsy me from b.u.mping into things?”

Lu Boyan looked at those parents outside and said, “No, I wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t you have kept your eye on me?” Su Jianan pursed her lips, upset. “I bet you would have dumped me here and enjoyed yourself alone!”

“How would I have left you here?” said Lu Boyan, “The 10-year-old you were even naughtier than those kids. I would have ended up even more tired than them.”


Su Jianan was embarra.s.sed from what he said so she just lowered her head to her drink.

Soon, lunch was served. It was a set of delicious and simple Chinese combo, which Su Jianan found agreeable, but Lu Boyan was obviously not satisfied at the meal.

He was picky about food, which Uncle Xu had reminded of her earlier.

“Eat something, for the sake of me.” Su Jianan persuaded. “I’ll cook a nice dinner for you tonight.”

Thus, Lu Boyan had to swallow down the coa.r.s.e rice and the stew that lacked a good control of fire.

Su Jianan did not eat much and dropped the chopsticks when there was still a third food in her plate. “I’ll go to the bathroom. Wait here.”

After she finished, she went out of the bathroom and found a shared water sink between the men’s and women’s room. Food in the restaurant was a little expensive so there were not many customers. At this time, there were few people by the sink.

When Su Jianan walked out, she saw a man standing in front of the water sink, supporting himself with his hand. She did not mean to pay any attention to him, however, she caught sight of his other bleeding hand in the mirror; at the same time, he just frowned at the wound as if he had been staring at a stranger.

His wound did not seem shallow and the blood must be stopped immediately. “How come this man doesn’t have any sense of safety?”

“Sir, do you need help? I’m kind of a doctor and can help you wrap you the wound.”

Su Jianan could not help but open her mouth. There was no other way, it was because of her profession. Every time she saw something open, she could not resist the idea of wrapping them up. For example, the st.i.tching after dissecting was a gesture of respect for the dead.

The man twisted around and that was when Su Jianan clearly saw his face.

His face was very handsome, and his dark color skin showed his masculinity. His features were distinct and his dark eyes seemed to carry mysterious and unfathomable force, giving off a sense of danger.

Normal people would be scared by his face. However, Su Jianan had witnessed too many people with a ferocious face, and most of them had committed unforgivable crimes. Thus, she did not consider the man in front of dangerous at all.

The man found it quite interesting since she was the first woman who could calmly stare into him other than Xu Youning.

“Kind of a doctor?” He asked.

“I’m a medical examiner.” Su Jianan confessed.

The man did not look happy or angry. He stared at Su Jianan with eyes that could send a chill down your spine as a viper did. However, Su Jianan stayed calmed. Thus, he could only force a laugh. “I do believe you’re a medical examiner.” Only a woman with such a special profession would be so ignorantly fearless. “But, how will you help me?”

Su Jianan found the staff of the restaurant to borrow their first-aid kit and deftly cleansed the wounds and applied medicine on the man’s hand.

The man asked, “Won’t you ask me where I got this wound? What if I’m a bad guy?”

“I don’t care.” After applying the medicine on his hand, Su Jianan took out the bandage to wrap his wound. “Don’t let the wound get wet. Change the dressing in hospital tomorrow. The wound could heal easily if you treat it carefully. You should take care of yourself.”

The man firmly fixed his eyes on Su Jianan and his black eyes resembled those of a wolf. “What’s your name?”

“We won’t see each other again. So you don’t need to know my name, and I don’t want to know yours.” Su Jianan cut off a strip of bandage to wrap his wound. “Done. See you.”

“Wait!” The man stopped Su Jianan. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Su Jianan laughed. “No, I don’t.”

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