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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Han Ruoxi appeared in a dress as same as Su Jianan’s, which caused quite a stir among the people present. After that, Su Jianan could feel that people started to measure her critically. Maybe they were comparing her with Han Ruoxi, she thought.

“Come what may, and I don’t care.”

It seemed that Han Ruoxi did not care about dressing the same outfit with Su Jianan either. She chatted with her friends inside and outside her circle and made toasts to many rich businessmen. She could always deal with such an occasion at ease, and others were clever not to mention it in front of her.

However, when she was alone, she couldn’t help but look at Su Jianan.

Su Jianan held Lu Boyan’s hand and smiled happily and calmly. It looked like that she really didn’t care about the same outfit.

Su Jianan had such confidence only because she had Lu Boyan with her.

Unconsciously, Han Ruoxi’s fingernails thrust into her palm.

On the other side, a few middle-aged men walked towards Lu Boyan. Su Jianan knew that they would talk with each other for another half an hour, so, she whispered to Lu Boyan, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

“OK.” Lu Boyan loosened her hand and said, “Come back soon, will you?”

Su Jianan nodded with a smile and went straight to the bathroom. When she came out to wash her hands, she saw Han Ruoxi walk in on high heels and close the door of the bathroom.

“I came for you.” Han Ruoxi was really straightforward.

Automatic faucet suddenly stopped working at the moment, and the sounds of water dropping died away. There were only the sounds of air-extractor working in the room.

Su Jianan was not surprised. She took a tissue and wiped her hands. “What do you want to say?”

“I wore the same dress as you on purpose.” Han Ruoxi leaned against the toilet table, opened her handbag, and took out a cigarette box. She took out a thin and long lady’s cigarette and lit it. The smell of the cigarette filled the bathroom with the fragrance of mint, and then, Han Ruoxi remembered to ask Su Jianan, “Do you mind if I smoke?”

Su Jianan just asked, “You saw my dress after I left that day?”

“Yes.” Han Ruoxi spat out the smoke in a particularly s.e.xy way. “After seeing your dress, I changed mine on purpose. Su Jianan, we can’t fight for Lu Boyan at once. How about we see who looks better in this dress between you and me today?”

Han Ruoxi had an advantage. She used to be a magazine model and had been in the fas.h.i.+on industry for many years. Her outfits were never wrong even if they weren’t brilliant. When she showed up at airports, on streets, and in fas.h.i.+on activities, what she wore would always be a.n.a.lyzed, and many people would copy the way she dressed. Moreover, with her extremely confident aura, she looked pretty in whatever thing she put on. She tried to challenge Su Jianan with her advantages.

However, Su Jianan was not scared. “Okay. Let’s wait and see the news on tomorrow’s gossip magazines?”

Han Ruoxi smiled contemptuously and put out the cigarette. “You’re really confident. Do you really think that you can defeat me?”

“Of course.” Su Jianan hit on Han Ruoxi’s soft spot. “Otherwise, how could I marry Lu Boyan and become Mrs. Lu?”

“Don’t be too happy too soon!” Han Ruoxi looked at the diamond ring on Su Jianan’s finger, and there was hatred in her eyes.

Su Jianan adjusted the necklace on her neck. “Am I happy too soon? When he promised to marry me, he bought this diamond to customize jewelry for me, but you misled the reporters to make everyone believe that he bought the diamond for you. Miss Han. It’s you who has been happy too early.”

Who said it was not? At that time, everyone in the world guessed that Lu Boyan had bought a diamond at a high price for Han Ruoxi, who was actually happy for a while and went to flaunt in front of Su Jianan.

But it turned out that Lu Boyan had bought it for Su Jianan and also said that the diamond was very suitable for Su Jianan.

“I won’t just give up.” Han Ruoxi buckled her delicate handbag with a clicking sound. “Su Jianan, I’m as good as you. Lu Boyan should not be yours. Let’s wait and see!”

After Han Ruoxi finished her words, she slammed the door and went away. Su Jianan casually threw the tissue she used to wipe her hand into the garbage bin and tidied up her dress before going out of the bathroom.

To her surprise, Chen Xuanxuan was there.

Dressed in a low profile, Chen Xuanxuan looked no longer the proud and arrogant young girl she used to be. Her eyes were red and swollen, and as soon as she saw Su Jianan, she hurried to her and said, “Su Jianan, oh no, Mrs. Lu, I’m sorry. I apologize to you. Could you please let me off?”

It seemed that she lost control. “I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been rude to you before. I shouldn’t have hit you. But I didn’t mean it. Forgive me, please. As long as you promise to let my family off, I will never show up in front of you again.”

Su Jianan was not softhearted. Chen Xuanxuan only had herself to blame. People should be responsible for their actions.

She got rid of Chen Xuanxuan’s hand. “It’s a fact that the sanitation and disinfection of your chain restaurants are not qualified. However, it has nothing to do with me. I can’t help you.”

“It’s all my fault.” Chen Xuanxuan cried out. “You can’t help me, but Mr. Lu can. As long as he put in a good word for us, my family will be fine soon. If you tell him to do it, he will listen to you. Please help me, please.”

“I never meddle in his business. You’ve had the wrong person to ask for help.”

After that, Su Jianan walked past Chen Xuanxuan and went back to the banquet hall. Chen Xuanxuan stood at the end of the long corridor, looking at Su Jianan’s back, and the sadness in her eyes turned into hatred.

She wouldn’t let her family go down like this.

She wouldn’t let Su Jianan off just like this.

Walking out of the corridor, Su Jianan entered the banquet hall, which was like another world full of fine wine, fragrance, and beautiful dresses. Su Jianan subconsciously looked for Lu Boyan.

