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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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“Su Yicheng…”

Luo Xiaoxi murmured the name of the person outside the door as if she was. .h.i.t to stay put. At this moment, she had countless thoughts in her mind—

Should she take Su Yicheng away?

Or suggesting Qin Wei to stay in the bathroom and do not come out?

Or simply confessed to Su Yicheng, then explained to him that there was nothing between her and Qin Wei?

“Where did you go last night?” Su Yicheng stayed outside the door and asked coldly.

All the thoughts of Luo Xiaoxi were interrupted. She faltered for a long while and finally told half of the truth. “Celebrated with friends…”

How could Su Yicheng let her get away with it. So he asked. “Which friend?”

“Just… He Hai, and those people, all in my circle anyway!” Luo Xiaoxi raised her chin, “You can’t just say they are messy?”

Su Yicheng’s dark and unclear eyes stared at Luo Xiaoxi. He knew that she felt guilty because she didn’t mention Qin Wei to him.

“Xiaoxi, I can’t wear the clothes I wore yesterday,” Qin Wei suddenly said, “can you just… hey, Luo Xiaoxi, where did you go? Answer me!”

Su Yicheng squinted, and Luo Xiaoxi was extremely alarmed. She couldn’t think of any countermeasures, but two words: It’s over.

Su Yicheng smiled coldly, “You never dare to mention that Qin Wei had thrown you the celebration party, nor tell me that he was also there just because he stayed in your house last night, right?”

“You knew?” after the shock, Luo Xiaoxi quickly calmed down, “Su Yicheng, nothing happened between me and Qin Wei. He sent me back last night and he was too sleepy, so he slept in the living room. I wasn’t aware of that until this morning. I was… drunk last night, and I was afraid that you would be angry if I told you that the party was held by Qin Wei. Also, I didn’t know it either before the party.”

For the first time, she spent so much effort to explain to someone, but Su Yicheng just smiled in a colder way.

“What do you mean?” Luo Xiaoxi couldn’t stand it, “I officially debuted yesterday and I took photos for all day. You didn’t say anything and didn’t allow me to celebrate with others? Someone I only met once even congratulated me and you didn’t even give a call!”

Didn’t even give a call? The calls he made yesterday were transferred to outer s.p.a.ce?

Su Yicheng pushed Luo Xiaoxi away and went into the house. He found her mobile phone to look at it, and there was indeed no record of his missed calls.

He asked Luo Xiaoxi in a gloomy voice, “Did you tell the security guard yesterday that people couldn’t get into the bar and find you without an invitation?”

Luo Xiaoxi was totally confused. “What invitation? Did you go to the bar?”

The party was hosted by Qin Wei. If it wasn’t Luo Xiaoxi, who was the protagonist, told the security guards to act that way, it could only be Qin Wei who paid the money.

Thinking about what happened before and after, it was not difficult for Su Yicheng to know that it was Qin Wei’s masterpiece that his call record disappeared out of nowhere.

He did not answer Luo Xiaoxi, pushed her away directly and went into the room.

Luo Xiaoxi had never seen Su Yicheng looked like this. He always cared about his image and was always a gentleman, but now his handsome face went serious, which made people terrified that something would happen.

“Su Yicheng!” Luo Xiaoxi followed him closely and had to hold his hand since she couldn’t stop him by calling his name. “Can we go?”

At this time, Qin Wei came out of the bathroom and he didn’t look surprised when he saw Su Yicheng. “Hey, there is a guest?”

Luo Xiaoxi now felt bad, Su Yicheng had already got rid of her hand and punched Qin Wei on the face.

It was also unexpected to Qin Wei. He knew Su Yicheng too well that if he got physical with someone, then he must feel furious.

The bathroom floor was slippery, and Qin Wei did not respond in time so he staggered backwards until he hit the washstand to stand still.

He wiped the blood from his lips. “Su Yicheng, you want to fight?”

Su Yicheng gently smiled, and the bitter coldness spread out from his eyes. “Why, you dare not?”

Qin Wei was the wealthy of the wealthy and people only flattered him. He had never had such provocation before. Since he was at the age of being hot-blooded, fighting was the choice his brain could make without thinking.

Qin Wei waved his fist out of the bathroom and came off like a wolf from the gra.s.sland. Su Yicheng was always calm to avoid his fist and resolutely fought back.

This time Qin Wei learned to be smart and dodged flexibly, but was still caught under the control of Su Yicheng. He tried to break back and counterattack, so they kept hitting the door, the wall, and knocked down a pile of things like a wolf and a tiger. It took Luo Xiaoxi a long time to realize what was happening.

“Stop!” There were men who had fought for Luo Xiaoxi, but she could never imagine that these two men could be so vulgar and violent, so she went completely angry, “s.h.i.+t, I bought that vase in the UK and it cost me a lot! Stop!”

It was said that in the primitive tribes thousands of years ago, men used fighting to compete for spouses, and admirable women were always winners.

Therefore, Luo Xiaoxi’s roar did not play any role, Su Yicheng got hurt, and Qin Wei’s situation was more serious. But the atmosphere between them was like a tight string, no one intended to stop first.

“Su Yicheng!” Luo Xiaoxi had to shout, “Stop!”

Su Yicheng ignored her so she bit her teeth and rushed to hold Qin Wei. Su Yicheng had to stop and withdrew all the strength with his eyes went dark.

“Qin Wei!” Luo Xiaoxi looked at Qin Wei like she was almost pleading, “Just go. Otherwise, you will be hurt.” She was more aware than Su Jianan of Su Yicheng’s power in close combat. Qin Wei was definitely no match for him.

