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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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The evening banquet was not over, yet Han Ruoxi was going to leave first.

Generally speaking, before leaving, people would say goodbye to the host. Thus, she directly went to Lu Boyan.

A group of journalists was drawn by her—The Lu Boyan couple and Han Ruoxi’s relations.h.i.+p was very subtle. Moreover, Han Ruoxi and Su Jianan wore the same outfit tonight. The journalists had been wis.h.i.+ng to see more sparks between them long ago.

Now, the three finally stood face to face. Moreover, with Han Ruoxi’s aura, she must be overwhelming.

While others could not see, Su Jianan knew that Han Ruoxi was coming at her. Her warning was easy to read: She would not give up Lu Boyan.

Likewise, she had also decided to fight for Lu Boyan.

“Boyan, I’m leaving. See you next time.” Han Ruoxi smiled naturally and acted like they were close. Then, she turned her eyes to Su Jianan and said aloofly, “Mrs. Lu, good night.”

Su Jianan did not treat Han Ruoxi as some enemy. She just saw her as another guest and smiled. “Good night.”

During the short session that lasted for less than two minutes, journalists’ cameras did not miss anyone’s any expression.

Han Ruoxi turned around to leave. Her agent and security guards besieged her. The journalists followed to ask questions, and she would sometimes answer a question on her way out.

“Ruoxi, why are you leaving so early?”

She smiled. “My flight to the US is at midnight, and I’ve got an interview tomorrow. Why do you think I’m leaving so early?”

The journalists smiled. “Ruoxi, last time when you were in the US, your suicide story was all over the news. You hadn’t responded to it yet. Can you tell us the what the real story is?”

Last time, the news that Lu Boyan’s real love was Han Ruoxi had a twist and became that Han Ruoxi attempted suicide for love. Every portal put the news on their front page, and every forum was talking about it. Her latest tweet received 1 million comments. The journalists tried to reach Han Ruoxi, but she did not respond at all. She simply let others know that she was still alive and was fine.

Now, she had expected that the journalist would bring up the matter, thus she was well-prepared and had thought of an answer.

“I was under pressure during that time, so there has been a misunderstanding. I apologize to all of you. I’m fine now, and my new show is under smooth filming. Thank you and my fans for your love. I promise you that I’ll take care of myself and give you a great show.”

This was the first time Han Ruoxi had said anything to respond to her “suicide attempt”. She managed to deny the whole thing in a few words and blamed it on the work pressure. The journalists still wanted to ask further, but Han Ruoxi declined questions concerning the matter.

The journalists had to ask another thing that everyone wanted to know. “Ruoxi, many agencies have been contacting you. Will you consider a new contract with other agencies?”

“I’ve been cooperating with Lu Enterprises for many years. I’ve got a mature team and best friends here, and I don’t want to leave yet. Thank you for your concern.

Afterward, Han Ruoxi got into the minivan and left.

Inside the ballroom, the atmosphere was even hotter than in the beginning.

Some people were still dancing, while some financiers in suits were having small talks. However, the more common scenario was that some young people would chat up each other.

Feeling attracted to a stranger, they would pat on their shoulder and tried to make small talk. They would talk about their hobbies and work, and left a phone number in the end. This entire process was romantic and they were all beaming.

When Su Jianan was at school, she had seen so many alike scenes. She felt it was beautiful and could not help tugging at Lu Boyan’s hand. “Have you ever chat up a girl?”

Lu Boyan c.o.c.ked an eyebrow. “Isn’t it too late for you to investigate now?”

Su Jianan was speechless for a few seconds. “Who’s investigating you? I’m just asking if you have done anything like that. Xiaoxi said that this kind of thing also depends on your skill.”

Lu Boyan looked over her. “What skill?”

“When a boy hit on a girl, he must laugh. And he must laugh in a gentle or energetic way. Anyway, he has to look charming, not creepy or l.u.s.tful, and don’t…” Then, Su Jianan suddenly thought something. “Why are you asking me? Haven’t you hit on a girl?”

“Usually, girls. .h.i.t on me.” Lu Boyan said calmly. “Just like you threw yourself at me when you were young.”


Well, then what about Han Ruoxi? How did they meet? Han Ruoxi called him “Boyan” in a so natural and intimate way. The two must be… close.

It turned out that her, the real Mrs. Lu, could always call him by both his first name and last name: Lu Boyan.

However, she did not want to share the same name with Han Ruoxi at all. While the partners and employees respected him, people Han Ruoxi acted close to him. Instead, she just wanted to call him by his full name, direct and domineering. It was just like another way to claim her right on Lu Boyan!

She lifted her chins. “That’s because I was young and innocent. But when I’ve grown up, I get smarter and no one has ever taken advantage of me.”

Her advantage had all been taken by Lu Boyan, even when she still did not know what love was. Lu Boyan had already appeared in her life and took her heart by then.