There were too many people moving around in the hall. It was really difficult for her to find Lu Boyan in a short while. She was just about to ask the waiters when Lu Boyan’s voice suddenly reached her from afar. “Jianan.”

Following the voice, she found that he was right behind her with a few people, and it was on the blind angle of her view. No wonder she could not find him before.

She smiled brightly and walked straight towards him.

People who were standing together with Lu Boyan were Mu Sijue and several men of the similar age. They all had a good relations.h.i.+p with each other, and one of them could not help but gasp in admiration after seeing Su Jianan. “I have long heard my brother, who was hanging out in the United States, talk about the Second Young Miss from Su Family. She is really beautiful beyond words. No wonder my brother was happy for a long time after he accidentally saw her.”

Someone patted Lu Boyan on the shoulder. “You didn’t say anything to us before you got married. You didn’t want us to see her, so, you hid her well.”

If it were in the past, Lu Boyan probably would have not listened to these flattering words. But this time, he had to admit that what they said was true.

Su Jianan usually worked hard and was always in casual clothing and flat shoes wherever she went. She impressed him many times even without any makeup. That day, her beauty was breathtaking when she dressed herself up.

She had a small oval face with delicate facial features, and her skin was as fine as the white porcelain that had never been withered by the time. Her eyes were bright like water, and when she rolled her eyes, they were as beautiful as those of a deer; when she remained still, they were clear without any impurity.

The dress she wore that day was also particularly suitable for her temperament. It was delicate and decent but also graceful. She just walked slowly to Lu Boyan with a smile, but Lu Boyan already could not take his eyes off her.

Someone had doubted the reason why Lu Boyan married Su Jianan, but when they saw the way he looked at her, they understood. They cleverly walked away and left Lu Boyan and Su Jianan alone.

As soon as Su Jianan walked over, she held Lu Boyan’s arm and leaned towards him, like a spoiled child. Lu Boyan enjoyed her behavior and hugged her. “Why have you been there so long?”

Su Jianan sighed. “I won’t go away anymore. It’s the safest to be around you.”

Lu Boyan frowned and asked, “Who did you meet just now?”

“Chen Xuanxuan.” Su Jianan did not tell him that she had also met Han Ruoxi because she thought it was a war between them. “She asked me to let the Chen Family off.”

Lu Boyan frowned harder and called Shen Yuechuan over. “How did Chen Xuanxuan come in?”

“Maybe she came in with Han Ruoxi.” Shen Yuechuan was sure that Chen Xuanxuan had come to see Su Jianan, and he said, “I’m going to deal with it right away.”

Shen Yuechuan was always efficient in his duty, and Chen Xuanxuan was soon removed from the party through the back door of the hotel. Lu Boyan said, “Never mind her in the future.”

“I don’t care about her at all.” Su Jianan checked the time as she said that. “Eh? It’s almost thirty past eight.”

The ball would start at thirty past eight.

It seemed that she looked forward to it very much. Lu Boyan asked her, “Are you looking forward to it?”

“Of course!” After answering him, she was afraid that Lu Boyan would misunderstand her, so she added, “I’ve been practicing it with you for two nights at home just for this evening.”

At this time, a host and a hostess, known as “the best hosting partners in the country”, came to the stage. The male host was gentle, well-educated, and witty while the hostess was out-going and witty. The guests were attracted by them and surrounded the stage soon. Lu Boyan also took Su Jianan over there.

“You really invited these two people again.” The male host was Su Jianan’s favorite host, and she was inevitably excited. “I heard that they were all on a full schedule. It’s not easy to get them together, except for the show they co-host.”

Lu Boyan’s attention was totally focused on the word “again” which Su Jianan had said.

He asked, “You knew that the hosts of our previous ceremonies were them too?”

How could she not know that?

Over the past few years, the anniversary celebration of Lu Enterprises had always been a great event in the business circle. Rich people and famous stars would gather together here. It was comparable to the most important awards ceremony in their country. Only at this time, there would be a lot of Lu Boyan’s photos on news reports and magazines. The pictures of him talking with others, speaking on stage, smiling… were captured by the cameras. Because the photos taken by each media were different, Su Jianan even bought all the newspapers and magazines in order to collect all the photos of Lu Boyan.

However, she would never let Lu Boyan know this, never.

She smiled. “The last anniversary celebration of your company was a sensation. I saw the news.”

Lu Boyan looked interested. “Did you see me?”

When did he start to like dwelling on these boring questions?

After a moment of silence, Su Jianan nodded. “How could I not see you? You got the most attention and the most pictures from the reporters, especially when you were standing on the stage!”

Lu Boyan smiled with satisfaction. “You don’t have to wait for the newspaper of the next day to see me anymore.”

Su Jianan nodded with great agreement. “I won’t read them even if I’m given the newspapers. It’s enough for me to see you every day.”

Lu Boyan was not satisfied with her words at first, but when she finished her words, she went around in front of him and carefully tidied his collar and tie, like every little wife who didn’t want her husband to make any mistake. Because she did them so carefully, her long eyelashes flashed like a b.u.t.terfly flapping its wings.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with Lu Boyan’s collar and tie. He was the person who never made mistake on his image. Su Jianan just wanted to do these things and naturally do these things as his wife.

Finally, she patted his collar gently and looked up at him with a smile. “All right.”

Right then, the host invited Lu Boyan to go to the stage. The crowd applauded, but Lu Boyan did not move.

Su Jianan couldn’t help but remind him. “It’s time for you to go onto the stage.”

He suddenly caught her back of the head and dropped a quick kiss on her forehead.

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