At this time, Su Yicheng smiled coldly, “Luo Xiaoxi, very good.”

He turned and left her home.

She was about to say something to explain and ask him to stay, but she just didn’t.

She let go of Qin Wei, and suddenly felt that her brain was stuffed with a mess. She couldn’t sort out anything right now so she said to Qin Wei, “You can go now, I want to be alone.”

Qin Wei had nothing to say, so he turned and left. When he arrived at the door, he was suddenly stopped by Luo Xiaoxi. She asked. “Su Yicheng had been to the bar yesterday, did you know that?”

“…” Qin Wei did not answer for a long time.

Luo Xiaoxi had already guessed the answer. It is no wonder that Su Yicheng suddenly became angry and started to fight with Qin Wei. She was puzzled and asked. “Qin Wei, why are you doing this?”

“He could only kill the vibe if he was there.” Qin Wei said, “Yesterday is a memorable day for you. I hoped that you could have a good time.”

“Would I be drunk if I was happy?” Luo Xiaoxi wanted to say something, but in the end, she just repeated the three words. “You can leave.”

For her, feeling happy was not celebrating with a group of unfamiliar people, but being together with the one she wanted to share it with.

She could have that, if she listened to Su Yicheng, and stopped hanging with Qin Wei and those people. She just messed it up by herself in the end.

She took out her cell phone and called Su Yicheng. It rang a little time after the connection. The computer female voice informed her that the call she made was temporarily unavailable.

Su Yicheng hanged her up.

“Petty.” Luo Xiaoxi poked the name of Su Yicheng on the screen to express her dissatisfaction. Then he threw away the phone and thought about it, decided to go to him when he was not that angry.

She a.s.sumed that he must feel better until the afternoon, so she drove to the Cheng An Group and smoothly entered Su Yicheng’s office, but was told that Su Yicheng went to the airport.

“Airport?” Luo Xiaoxi was surprised and curious, “Why did he go to the airport?”

“Didn’t Boss Su tell you?” Ada said, “He is going to j.a.pan for a business trip for about four days. Oh, he should have been there yesterday, but he said he had something planned in the evening, so he asked us to postpone the schedule until today.”

He set aside the time last night?

In fact, Luo Xiaoxi knew the purpose of Su Yicheng, she just… couldn’t believe it.

“What did he do last night?” She asked the secretary.

“Had no clue,” the secretary said, “but Boss Su asked me to make an appointment at Monjelli Western Restaurant, but it seemed to have been canceled.”

This time, Luo Xiaoxi finally was sure that Su Yicheng wanted to celebrate with her.

But she could only blame herself.

What should she do now? He flew to j.a.pan, was she going to stage the drama of a girl chasing after a man at the airport? s.h.i.+t, wasn’t it usually the men who should be chasing, so it could be touching enough.

But she eventually gave up the thought as soon as she learned that Su Yicheng’s flight had taken off.

So she decided to make an official apology to Su Yicheng when he got back.

On the way back, Luo Xiaoxi called Su Jianan. “Are you available tonight?”

“Yes,” Su Jianan said, “Lu Boyan has some social engagement at night, so I’ll go back home alone.”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled. “Don’t go back, go straight to Monjelli Western Restaurant after work, my treat! I have something to tell you.”

“Okay. See you in the afternoon.”

After work, Su Jianan asked Uncle Qian to send her directly to the restaurant. Luo Xiaoxi had already ordered the dishes.

She put down the purse, “What is the good news to tell me? Vogue wants you to be their signed model?”

“I haven’t won this yet.” Luo Xiaoxi held her chin in her hands and pretended to be mysterious for a while. She then told Su Jianan all about what happened between her and Su Yicheng.

Su Jianan sighed after felt surprised. “My brother was so quick. What are you going to do now? Go to j.a.pan?”

Luo Xiaoxi drank the soup, “I wanted to go, but I can’t, there is training in the company on tomorrow and the day after that.”

“You go,” Su Jianan said, “I’ll tell Lu Boyan about that for you.”

“Woah woah woah,” Luo Xiaoxi smiled very ambiguously, “it’s not this easy for you to ask help from Lu Boyan before. To tell the truth, where are you with him?”

Su Jianan cut the grilled steak in the plate. “Where can we be when we still live separately now?”

Luo Xiaoxi was disappointed. “Didn’t you look like you have fully prepared to it when you bought the pajamas last time? You didn’t wear it… after that?”

“Why would I wear it? To show it to myself?” Su Jianan dropped the knife and fork in depression, “We have been going to work and home together, and go to see his mother on weekends. We are like a couple, but sometimes we seemed not. I don’t know how to make sure about the relations.h.i.+p with him. Because sometimes I think he really cares about me, but sometimes I feel that it was only an obligation of his, or just because his mother asked him to be good to me.”

“People like Lu Boyan could just give you a lot of money every month to let you blow if he just wanted to fulfill the obligation of a husband and cares nothing about you. He didn’t really have to do anything for you,” Luo Xiaoxi said after thinking about it, “I think, he really cares about you. Maybe you should… take the initiative?”

Su Jianan looked at Luo Xiaoxi in a loathly way. “Why did you say the exact same thing as my brother said?”

In this regard, Luo Xiaoxi said, “This is called connection.”

Looking at the smile on Luo Xiaoxi’s face, Su Jianan felt so good. Since she and Su Yicheng finally had something happened.

But she and Lu Boyan… she didn’t dare to think about it.

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