She was about to argue with Lu Boyan, but Su Jianan spotted two acquaintances—

They were Mr. Pang Mrs. and Pang.

When she was a freshman, she was working for her accommodation to ease the burden on Su Yicheng. She had found a part-time job as a family teacher and her employer was the Pang couple.

Mrs. Pang cared for her and also paid her well. She would always let her stay for dinner and have the chauffeur drive her to school when she finished the

At that time, her roommates used to call Su Jianan extremely lucky to have run into such a good employer.

Su Jianan also knew that it was really hard to find employers like them so she had always kept them in mind. However, when she went abroad, they became out of touch. When she married Lu Boyan and attended her first party, she met with them again.

Today, the met with each other again.

“Mrs. Pang.” She smiled and greeted them.

Mrs. Pang was here especially for Su Jianan and smiled back. “Jianan, you grow prettier every time I see you.”

Su Jianan smiled shyly. Mr. Pang and Lu Boyan greeted each other, and then the two men naturally talked about business and stock.

Mrs. Pang complained to her husband. “Why are you talking about it with everyone? What A share, B share? I can’t understand, and Jianan can’t understand either.”

“It’s normal for you to not understand,” said Mr. Pang, “it’s like men don’t understand when women talk about bags and cosmetics.”

Mrs. Lu glared at him, while Mr. Pang smiled tenderly.

Su Jianan tugged at Lu Boyan’s sleeves and pointed to somewhere not far away. “You have a good talk, I’ll go there with Mrs. Pang.”

Lu Boyan answered, “OK. Don’t get too far, I’ll go get you later.”

Su Jianan nodded and went there with Mrs. Pang. “We don’t have to listen if we don’t understand them.”

Mrs. Pang smiled. “Right, we’ll just let them. I happen to have something to tell you—Jianan, Mr. Lu cares for you more than I’ve expected. You two get along well, he’ll make you happy.”

From what Su Jianan knew, Lu Boyan was not too close to Mr. Pang. It was strange for Mrs. Pang to suddenly came up with those words. Just like the first time she attended a party with Lu Boyan, Mrs. Pang also said something strange.

“I can see that you’re wondering why I said this.” Mrs. Pang beamed. “There’s something I’ll tell you in the future, when the right time comes.”

Su Jianan had a hunch that the thing was about Lu Boyan. Her heart was itching for the fact. “Can you tell me now?”

Mrs. Pang smiled mysteriously. “I’m afraid I can’t.”

Su Jianan did not pester and just smiled it away. “How’s Tongtong?” Tongtong was Mrs. Pang and Mr. Pang’s only son. Su Jianan had helped him with his Math and English

Mrs. Pang said, “Tongtong’s grades are very good now. Since you went abroad, we haven’t hired another teacher. And he always talks about you.”

Su Jianan did not expect that the little kid still remembered her. “I’ll go see him next time.”

“You must.” Mrs. Pang was naturally very happy. “I won’t tell him. Give him a surprise. Right, you and Mr. Lu… have you thought about having a baby?”

Well, how did the topic change to baby?

Su Jianan’s cheeks turned hot, and Mrs. Pang immediately saw she was shy. Mrs. Pang patted on her hand. “How can you blush so easily? You’re already married. A baby is an angle. He can make you two love each other more. And he’ll make you feel you have a complete family. I think you and Mr. Lu should have a baby soon.”

Su Jianan’s cheeks almost exploded from the heat. Suddenly a familiar voice rang behind her—

“Jianan and I are planning on it.” Lu Boyan walked over and naturally held Su Jianan’s waist. “I’ll tell Mrs. Pang once we’ve got the good news.”

Mrs. Pang beamed and nodded for several times. Mr. Pang had to helplessly ask why she was always encouraging others to have babies and if she wanted to set up a “Baby-Delivering Promotion House”. Though it sounded teasingly, Mr. Pang’s voice was full of affection.

Mrs. Pang agreed and praised her husband for being so creative.

Looking at them leaving, Su Jianan exclaimed from the bottom of her heart. “They really love each other. They were like this years ago, and now they’re still the same. Nothing has changed.”

“Envy?” asked Lu Boyan.

Su Jianan shook her head. “I just thought it’s really nice.”

She knew that she could not get such a love by envying other people. She geniuelly felt it was really nice. If she could, she would have wished for one too.

At that time, Lu Boyan’s words popped into Su Jianan’s head again. She asked depressedly, “Why are you telling people that we’re having a baby?” Fact: They did not, alright? They were not even a normal couple!

Lu Boyan acted like he could care less about what he said. “What’s wrong with that?”

Su Jianan pursed her lips, upset. “What if next time they ask me how’s the plan going? What am I supposed to say?”

Lu Boyan raised one eyebrow and blurt out. “You just say we’ve decided to have a baby.”

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